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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Thoughts On The Train "Wreck" In Eastern Ohio

In my view, the train wreck in eastern Ohio two weeks ago (click here) has two main targeted human populations: 1) the Amish and 2) the Sasquatches (yes, they are genetically related to Homo sapiens).

Both the Amish and Sasquatch tribes have long-established communities in eastern Ohio and into western Pennsylvania. The Amish are extremely productive, low-tech farmers, as well as being non-warring, non-vaccinating, non-voting, non-transgendering, non-nose piercing, non-tattooing, fundamentalist Christians -- a clear national security danger to the Demonically Satanic U$$A, Inc. for all of those reasons. So they are now being targeted via chemical warfare.

Rural, eastern Ohio and into western Pennsylvania also have one of the biggest concentrations of Sasquatches in North America -- or anywhere. The Sasquatches are highly intelligent, extremely resourceful, telepathic, bipedal, hominid, close genetic relatives of Homo sapiens who live directly off the land, who for the most part bother no one, don't go into town, do not have smartphones, pay no taxes, do not vote, mind their own business, and prefer to be left alone in the woods. For those and other reasons, they also present an enormous threat to the Demonically Satanic U$$A, Inc. and are being targeted for destruction.

The train "accident" in eastern Ohio is blatant chemical warfare against Humanity (Homo sapiens and Sasquatch alike), and Nature. Look at the toxic chemical cloud that was released, black as Hell itself:

Anyone who doesn't understand that the U$$A, Inc. is viciously, demonically, incorrigibly Satanic is either complicit in it and/or willfully deaf, dumb and blind and/or has no organic soul or spiritual essence. We are hard up against real, dark Satanic EVIL -- on Wall Street, in the Fortune 500 companies, in the corporate news media, in the so-called "government."

This was no train "accident". This was a 100% deliberate act of warfare. The massive release of deathly dangerous dioxins and other deadly chemical compounds has by now already rained death all over that region of North America for years and years to come, in air, water and soil, for hundreds of miles around. It's a deadly chemical time bomb.

Look at the high-altitude aerial photo of the spreading death cloud:

I have yet to see effective action by so-called white hats, who so many in the alternative media say are riding hard, coming to rescue Humanity from the Satanic faction that is now killing the Earth. The so-called white hats are conspicuously missing in action. For me they are mythical, imaginary creatures, like Q Anon, or NESARA, or the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny or Satan Claus.

Great Evil is abroad in the world. Satan is firmly ensconced in Washington-DC, on Wall Street, in the Fortune 500 boardrooms, in the corporate law firms who make this whole Satanic Hell "legal", and in the corporate news media and Pentagon.

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