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Friday, February 10, 2023

God Has A Plan: Orthodox Bishop of Morfou Regarding The End Times And Current Events

One of my readers called my attention to a homily issued to YouTube by the Metropolitan Neophytos of Morfou a couple of years ago. Here is the video:

He's speaking in Greek, but here's the transcript in English for those who do not understand Greek:

God has a plan! A beautiful plan. All things from God are beautiful. Which will help and save; in the religious and Orthodox theological sense of being "saved".

He will also save the well-intentioned Turks. Because He will save only the well-intentioned Greeks, not all of our people are well-intentioned. As He will also save all Americans and Germans that are well-intentioned. All races, the Chinese, the Africans.

God now has an amazing plan, which now has begun to flourish out of Syria. And He will preform a huge "operation" on the world. The operation is essential. It is as if a person develops a tumor and is full of different types of cancer. His blood was poisoned and he has to be detoxified, and later on he must be operated upon. These events must take place, so that the health of humanity can be restored.

Out of these bitter events, Christ will extract the sweetness.

Others, He will soon take them to eternal life. Saint Matrona, the blind from Russia, would say... I believe she fell asleep in 1952. She would say: Before the great events occur, before the Third World War, many well-intentioned people, but who are weak in their faith due to some small passions they possess, God will take them away. Before the war. Some through accidents, and others through incurable diseases. Did you hear that? So this is what we are starting to now live with this virus, and so many other things.

The same goes for the earthquakes which so many people are saying are coming, and that the ground is sinking, and so on and so forth. So all these things are to take people away before the World War, be it through accidents or through incurable diseases. And to take them where? To eternal life, not to death!

And others will disappear during the time of the war; probably these people will be ill-intentioned. People who do not possess repentance, who did not receive the messages of Christ.

The "E-mails and faxes" which He constantly sends to us. This is what He tells us, "Wake-up! Repent!", and we insist on being nostalgic of the corrupt life we live day to day which we also lived the previous year and the year before that. We all were running to Cairo and other places to take vacations, while the religious people went on pilgrimages during their vacations. We have never given permission to a pilgrimage in which we have not personally visited the place ourselves, including myself who am now saying these things to you.

However, we do not go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Spirit which resides in our hearts from the time of our baptism. How tragic is this? Not to recognize the Holy Spirit Who is our coinhabitant! So, if we do not recognize it the nice way (the easy way), then God will allow this to be accomplished through some "educational" means, as they were named by Saint Isaac the Syrian. In a paradoxical manner, the contemporary "education" (lesson) that is now coming to us, has come out of the native land of Saint Isaac, from Syria. Likewise, Crete, Rhodes, Cyprus, Lesvos, and other islands will be put to the test. The great war will take place there, at the Bosphorus.

America will go through terrible trials, therefore it will pay for the countless sins it has committed against many nations. It is the new Babylon of which Saint John the Theologian writes about in the Revelation. America will become "meriki" (a Greek word meaning "partial" - it's a play on words Ameriki-Meriki). As the Holy Elder Basil of Kafsokalivia would say, "America will be left partially." What this means I do not know. (In another video he said that America would have a great geological disaster)

I believe these things my children. And because I believe them, I have the responsibility to say them to you as a Bishop. To share my faith with the people. I don't want to intimidate or panic anyone. God forbid! But even if only one person is helped by hearing this, and they are led to repentance, then my efforts were a success. And let whatever Greek Archbishops from Greece to write whatever they like against the prophetic word.

The Holy Spirit has not ceased to breath (within people). And one of the greatest gifts of the Holy Spirit is the gift of prophesy; which I do not possess, I am only a "profitolog" (one who repeats other's prophecies) not a prophet. But I do not hide it from you. As the cunning Cypriot that I am, I desire the profit of eternal life (on account of helping others). And what does our Gospel tell us?

"He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward." (Matt 10:41)

I desire this reward. From the person who will hear this word and they will turn to repentance. Now, whether this neighbor is a Greek or a Turk... It can be a Turk. Because I am telling you, Saint Cosmas of Aetolia would say... Saint Cosmas of Aetolia did not fail (was not wrong) in any of his prophecies. And he said that a third of the Turks will believe. But do you know what a third of Turkey's population would be today? That's equal to 24 millions. Eh? Meaning twice the population of Greece. Or three times the population, not twice! Therefore...

Saint Amphilochios of Patmos would say that the root must be protected. That is why the migration of the Greek people out of Asia Minor took place, from the Greek Pontos and from Constantinople. And this root is so that later on the grafting (the transfer) back into Asia Minor, which for now is called Turkey but it still truly is Asia Minor, can take place.

The plan of God is amazing, it is not only for the Greeks, the Turks, and the Cypriots, let us not trick ourselves. for an unredeemed homeland that we indeed have and especially us Cypriots who currently are living the present situation. And the metropolis of Morfou lives this preeminently. But let us not be fooled only by our own political and social problems. All of humanity is groaning altogether on account of our sins. On account of the feticides (killing of babies) taking place. On account of the blasphemies. On account of the magic that is being performed. On account of the satanic worship that is taking place. On account of the unnatural legislation that is being passed, and the unnatural practices that are both within and outside of marriage, unfortunately so many people, and so on and so forth. Things which are shameful to even refer to! Therefore as we read the Old and New Testament, and especially the Old Testament, it announces to us our deeds, our sins, and our shortcomings...

And they (sins) influence our mental and spiritual selves. And now they have gathered and gathered and gathered together.

All the influence of this sin which I have referred to... This energy, this blackness, this satanic energy that has gathered together, now each nation will pay (for their sins), including Turkey. As well as us. And each and every nation will pay their bill my brother. That's it! We have now entered the time for these Nations! It seems that poor Turkey and America, and some European countries including France, Italy, and Britain will pay greatly. And they will not pay for anything that isn't theirs to pay.

Everyone has their own bill to pay. And to pay, the term "to pay" is harsh, I know this, but it is a term to be understood. In an age when everything is for sale and for buying, the only thing that is not to be sold or to be bought, but it is to be offered freely to those who want it is the Body and Blood of Christ. It is repentance. It is the sacraments of Christ and of the Holy Spirit, these are the things we should desire and want.

And God has plenty for all people. He has for Cyprus and for our Greece, too ....

Purport of The Bishop's Remarks

These are sobering words. The Metropolitan has explained very well what is going to happen and which has already started.

Billions will die, as the Earth itself plays back thousands of years of karmic horrors.

The play on words in the Bishop's remarks is apropos: meriki = partial. That's what I have seen. The death and destruction that is coming to "America" - meriki - 'Murika will be spectacular, mind-numbing: economic collapse, civil war, nuclear war, foreign military invasion, geological upheaval, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, etc. When it is all done, what is left of "America" will indeed be meriki = partial.

God cannot accept millions and billions of thieves, murderers, liars, alcoholics, drug addicts, tr@n$$exu@l$, h@m@$exu@l$, abortionists, torturers, human blood drinkers, Satanists, cannibals, demon worshippers, psychopaths, sociopaths, con wy/men, swindlers, etc. into the Heavenly realms. That is simple logic.

God cannot do that, or the Heavenly realms would not be Heavenly any longer. These beings are willfully, spitefully incorrigible, unfeeling and stupid -- they relish their ignorance and emptiness! -- they love their superficial hollowness! -- so Plan B will wipe them out, in their hundreds of millions and billions. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing, right? Simple.

Meriki. 'Murika. Duh!- murika. This is what I have inwardly seen, directly felt and perceived: a towering tsunami on the East Coast, a devastating asteroid/space rock, New York City 100% destroyed, at least half of the 50 states totally or partially destroyed, the geography of North America massively, physically changed, nuclear mushroom clouds, civil war, etc. The loss of life and physical destruction will be very, very, very, very heavy -- 1,000 times worse than what is happening in Turkey, Syria and the Ukraine this week.

A man whom I have known for decades scornfully told me a few years ago: "The Bone Lady's dire revelations (which I received in 1958 at the age of 3) were just for you, because you've had so many problems in life, and live in poverty." He derisively mocked me, and put me down. I told him: "Oh, no, The Bone Lady is nobody's fool. You'll personally live to see to whom her revelations apply." I do not know what things he is involved in, and with whom. He has millions of dollars that I don't have. 

Another man whom I knew for decades, also had quite a bit more money than I have ever had, and worked for a Fortune 500 company; but he died five years ago, so I guess in the end his money and Fortune 500 job simply didn't mean a thing. He withered away to nothing and kicked the bucket. I would gladly have helped him, in an instant. I factually knew how to easily and very inexpensively save his life. He talked down to me, and with real feeling earnestly told me to go "fook" myself. It was his choice. His life and his untimely death, on his terms.

He had told me before he died that he believed in nothing: that you die, that it all goes black -- and that's it. That's all. Nothing else happens. Click! The lights go out and that's the end. Black emptiness. Nothingness. Period. Imagine his surprise when something like the following occurred about 5 seconds after his body's physical death: 

"Whoah! Who the 'frook' are you??!!"

"Well, now that you mention it, I'm the Lord of the Universe. I tell you what -- why don't you have a seat right here, and we'll take a detailed look at your life. Just one second and we'll get rolling."

What is coming is heavily karmic. Those who have killed so many millions of others -- and cheered about it -- USA! USA USA! USA! -- will themselves be destroyed.

"Ashes to ashes and dust to dust."

It is what it is. God and Jesus have issued countless warnings. If people want to mock and scoff, that's their business. For my part, I perceive God and Jesus to be completely serious. They mean what they say, and they say what they mean. It's clear enough to me.

I've had so many dreams and visions about these things, beginning when I was a small, sickly boy of three years in 1958. I've almost been killed three times in the past ten years, but I keep bouncing back. Amazingly, I'm still here.

I'm grateful for the amazing gift of life! I always want to see what will happen tomorrow .... and I still have tasks to carry out here in this world. Actually my health is better today than it was a year ago, so it's all good.


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