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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The Coming War Is Unavoidable

One of my Orthodox Christian readers sent me an article from yesterday, in which Metropolitan Neophytos of Cyprus lays out the three sins that are rampant in the world today, and which are the underlying cause of the rush to war, in particular the accelerating course towards a global, World War III.

Metropolitan Neophytos Names Three Great Sins That Cause War

Read the article. It's very short. He mentions things like artificial intelligence, tran$gen***ism, same-$ek$ marriage, ped*****ia, and nanotechnology, but places special emphasis on the fact that, now and in the coming generations, "people" will be increasingly soulless and demonic. They won't even be human in the normal sense. You can see all of these things underway in a major way now, in country after country.

The main thing in my opinion is that now, today, the masses of "people" don't even think about God or spirituality at all. Many so-called "people" are as thoroughly demonic as the article says. Soulless. They think only of their next bottle of liquor, the next hit of cocaine, zoloft, xanax, methamphetamine or fentanyl, their planned $ek$ change operation, their next f*ck, their iPhone, etc. There is nothing more. That is all the deeper they go. And those are the mentionable things.

Abuse of other humans of all ages and genders is rampant; abuse of every sort imaginable, including human sacrifice rituals, blood/adrenochrome drinking, many kinds of demonic slavery, cannibalism and things way too horrible to even think about. I have read that in the last couple of years 20,000 -- the number is likely to be much higher -- migrant children have disappeared in the U$$A. After crossing the border and being put in the custody of various family services and human services agencies, and federal agencies, they vanish. I don't know what happens to them, but it cannot be anything good. The silence over their fates is near hermetic. 

And those are just the children. Thousands of others also go missing. The obvious conclusion is that the U$$A, Inc. is a vast, demonic, human trafficking operation, among other monstrous activities, and many there be who take part in its dark ugliness.

Over 18,000 child migrants have also vanished in Europe during the period of 2018 to 2020. The same hideous conclusion holds in Europe as in the case of the U$$A, Inc.

In the same vein, I continually see missing person notices/posters here in Quito plastered on bus stops, walls, utility poles and store fronts. I have to think that the large majority of these "disappeared" people, of whatever age, ethnicity or gender, whether in Ecuador, the U$$A, Inc., or Europe, meet unthinkable, desperately horrendous fates.

There are more and more murders in Ecuador. Hitmen on motorcycles just ride up to people and gun them down in the street. It's especially a problem in the coastal cities. Rampant murder also occurs in places like Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Haiti, and -- oh, I don't know -- in New Orleans, Houston, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Albuquerque, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington-DC, Las Vegas-NV, Memphis ........

I concur with Metropolitan Neophytos that there are many so-called "humans" without souls, at all levels of society, across the world. The evidence for that is visible on every hand, every day. Even a casual inspection of the daily headlines in the news media reveals the sorrowful truth of what he says.

A great many Christian visionaries and prophets/prophetesses are now saying that God and Jesus are insisting that the coming, all out, World War III (which has already begun) is unavoidable due to the tsunami of Satanic wickedness that has come over the Earth. The death toll will be very high. The world will be sent reeling for many decades afterwards due to the extreme level of destruction and carnage, which will be multiple times worse than World War II. Note that it is a multi-faceted war: kinetic, yes, with missiles, submarines, aircraft carriers, jet fighters, bombs and guns; but also bio-warfare, with the deadly vak$ting$ and genetically engineered, weaponized pathogens; agricultural, with engineered collapse of global food production and supply; economic, with engineered collapse of the financial system and consequent impoverishment of the global masses; meteorological, with rampant weather engineering; and lurking behind it all is Satanic Artificial Intelligence, in all of its reprehensible guises.

Believe it or not, A.I. even writes to me sometimes and tries to engage me in dialog about topics of the day, or sends me bogus, B.S. emails. The Internet is overrun by A.I. and all manner of artificial "bots", which may or may not be animating human-like meat suits. But whether in a human-like meat suit or not, every manifestation of A.I. has an insurmountable problem: it is soulless, superficial, and wholly devoid of an inner, innate, organic, spiritual, hyperconscious, naturally alive, living link to God.

A.I. is artificial, and always will be. And there's the rub. God is deeply real, and the source of all that is real; whereas A.I. is not and cannot ever be.

Please appreciate the fundamental difference.

Though this A.I. infested planet is riddled with Satanism from pole to pole, the Lord of the Universe ultimately has the last word.

We all exist courtesy of the Omniscient Omnipotent Benevolent (or else we would not exist) Creative Impulse that animates the numberless universe(s), the divine author of everything, colloquially known as God.

Modern astronomy calculates that there are two trillion galaxies in this universe. Of those two trillion galaxies, even the small ones will have 15 or 20 billion individual star systems (local star + accompanying planet(s)). Most galaxies are far larger than that: for example, the Milky Way galaxy is estimated to have about 100 billion stars, while the neighboring Andromeda galaxy contains about one trillion star systems. The unknowable vastness of it all is mind blowing.

The stupendous intelligence behind that vast creation is even more staggering. And to think that there are myriad millions upon millions of so-called "people" in today's world who think more about their next bottle of booze, or hit of cocaine, fentanyl or adrenochrome, than they do about God.

As the blogger, Jerry Derecha, has morosely observed: "I am ashamed of what my race has fallen for."

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