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Monday, March 13, 2023

The Lake Oroville Gambit

I will assuredly get to California's Lake Oroville, and its ill-fated Oroville Dam, a little farther below, so hold your jets, but I want to begin the discussion by saying that the Time of Troubles on the Earth has now begun. CV-19, the deadly vak$ting$, the war in the Ukraine, the crumbling economic order (how about those bankrupt banks?), the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and other recent disasters, whether natural or unnatural, presage far greater turmoil and mayhem soon to come.

There are numerous clues, even reports filtering into the mainstream news cycle to that effect.

For instance, I believe that a recent news item that suggested that the Earth's huge metal core stopped rotating in 2009, and is now, or soon will be changing its direction of rotation, is going to play a major role in events in the years to come.

Earth’s Core Has Stopped and May Be Reversing Direction

This story caught my attention, because in the late 2000s I had a paranormal experience one night that strongly suggested to me that the Earth's core had changed its direction of rotation, and had unleashed a monster earthquake on the Earth's surface. During the experience it felt as if I were bouncing up and down, about three feet into the air. I was repeatedly being violently flung into the air by the force of the Earth's massive heaving, and then falling back to the floor of my bedroom. It was quite vivid. When it ended I fully expected to hear the screaming of emergency vehicle sirens, and panicked shouting of my neighbors. 

Instead, an almost vacuum-like silence reigned, until the normal, nighttime sounds of my neighborhood gradually became audible again. It was only then that I began to understand that my consciousness had probably detected a major change in the Earth's core that would work its way out to the surface of the planet over a period of years.

The researchers cited in the article believe that the Earth's core periodically stops and reverses direction, with a periodicity of about 70 years. Maybe it does. I don't know. 

Suppose that it does, and we are now at one of those junctures. But what if this time, instead of reversing its direction of rotation by 180 degrees, the inner core has hypothetically started rotating again at a fractional angle of 23.5 degrees difference with the current angle of rotation of the Earth's crust?

In other words, if the inner core has hypothetically now shifted to a vertical, zero degree orientation of its axis of rotation, as compared to the 23.5 degree inclination of the angle of rotation of the Earth's crust with respect to the vertical axis; then what are the implications for the dynamic coupling of the rotation of the inner core with that of the outer crust of the planet?

While I obviously cannot say for sure, I suspect that something along those lines may have happened. If so, I furthermore suspect that the mass of the human race will not be told the truth about it, and what the Earth-changing implications will be.

If a scenario like that is now playing out beneath our feet, then it explains why so many people all over the world-- including me and my deceased friend, Greg Caton -- have had such dramatic dreams and visions in recent years about epic, off-the-charts earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and a shift of the Earth's poles. 

I can speculate about the possible causes for such massive Earth changes, such as the presence of other planets near the Earth (covered up by NASA, the professional astronomical community and the Pentagon) whose energy and gravitational fields are influencing the Earth's crust and core, and/or energy that is flowing through the solar system and the Earth from the galactic core, and/or a change in the energetic charge and potential of space in the galactic sector that the Earth is now traversing. Maybe my speculations are correct, in part or in whole. Or maybe something else entirely is underway, like a phase change from 3-D reality to 4-D reality, with all the consequent upheaval that that will entail. 

I don't know!

But I can tell you that I first was advised in the spring of 1958 by The Bone Lady that tremendous trouble -- massive in scope -- was in the offing. I was only three years old at the time. It was a mind-blowing information download and face to face, personal meeting that I remember to the present day. 

Twenty years later, one day in early 1978, I was having breakfast in Richmond's west end with Chris Lenz, at that time the hemic-sync technical assistant and trainer for Robert Monroe at the Monroe Institute in the Virginia piedmont. As we chatted, he casually mentioned the Earth Changes that would be kicking in with major effect in a few decades. The key thing is that I didn't even have to ask him what in the world he was talking about. I already knew, and instantly recognized the truth of what he was saying. Our conversation was very relaxed. Of course, Chris Lenz was very much in the know, given that at that period the Monroe Institute was training the remote viewers for the U$$A's intelligence agencies. He later went on to work at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, for Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who was one of the Apollo astronauts who allegedly went to the Moon. All of which is to say that Chris Lenz was quietly plugged into the "know" of what is really going on. He knew what was happening, and what the future time-space continuum program held in store.

For whatever reason, starting at the age of three years, in 1958, and continuing right down to the 2020s, I have encountered a never-ending stream of unusual personages who have clued me in to all sorts of unusual data, knowledge, warnings and realities that are at severe variance with the mainstream cultural and societal programming.

Suffice it to say that things are not, and will not be, as we have been taught at school and in our university courses and academic programs. In our teeming billions we have been intentionally, malevolently, erroneously programmed.

I would say, in that regard, that the Earth can be conceptualized in many ways, including as an extremely intricate, highly energetic system, with myriad, complicated feedback loops and circuits that interact in delicately powerful, synergetic balance and equilibrium; on the geophysical level like an enormous, hyper-gyroscope, as it were.

When things are running normally, everything hums along marvelously well. But knock the hyper-gyroscope off of its axis of rotation, however that may happen, and everything goes chaotically askew. The gyroscope begins to wobble from side to side, as the axis swings wildly, in search of a new equilibrium. 

Understanding that the Earth is a giant gyroscope and also a powerful, spinning, electromagnetic dynamo (among other things), as the Earth Changes begin to kick in with more and more force we will see all sorts of big alterations to what we have long known as "normal" -- in the oceans and seas, in earthquake activity, in weather and climate, in atmospheric electrical activity, in volcanic activity, in polar ice caps and shelves, and also in the orientation of the Earth's axis, with consequent effects on the perceived, relative locations of the Sun, Moon and other luminaries in the sky.

For perceptive and observant individuals, it is clear that these changes have already begun and will intensify.

Lake Oroville and the Oroville Dam (But maybe not for much longer ....)

Which brings me around to the instant (not the first acceptation of the word), raging, hydrological catastrophe in California, and why it matters.

California is getting slammed with one atmospheric river after another, coming in from tropical Pacific Ocean waters and dumping massive amounts of rain and snow as they move through. The Internet is full of links in recent days dealing with this ongoing train of storms; here are a few that convey the flavor of what is happening:

Atmospheric River(s) Bring Major California Flood Risk

Oroville Dam Watch Group Update

The flooding that is ravaging many areas in California right now is serious enough, but far worse lies in store in the coming weeks due to the historically heavy and deep snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in eastern California. As temperatures rise with the onset of spring, and soaking rains hasten the melting of the much deeper than normal snowpack in the higher elevations that overlook the Central Valley, the flooding that is now occurring may become even worse, and cause an unprecedented crisis. Streams and rivers that descend from the Sierra Nevada mountains will become raging torrents and inundate roads, bridges, railways, towns, cities and farmland.

And that matters, because California's Central Valley is a very productive agriculture region, producing fruits, nuts and vegetables in abundance for domestic, U$$A consumption, and also for export to foreign markets. It is also a major railway corridor and home to a population of 6.5 million people. So the unfolding disaster bids fair to have damaging ripple effects far beyond the millions of people that are already being affected in California.

Moreover, over the last several decades a complex hydraulic control system of weirs, levees, dams and aqueducts has been constructed in California that spans hundreds of miles. It all has to do with capturing, controlling, storing and distributing the water that descends from the Sierra Nevada in the winter, spring and early summer, as runoff from rainfall and higher elevation snow melt. 

There are a great many of these structures, but for the purposes of this blog post I will mention only the Oroville Dam and reservoir. It is a massive structure that came close to massively failing in 2017, due to a similar set of circumstances to that which now obtain: extreme precipitation in the early months of the year that caused a dramatic high water event that almost washed out the dam's emergency spillway and overflow weir.

The Oroville Dam is the tallest dam in the U$$A. It is used mainly for flood control, hydroelectric power generation, and to funnel water via an extensive, statewide aqueduct network to agricultural land in the Central Valley and to residential and commercial users in Southern California. 

But the dam has serious issues, some of which include:

*  seepage in the main dam
*  at least one power generating unit out of service
*  faulty emergency spillway gates and supports
*  an emergency spillway of dubious structural integrity
*  seepage beneath the emergency spillway, and lifting of spillway blocks
*  an emergency flood weir with substructure seepage
*  cracks in concrete
*  spalling of concrete in the spillway walls
*  poorly consolidated underlying geology

In 2019 Susan Wolding put out the following, informative video on YouTube detailing these issues:

Oroville Dam Update 10 June 2019

With the guaranteed torrential flooding that will occur in the coming weeks, well above and beyond the torrential flooding that is already taking place right now, there is the very real prospect that Oroville Lake will once again reach a full pool of 900 ft. depth, as it has recently twice done, in 2017 and 2019, and possibly exceed the dam's capacity, leading to an overtopping event.

At present, the dam's operators are releasing 15,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) of water from the dam's spillway flood gates. But the amount of water that is entering the reservoir at this point far exceeds 15,000 cfs, with the result that the level of the lake behind the dam is steadily rising. As I write this blog post the water level is at 843 ft. and headed upward. It appears that the dam's operators are chary of exceeding a release in excess of 15,000 cfs, perhaps due to concerns about the structural integrity of the emergency spillway gates, the structural integrity of the spillway gatehouse itself, or the integrity of the concrete bed of the spillway, and/or the spalling sidewalls. 

We will know in the coming weeks what happens at the Oroville Dam, and also at numerous other flood control structures all up and down the western slope of the Sierra Nevada range, and in the Central Valley. We won't have to wait long.

If the series of atmospheric rivers continues, then a catastrophic spring melt and massive runoff into California's many reservoirs is a firm guarantee.

The situation is especially delicate at the Oroville Dam, due to the many issues that could possibly lead one or more components of the dam and spillway complex to catastrophically fail, with ensuing negative consequences for flood control, agricultural irrigation, electrical power generation, and municipal and commercial water supply to major urban areas in Southern California.

It's Not Just California

Here in South America, a powerful tropical storm, Cyclone Yaku, has been parked off the coast of northern Peru for the last couple of weeks. Due to the pecularities of oceanic currents off the west coast of South America, and the nature of atmospheric winds in the inter-tropical convergence zone, cyclones tend not to occur off the coasts of Ecuador and Peru.

But this year is different. Cyclone Yaku has come to visit northern Peru and Ecuador, and it packs a wallop. There have been some fatalities, and a lot of damage to houses, businesses and transportation infrastructure (roads/bridges) due to flooding and landslides. Here are a couple of links that show the sorts of flooding that the storm has produced in recent days:

Yaku causa estragos en Perú

And here are 12 hours of footage that will show you everything you need to know: water and immense quantities of it. Just move the time slider to skip through the video.


This has been going on for about two weeks now. I live in the Andes, in Quito, Ecuador, well inland from the Pacific coast, and there was heavy, prolonged rainfall from the cyclone again this evening. I have no idea how much longer it will hang around, but it is dumping a LOT of water on the region.

Things Are Only Getting Started

From my perspective, the recent, cataclysmic earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and now the extremely heavy and destructive precipitation events on the west coasts of South America and North America augur the new normal. I fully expect to see more, heavy, earthquake activity, more historic rainfall and flooding events, as well as volcanic activity, tsunamis and other natural disasters. These events are but the very beginning of momentous terraqueous changes to the planet.

Something has changed on the Earth, and deep inside the Earth. We all have front row seats. No part of the planet will remain untouched and unscathed. Dramatic times are here. Not everyone will survive these powerful happenings, but those who do will have the ride of their lives! It will not be dull.

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