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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Musings On The Approaching Nuclear Conflict

>> One of my readers wrote to me today and mentioned that it's very easy to be locked up these days for publicly articulating unpopular truths. While I don't doubt that point in the slightest, I replied something like this:

I've been handcuffed, chained and shackled for my anti-nuclear war protests very many times. And locked away in a long series of city jail/county jail/detention center/correctional center/prison cells -- all for the crime of telling people what they really, really, REALLY did not want to hear. So they chained me up and locked me away. I suffered. I truly did. I'm suffering now.

But from their point of view:

✔ Hands washed. 
✔ Sauder securely locked up in a jail/prison cell. 
✔ Sauder now living in poverty in South America. 
✔ Problem solved.

They didn't want to listen to me.

Very well, it remains for Mr. Nuclear Warhead Detonation to fry their eyeballs out of their sockets, and flash microwave their skin, fat and flesh, on the hoof. Because that is the clear, ugly trend of world events. They won't last long -- anywhere from seconds to hours, maybe a day at the very most, in indescribable, excruciating agony, begging for death to come for them, imploring death, calling for death in hoarse, raspy voices, with raw, bleeding throats.

And Death will come for them, at the time and in the manner of its choosing, on its own terms.

My repeated, nonviolent protests in past decades, on nuclear missile silos and other places where nuclear weapons are stored or deployed (in Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, Virginia and North Dakota) were covered widely in the press across multi-state regions, by the Associated Press and other news agencies and networks, albeit very superficially. My protests received brief coverage in many newspapers, large and small, and also as short news notices on many local TV and radio stations.

It is accurate to say that from a strictly juridical point of view I served notice.

I was a lowly process server for very powerful muckety mucks.

What counts is the ultra-serious legality of it all. Call them the Lords of Galactic Karma if you must have a name. I am only one ordinary man, one among billions. But they have true authority and clout at a galactic level. It doesn't matter to me in the slightest if anyone believes that or not. The passage of time will take care of all unbelief.

It is the custom of these higher order entities to not fully show their hand until the very instant in which they play it.

Their game, their rules. One of the major ones is the "completely unexpected boomerang rule":

While they do not pull any punches, at the same time they are very scrupulously fair. They have given very clear advance warning for years, through the mass media, directly to the general population in their millions. They do it through very prosaic, ordinary means, widely distributed through local, small-town TV and radio news snippets, little back page filler stories in small town or suburban, weekly shopper newspapers about a peace protester being arrested on a nuclear missile silo in Arkansas/Missouri/North Dakota, or a peace protester against nuclear war being detained at a U$$A naval base in Virginia or Georgia. That kind of thing. Almost in the background.

But it is there and published for mass consumption by the general public. And therefore, it is a bona fide legal record, duly published in hundreds and hundreds of newspapers of all kinds, read by many millions in the aggregate.

At risk of their representatives' very life, freedom, livelihood, property and safety, the Lords of Karma have sent their emissaries to openly plead their case directly and in person in front of the responsive military, police and judicial authorities.

All of that matters legally. It means that absolutely no one will be able to plead ignorance, not in the U$$A military, not in the Federal judiciary, not in the Federal police agencies (FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, etc.). Everyone of age has been put on notice. For half a century there has been a very small, but steady stream of messengers in the not-very-secret service of Higher Order Entities.

To a person, including me, we have been ridiculed, mocked, threatened, scorned, fined, arrested, criminally tried, harassed, spied upon, had our houses and apartments broken into, been handcuffed, shackled, jailed and imprisoned. And we took it all. We didn't fight back. Tellingly: we found no support amongst the general population: indifference at best, disapproval and hostility at worst.

We cast our votes, at great personal risk. Our reward, if any at all, clearly does not lie in this demonic realm.

Because I know U$$A culture very well, I know of a 100% certainty that my actions received more than a few responses along these lines: "Did you read this/see this/hear this, Nellie Sue? -- some dumb son of a bitch done went on a nuclear missile silo in Arkansas/Missouri/North Dakota protestin' against nuclear war. I hope they fry the goddamn bastard's ass."

Be that as it may, the entirety of the U$$A, Inc.'s control structure, both seen and unseen, and its dumb, utterly stupid herd of 333 million "hoomyns" have very quietly, methodically, incrementally and thoroughly been put on legal notice. Anyone who does not know that, willfully does not want to know, and prefers to remain ignorant and stupid.

To reiterate the foundational point:

Galactic legal notice has now been served again and again for more than half a century. People like me don't do the sorts of things that I/we have done on our own authority. Oh, no, we act in response to a higher power and calling. There is a very real, hierarchical authority structure in the galaxy.

Wickedness and massive rejection of natural, divine law, order and harmony have overrun the Earth, nowhere more so than in the U$$A, Inc. Full blown Satanism has its hooks deep into the U$$A, Inc., up, down and sideways -- rural counties, small towns, big cities, everywhere, at all strata of society. It's horrific beyond the power of words to describe.

The evil disequilibrium will be addressed.

Economic and political analyst, Charles Nenner, is now publicly saying that his statistical, historical data analysis of economic and war cycles going back for thousands of years shows that 30% of the Earth's population will die in the next war cycle, which has factually already started. It is now looming very large on the horizon. Nenner further says that the U$$A civilization is done. It's over. 'Murika is going down. The dollar is going to take it in the keister.

Well, knock me over with a feather.

It's as if Charles Nenner has been reading my blog. Have I not been saying precisely these things for many years? And now, big names, famous commentators are saying out loud a lot of the things that I've been writing about and speaking about for a long time.

By the way, there are others, using different methodologies and means than Charles Nenner who think that the coming years will see a die-off of 50%, 90% or even 100% of Humanity, as in the end of the road:

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