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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Woman -- That's The Word!

It gets worse and worse. <ugh>

I spotted this article in the daily news cycle a couple of weeks ago. 

Bindi Irwin reveals 10-year battle with endometriosis on International Women’s Day

The story contains this surreal phrase:

"Anyone with a uterus who is of reproductive age can suffer from the disease ..."

Gee! -- help me out here. 

"Anyone with a uterus who is of reproductive age ..."  --- let's see, not too long ago didn't we used to call those persons: young women?

Words fail me.

The same nonsense infests the news media here in South America. I was recently reading a story that referenced a "person of the feminine gender."

The last time I checked a "person of the feminine gender" is a woman.

So why not just say woman? Why is that so hard? Why is that forbidden?

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