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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Funny How That Works

Ex-President Obama's personal chef was discovered drowned in the water beside the Obamas' lavish mansion in Massachusetts. The Obamas were not home at the time. << Of course not. >>

Russia is now producing as many munitions per month as were produced in the entire year of 2022. The Kremlin looks to be preparing for major warfare, well beyond the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine. 

Russia has just raised the military conscription age to 30 years. On 1 January 2024 all males between the ages of 18 and 30 years will be subject to military conscription for one year. More evidence in support of Russian preparations for major warfare.

U$$A Army to run Operation Dark Start power outage drill on July 26th 2023. This grid down exercise will be run at Ft. Riley, Kansas. It's clearly a test run, a small preview of coming attractions -- due to a nuclear EMP? a solar CME (coronal mass ejection)? My best guess is that Ft. Riley is also the site of an underground base. Evidently the HUGE chaos kicks in sometime in 2025. By the end of 2025 no one will have to ask if something is going on. There will be plenty of major and big events over the next 17 months -- lots of upheaval of all kinds -- but 2025 is going to be like nothing we have ever seen. Waaaaay off the charts.

Los Alamos is going to start manufacturing plutonium pits for nuclear bombs again. The plan is to begin production of 30 per year by 2026. Highly doubtful that that ever happens. Global events are moving faster and faster. Los Alamos has to be on the target list for Russia and China, in the event of a nuclear exchange.

Disappeared people in Ecuador and everywhere. One of my readers wrote to me that 800,000 people are disappearing per year. The makers of the summer box office hit, Sound of Freedom, say that there are 2 million disappeared people annually. The truth is that no one knows for sure how many there are. My best guess is that these people are being taken by: a) organ traffickers, for slaughter and subsequent organ sale, b) Satanists for torture and human sacrifices, c) criminal cartels, for slavery of all sorts, including sex slavery, d) E.T.s, for interplanetary trafficking, e) E.T.s and shadowy, military/Fortune 500/espionage groups for slavery and other nefarious purposes in underground and undersea bases. Here is an article on a 22 year old girl who disappeared in recent days here in Quito. She's far from the only one. I see missing person flyers all the time. It never stops -- 12 year-olds, 80 year-olds with Alzheimer's, and everyone in between.

Prisons in Ecuador are seething with violence related to conflicts between competing narco-cartels and gangs. Authorities reported today that about 150 prison guards were taken hostage in 13 different prisons around the country. In the large penitentiary on the outskirts of Guayaquil a four-day uprising concluded with 31 inmates dead and 14 others wounded. 

The U$$A government continues to play footsie with the public over the UFOs, E.T.s (dead and alive), and other E.T. and esoteric/exotic technology that it has found, shot down or been given over a period of many decades, perhaps going back as far as the 19th century. Los Alamos, Area-51 and Wright-Patterson AFB are just some of the places involved in this massive cover-up. The military and other agencies have E.T. bodies, have taken live captives, have recovered UFOs, have lots of esoteric/exotic technology -- and they continue to lie and lie and lie about it all. The truth is not in the government of the U$$A, Inc. It's a disgrace.

Human smuggling in Texas. Law enforcement officers in San Antonio executed a traffic stop, found a kilo of cocaine, and then carried out a search of a property that led to the surprise discovery of five persons who were being trafficked. Human trafficking/smuggling is very big business -- in Ecuador, in Mexico, in the Ukraine, in the U$$A, Inc.

Big Brother European travel will soon require you to answer a list of questions, to enhance "border security and digital screening," just to fly to Paris or Brussels. The days of free and easy travel are fast dwindling away. I've been to Europe several times over the years, and traveled all over, from Istanbul to Lisbon, from Copenhagen to Palermo, Edinburgh, Munich, London, Paris, Athens, everywhere. But the place has taken a disgusting, fascist turn -- thank you, European Union and World Economic Forum! In brief, I have no plans to ever visit Europe again. 'Nuff said.

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