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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Our Soul Globe: Mysterious (& Many Very Bloody) Fractals Beyond All Knowing

I just read a Christian prophecy in which a woman purports to have been told by Jesus: The trouble to come is only the beginning of Woes so be prepared for MUCH to come. Stop thinking that I am going to wrap this up quickly, I will not.

Is Jesus real, and did Jesus really tell her something like that? From what I know and can see, "yes" to the first question, Jesus is real and has very serious authority, and unfortunately, more than likely a "yes" to the second question, as well. It's going to be a real slog.

This all has to do with soul-building. God is interested in consciousness, and the quality of consciousness; aware love, as it were. Thus the admonition to love our enemies, and to pray for those who spitefully use us, because we are all fractals of the same Universal, interconnected, multifaceted reality.

All for one, and one for all.

The issue seems to be that myriad fractals, perhaps uncountable gazillions, on planets without measure, are lost in endless, dark sparkles of ever diminishing return.

God loves us all, and desires that we love us all, too; but apparently past a certain point, unredeemable fractals of consciousness get recycled in God's Cosmic Blender, and have to start all over again, losing everything in the process, including their ancient, divine, hard won Soul.

Better to show kindness along the way 
than to kill, that's the essence of the Golden Rule, thus the Ur alt injunction against murder.

And Yet ....

Here is a video of two women having a serious knife fight at high noon in Guayaquil, a large, sweltering, tropical city in the south of Ecuador. The video ends when two National Policemen roll up on a motorcycle.

Here is another news item from today on the latest battle between rival criminal gangs (Lobos and Tiguerones) in one of the very badly overcrowded prisons of Ecuador -- 5 dead and 11 wounded. It happens all the time.

And another news item on a political assassination today of the mayor of Manta, a coastal city in Ecuador. A Venezuelan man has been taken into custody for the hit.

Murder and murderous violence everywhere you look. It's senseless. Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, the U$$A, Inc. The (allegedly) Human race seems bent on self-destruction. Why???????

Criminal gangs are all over the U$$A, Inc. They are everywhere, from San Antonio to Minneapolis, from Oakland to Baltimore, in small towns and big cities.

They are armed to the gills and they do shoot to kill. Tommy guns, AK-47s, machine pistols, Glocks.

Here's a little cultural enrichment from San Antonio a few years ago. Watch it: (time-stamps 0:47 to 0:50, 1:23 to 1:27, 2:19 to 2:25, for instance) 

On a very casual inspection I counted something like two Tommy guns, two machine pistols, an Uzzi, four Glocks, an automatic rifle -- there may have been other firearms. This video has been up on YouTube for several years, as a graphic monument to the downward spiral of (ahem) contemporary "society" in the U$$A, Inc.

The guy with the red 34 jersey was gunned down just a few blocks from where I used to live, shortly after making this video. I know!!! -- what a surprise, right??!!  \sarcasm\

I could see where things were headed: the gang graffiti, the drunken noise at night, the surly faces of the young men.

'Murka! Love it or leave it.

I left. I intend to remain away.

Some things cannot and will not be fixed.

Over There In The Ukraine -- As Prelude to U$$A, Inc. Mayhem??

Here is just a small part of the hellish warfare in the Ukraine:

This is the type of heavy combat that I and numerous others have seen in dreams and visions in recent years, but on the soil of the Lower 48 States of the U$$A, Inc.: bloody, internecine, civil war within the geographical territory of the U$$A, Inc.; and armed resistance by ad hoc citizen militias, National Guard or regular Army units against invading armies from foreign military powers, whether Chinese, Russian, Mexican, United Nations Blue Helmets, or others.

I keep telling people that whatever is happening now in the Ukraine is but a preview of coming attractions -- and it won't be just the one thing, either (warfare, economic collapse, natural disasters, vak$ting$, etc.). Normalcy bias is so strong that I don't know how many people truly understand what I am saying.

What I am trying to communicate is that the destruction and death in the U$$A, Inc. may well very greatly exceed what is happening in the Ukraine right now, and what is happening in the Ukraine is horrific. That's the upshot of the alphabet-soup-agency-connected, website's grim death statistics prognostication for the U$$A, Inc. as of 2025. The 300 million projected deaths have now been scrubbed from the web, but that was the original 2025 U$$A, Inc. death toll that had posted, several years ago.

Not so long ago, there were many Army-Navy surplus stores all over the U$$A, Inc. that sold used, serviceable, military rifles at rather low prices. I assume that a great many of those weapons are still in private hands and may well be used by many in the coming years, as the global, U$$A, Inc. Empire crumbles, abroad and at home.

In past decades, I have worked with and/or for, or have known, all kinds of MIC and ex-MIC personnel, both uniformed and non-uniformed, from the flag officer level down to the grunt in the trenches. I visited one, a couple of times, at his isolated ranch in the Mountain West region, and they were loaded for bear. Just patrolling the ranch they went out on dirt bikes or ATVs with repeating rifles slung over their shoulders. People think that the Wild West Days are long over. Oooooh, no. There are coyotes, wolves, bears, cougars, rattlesnakes, feral hogs, cattle rustlers and other two-legged predators of the very worst sort. (Watch No Country For Old Men, with Tommy Lee Jones, for one example.) That sparsely populated country where I visited sprawls for many miles. 
My host told me that if they had a problem and called the sheriff, a deputy might show up three hours later.  So they had to handle any incidents on their own. I asked him about bands of armed marauders. He replied that they were prepared to defend the valley against anything and anyone, up to a trained, military infantry unit.

I worked for other MIC and ex-MIC types in a menial, domestic services capacity. One kept a pump shotgun in a corner of the master bedroom, something resembling an AR-15/AK-47/Uzzi propped in the other corner, and what looked like a loaded .44 revolver on the bedside nightstand. Another guy I worked for was a very successful businessman. He kept two rifles propped on either side of the bed in the master bedroom, and a loaded revolver on the bedside nightstand. Another ex-military guy I knew always traveled with a licensed, loaded firearm in his car, close at hand. He was a combat veteran in the Marines in Southeast Asia, and had been in many firefights -- somehow emerging totally unscathed after two tours of frontline combat. He told me that he was a gung-ho warrior, until he suddenly, abruptly woke up to the insane horrors of war midway through his second tour -- and thought to himself: "What the hell am I doing here? This is knucking futs!!" After which his mentality flipped radically, though it took two tours of frontline combat for him to arrive at that point.

Another of the retired officers I worked for had serious guns -- though I never saw them, only many hundreds of rounds, numerous boxes of rifle ammunition. I'm not stupid. I never touched any of it.

Closer to home, my long-deceased father had a shotgun and a .30-06 rifle, and ammunition for both. I think he shot a few ducks, and maybe a deer or two. 

I mention these anecdotes to show that all of this and much more is absolutely out there in the hands of the general population, and apparently will be used. Personally, I intend to sit out the upcoming "merriment" in the Lower 48. I gave at the "office" so to speak-- again and again and again. I peacefully protested in my own way against the coming war(s), over and over, and was jailed over and over -- to very little or no avail. I failed to awaken anyone that mattered to the upcoming horror. What did George Carlin say? - "Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that."

So it is that the population at large blithely stumbles on, slack jawed and glassy eyed, towards the onrushing apocalypse.

In all honesty, I don't see how it can be avoided at this point, barring the abrupt, dramatic, Second Coming of Jesus Christ and accompanying flocks of Heavenly Angels fluttering down from on high.

Back To the Ukraine

Recent news items seem to suggest that a second war front may possibly open up in the west of the Ukraine, or maybe in or along the Polish-Belarusian border region. (click the far-right of the address bar for the English language option)
Interestingly Vladimir Putin mentioned Kresy in his public remarks the other day, which was a contentious region of eastern Europe in past centuries that much of the contemporary Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and parts of Lithuania and Moldova overlap, lending support for the idea that the current conflict may possibly be just the latest battle in a war that may be centuries or even thousands of years old.

Along that vein, The Wagner Group and the Belarusian Army are training/preparing right now in Brest, right along the Polish-Belarusian border. Brest is an ancient city, a very strategic city that has been fought over, invaded and/or occupied for the better part of 1,000 years by the Germans, Poles, Lithuanians, Belarusians, Russians, Mongols -- and who knows before that?

In any event, watch the short video clips embedded in the article link above. Putin is forthright and blunt. I understand what he is saying:

But do the Poles/Lithuanians/Ukrainians/NATO/Pentagon? One wonders.

The shame of it is that all of this could be very easily resolved, and the terrible loss of life and property ended, if the Pentagon/NATO would just back off, stand down, stay at home and mind their own affairs.

If I were President of the U$$A, Inc. that is the policy that I would pursue; but people who think like me are not permitted into any substantive policy-making position in the U$$A, Inc. or the U.K. or France or Germany or Poland or the Ukraine or Belgium, etc. Or in Ecuador, for that matter.

Stupidity, incompetence, greed, lust for power, pathological mendacity, and Satanic depravity are the order of the day.

The yawning abyss therefore awaits the lemmings' determined, forward march. If events continue on their present trajectory the loss of life will be stupendous.

This could all be so easily avoided, and ought to be.

I tried!! I saw it coming from decades out.

The years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars that I threw away endeavoring to speak wisdom to yammering, warmongering fools -- a pity.

You Don't Need A Telescope To Bring It Into Focus

Here is what is coming:

And here is who is in charge:


Mind you, I am not now in the military in any capacity; nor have I served in the military in the past. So what do I know?

This: time is a many splendored thing, and many there be who roam the endless, convoluted, fractalized, time-space corridors. Some entities/beings gain great wisdom as they go along, even tremendous holiness; while teeming hordes of others opt to become pig stupid. 

God loves us all, and desires that we turn towards Divine Enlightenment, that is an eternal truth. And still the killing grinds on, on a world lost in darkness. 

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