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Friday, July 7, 2023

This Is What It All Gets Down To

I know that many of my readers are aware of this religious conflict in the Christian Churches today (please read the brief story at the link):

I w
ill say at the outset that I don't currently attend any church, and haven't for decades, but I have read the Christian Bible and the New Testament is quite clear: it does not support the WYXZGPVHLRQUT+ agenda. It is squarely opposed to it. The Old Testament is even more forthright: "Yea, ye shall bash them with rocks, and fling their carcasses to the beasts of the field," or words substantially to that effect. (Please note that I am not advocating that kind of violence, but it is the sort of thing that is to be found in the Old Testament.)

Any so-called "Church" that takes up or defends the WYXZGPVHLRQUT+ agenda may be many things, but it cannot be a Bible-based Christian church, because neither the Bible nor Jesus Christ promote(d) or support(ed) that agenda. Just do/did not. It's not biblical. Jesus said and taught many things -- but he conspicuously did not teach and promote the WYXZGPVHLRQUT+  gaf-drag agenda, neither is it supported by the Bible.

I often read the writings of the Christian prophets of today. There are many of them on the Internet. Over and over they are receiving messages from God and Jesus in their meditations and prayer time, having to do with the deep wickedness of the WYXZGPVHLRQUT+ agenda, its ungodliness; and that the U$$A, Inc. is far more wicked than were Sodom and Gomorrah -- on that count alone -- and that its cities will therefore be destroyed by fire, that the entire country will be brought down in one, near-future, unimaginable hour. The U$$A, Inc. will be the epicenter of Hell on Earth. Many people are inwardly receiving this message in words, auditions and visions. 

The Bone Lady, for example, who visited me in 1958 and blew my little-boy mind wide open, first alerted me to the coming time of terrible destruction and horror. I am still extremely mindful of what she revealed to me. 

No worries, everyone will find out exactly who The Bone Lady is and the full import of her message, whether in this world or in the Life to Come. Her message to me essentially had two sides: one side is unimaginably good, and the other is grim beyond the power of words to express. It all depends on aggregated personal choice: which way does Humanity decide to go? Here are the two choices:

>> Satan?
>> unending warfare?
>> abortion?
>> fa@@ot-fr@cking each other up the a@@-tra@@y- and gaf-drag shows for kids?
>> burning down/cutting down the great forests?
>> chemtrailing the skies with harmful chemicals?
>> rMNA BigPharma "vaccine" global democide?
>> forever chemicals in the snow, rain, food and household products?
>> runaway radioactive contamination of the biosphere?
>> heavily crashing global ecology?
>> genetic engineering of plants, animals and humans?
>> ruinous, debt-based, central banking?
>> global narcotics trafficking?
>> global, demonic human trafficking?
>> Satanic secret societies?
>> massively criminally corrupt government?
>> demonic espionage agencies -- CIA/FBI/Mossad/NSA/DIA/MI-6, etc.?
>> millions upon teeming millions of so-called "people" (and you and I know many individuals who fit in these categories and agencies) who actively collaborate with all of the foregoing -- or actively work to make these things happen?
>> and much more .... all of which is destroying natural Humanity and the Earth.

This is the path that Humanity is MASSIVELY on right now. As Jesus said: "The gate that leads to perdition is large, and the way is broad, and there are many who enter by it."

or the other way .....

>> Jesus!
>> Praising the Creator!
>> Global peacemaking!
>> Arrest and imprisonment of warlords!
>> Massive, global, environmental remediation movement!
>> Global tree-planting initiative!
>> Global sea cleaning initiative!
>> Global nuclear arms abolition!
>> Global nuclear technology shutdown!
>> Massive global shutdown of human trafficking!
>> Global shutdown of most of the chemical industry -- plastics, chemical food additives, nuclear technology, uranium mining and refining, agrichemicals, so-called forever chemicals!
>> Global ban on chemtrailing!
>> Global shutdown of the WHO, WEF, NATO, U.N., etc. !
>> Global shutdown of interest-bearing, debt-based currencies like the euro/yen/dollar/pound, etc. and the central banks which issue them!
>> Global ban on A.I.!
>> Global ban on genetic engineering technologies!
>> Global debt jubilee for 99.9% of the Earth's population from oppressive banking!
>> Global disclosure of the UFO and E.T. presence on Earth and in this solar system!
>> Global disclosure of the multi-trillion dollar, criminal corruption and public criminal trials on live TV of the so-called "Global Ruling Elites"!
>> Global crackdown on narcotics trafficking and associated criminal syndicates!
>> Global promotion of free energy technologies!
>> Global promotion of natural medicine and healing modalities!
>> ... and more.

Clearly, Humanity has NOT to this point chosen this second path.

The money is waaaay too good for many millions of so-called "people" in the first, highly Satanic, negative category. I mean, there are lots of people pulling down hundreds of thousands, or millions, hundreds of millions, in some cases even billions, scores of billions, or hundreds of billions of dollars/euros/pounds/yen/rubles/yuan/pesos/shekels/riayls, etc. -- some of whom, and I know it to be so, are occasional or regular readers of this blog.

But mind you, among Jesus' many pithy sayings are such gems as:

No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

We really must choose between the way of Jesus or the Satanic way of the world. One or the other.

Every last one of us, I and every single other individual on this planet, will stand one-on-one before Jesus and account for every second of our lives, whether sublime, laudable, good, indifferent, bad, ugly or reprehensibly, willfully, Satanically demonic. We will all give an accounting for our personal expenditure of our quantum of life and consciousness.

In my partial, fleeting, brief, limited interactions with Jesus, I have perceived him as being the Divine Template for Humanity. He is Magnificent, Majestic, Regal, Authoritative, Unabashedly Masculine, Powerfully Strong (he's no soy boy), Supremely Confident in His Own Skin, Totally Personally Transparent, Without Guile Whatsoever, Very Human, Marvelous, Glorious, Radiant, Extremely Positively Oriented, All Knowing, Genetic Relative Of All Humans/Compatible DNA.

We will all stand before this peerless, unbelievably alive, capable and hyper-conscious Being, Jesus Christ, our Divinely Created Genetic Brother Template, who so deeply loves us, and wants us to join in exquisite union with him, to praise God, to willingly acknowledge the primacy of God, and to treat the Earth and the rest of Humanity with kindness and respect.

It's strange, I know, the idea that the Creator pays attention to what is going on in the Creation (sarcasm); and whether it accords with the Divine Plan for Creation, and whether it is good or bad fruit; and whether to pitch it onto the cosmic garbage heap to rot, or not.

But Humanity has so far chosen not to go up the Jesus path. Look around the world, and what do you see? It's disappointing.

This is what ayahuasca repeatedly showed my deceased friend, Greg Caton, in recent years. It really rubbed his nose in it, over and over and over. For stubbornly, willfully, repeatedly rejecting Jesus and God, the U$$A, Inc. is going to be: Obliterated. Smashed. Hammered. Splintered. Destroyed. Burnt. Wiped from the pages of history. The annihilation will be stunning, total. He was shown so many corpses that it will be impossible to bury them. Think the bombed out/burnt out devastation of Berlin in May 1945 or Richmond in 1865 or Hiroshima in 1945. But the entirety of the Lower 48 States, not just a city or two.

Furthermore, ayahuasca repeatedly revealed to Greg Caton, as it has also been revealed by God and Jesus to many Christian prophets, that the divine/karmic judgment has already been rendered: the U$$A, Inc. is massively guilty of crimes against God, and God's universal divine order, and will be struck down.

What remains is the penalty phase which will be merciless beyond belief, and unrelenting karmic payback for: 

** 60 million aborted babies in the past 50 years 
** unknown millions dead in the trans-Atlantic slave trade in past centuries 
** many millions dead in the CIA/BorderPatrol/FBI/DHS/Pentagon/Satanist human trafficking in our era
** unknown millions killed in nearly non-stop warfare/invasions/occupations/massacres/coups d'etat for the past 200 years 
** millions killed in the ruthless, global narco-trafficking in which the Federal agencies are massively involved: CIA/DEA/Pentagon/FBI/Customs/Border Patrol, etc.
**  billions plunged into unimaginable, grinding poverty due to the imposition by force of the U$$A, Inc. slave-dollar economic system on country after country 
** many millions of children relegated to starvation and death by the merciless U$$A, Inc. slave-dollar economic system imposed on country after country over the past century

Many of the Christian (sic) Churches in the U$$A, Inc. (and in a lot of other countries) are silent, or very nearly so, about most of these things. They are oblivious. I know this to be true by direct observation. I've probably been in about 1,500 "Christian" Church services, in multiple denominations -- until I stopped going many years ago. 

The U$$A, Inc. is going to be mercilessly pounded.

I, too, have been inwardly notified that judgment has already been rendered. The penalty phase will be bone shattering and history changing.

Greg Caton and many of the Christian prophets have been shown incoming waves of nuclear missiles onto targets in the U$$A, Inc. In my deep dreams and occasional visions I have also been shown nuclear missile launches and nuclear blasts. Apparently, that will be just part of what is in the pipeline.

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