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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

NATO Today Laid the Ground For War Against Russia

NATO today laid out the schematic for its intended war with Russia. The following article is in Greek, but click the English-language tab in the top right or the small icon at the far right-end of the address bar to get the English translation:

The article is a little long, but it conveys that NATO has now arranged the battle plan for war against Russia, and that the Russians understand that war with the EU/Pentagon/NATO is coming. 

Among other things, 400,000 NATO troops in Europe will be put on alert in a Rapid Reaction Force.

I don't know what to say other than that if things don't take a turn for the better, and very soon, an extremely serious war is going to happen. Obviously, tremendously violent combat will occur in and around the European region, but this is a conflict that will not be confined to Europe; oh, no, it will absolutely cross the seas to the U$$A, Inc. 

The Russians have said again and again that their retaliation will go right to the decision centers of the Western Powers. That certainly includes cities and military bases in Europe, and in the U$$A, Inc.

Very Dangerous Days Are Coming

Last night I had another vivid dream. It was so active, with so many moving elements, that it was difficult to understand it all, but the essence of it was that three cities were turned into raging infernos, or will be. It seemed to me that they were possibly in Europe, maybe in the Low Countries: Brussels? Rotterdam? Antwerp? Amsterdam?

Or perhaps Ramstein? Strasburg?

Something like flaming gasoline was thrown on them from the sky. Searing flames fell down on them from out of the sky. They burned fiercely, with unquenchable fire. They instantly became huge, roaring blast furnaces. Nothing would/could/will? survive that. What I saw would/will? fry the very sidewalks into crumbling powder.

In a previous night's equally vivid dream, I was shown three nuclear detonations. I don't know where. I was in the action, up close and personal, with the atomic fireball(s) savagely swirling and boiling all around me. This was obviously not a physical reality, but mental, spiritual. No mortal being can possibly physically survive a nuclear detonation or atomic fireball. 

The Russians keep pointedly warning that past a certain point they will attack the NATO/EU decision centers. Their A.I., "dead hand" war program may have already decided the day and hour that the Russian military retaliation is unleashed. Only the Russian Battle A.I. knows for sure. If so, it would certainly include:


... at a bare minimum.

As one of my readers recently wrote to me: "You can run, but you can't hide!!"

Though in my case, I'm not really so much frightened, as I am resigned to it all. I have less and less fear all the time. Things are as they are, and so they shall be, for better or for worse. 

A great many will inevitably die. Those of us who survive will do our best under very difficult circumstances, and continue on.

Karma, good or bad, always returns to the sender, in the same degree and amount with which it was sent forth. For that reason, the U$$A, Inc. has no future. None at all, and I realize that the bulk of my blog readership is in the U$$A, Inc. 

So sorry, Dear Readers, but incomprehensibly grim days are coming.

From multiple sources in different countries I am/have been reading, hearing and (being) told that it all comes crashing down, for and in the U$$A, most likely sometime in 2025, and maybe even before.

You know, the rain, the heat, the droughts, the crop failures, the floods, the dollar crash, the political crash, the economic crash, the ever increasing vak$ting mortality, the supply chain failure, the worsening crime, the narcotics addiction plague, ......

Whatever the Russians or Chinese may do will only be the coup de grĂ¢ce to a so-called "country" already well into its death throes. It's already over, everything but the inconsolable weeping. So much promise, so very much, and all for naught, going down to utter, self-inflicted ruin.

Ever since I was three years old I have known this was coming. For 65 years I've tried to tell people, in all kinds of ways, but so few have wanted to hear it, least of all the "geniuses" at the Pentagon and CIA.

Last one out, turn out the lights.

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