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Sunday, August 27, 2023

It Will Get Much Hotter Than It Already Is

I realize that it is scorching hot in much of the U$$A, Inc., and a lot of other places around the world.

For instance, look at the heat dome that is over the eastern two-thirds of the continental U$$A, Inc. (CONUS):

According to the story: “Heat indexes surpassed 120 degrees in more than a dozen locations across Kansas, Missouri and Iowa on Sunday. In Lawrence, Kansas, the heat index reached 134 degrees, from a temperature of 102 degrees and a dew point of 84 degrees.

That’s killer heat. It can lay a person flat out dead in short order. The body overheats and the organs shut down. Lights out. I suspect that the “heat dome” already is killing people, and that government at all levels is sugar coating the severity of the situation — by not even mentioning the death toll at all.

Next Year May Be Even Worse

A wet bulb temperature of about 95 is the killing threshold, e.g., a temperature of about 98 °F and relative humidity of 90%. That’s the point at which the human body begins to fatally fail. In recent days and weeks, a lot of localities in the Lower 48 States have been flirting with that wet bulb danger zone.

The issue is that when that deadly combination of heat and humidity persists the resistance of the human body weakens and people quickly succumb. A fan will not help, a swamp cooler will not help, the shade will not forestall the inevitable. Only air conditioning or a deep, cool cave, something like that, will prevent the human body from fatally overheating. If the electrical grid happens to go down during one of these prolonged, multi-state, extreme heat waves, then there will be no air conditioning to speak of, in view of the fact that the vast majority of air conditioning in the modern world relies on electricity as its power source.

No air conditioning, due to a grid down scenario, would mean millions of bake oven houses, condominiums and apartments, myriad bake oven stores, shopping malls, work places, office buildings and schools — you get the picture. A lot of people would die.

Millions of people are skating on the edge of that ugly possibility right now — in the U$$A, Inc. and elsewhere.

The Arctic Sea Ice Is Practically Gone

One of the prime factors in the global onset of this extreme heat, in my simple, layman’s understanding, is that the ice cap in the Arctic Sea is far less thick and extensive than in past years, decades and centuries. I won’t be drawn on why that is.

Suffice it to say that it is, and it is beyond the individual capacity of any of us to change that. I can’t change it, and you can’t either.

As the Arctic Sea ice cap dwindles away, it has less and less of a cooling effect on the atmosphere, especially in the northern hemisphere. You could think of the Arctic Sea ice pack as a sort of huge air conditioner. As the ice goes away, and it is going away, things get hotter and hotter.

The Arctic News scientists, an international ad hoc committee of meteorologists, paleo-climatologists, hydrologists, cryologists, glaciologists, conservation biologists and the like, have exhaustively analyzed the relevant data from a wide variety of governmental agencies, scientific institutes, and scientific sensors, both on the Earth’s surface and in orbit.

The latest summation of their findings is here:

I very strongly urge that you read their report — all of it. Click the link. Look at the graphs. The sea surface temperature is far higher this year than it has been since modern science began taking its measure. Pay special, detailed attention to the seafloor methane tipping point graphs. It is their view that the seafloor methane tipping point may be passed later this year or next. I do not disagree.

That’s a really big deal. If present sea and atmospheric temperature trends maintain their current trajectories, then it is probable that there will be a sudden, massive, sublimation of unknown gigatons (billions of tons) of frozen methane clathrates from the shallow depths of the Arctic Sea, and perhaps also from the seafloor of the Gulf of Mexico (which is extraordinarily rich in hydrocarbons, including methane clathrates), and the continental shelves - - quite possibly sometime within the next one to two years. I have seen estimates of 70 gigatons of methane clathrates in the sediments of the Arctic Sea, and maybe 100 gigatons in the arctic and subarctic tundra, with many additional gigatons in the Gulf of Mexico and the continental shelves.

When/if these hundreds (or thousands?) of gigatons of methane clathrates melt, and numerous gigatons of methane sublimate into the atmosphere, what does that do to atmospheric chemistry? What happens? What is the stoichiometry of that? What is the impact on the global climate, the global biosphere and ecology, and on humanity?

The short answer is that no one knows. No one knows the outcome of such a global chemistry experiment that is on the verge of occurring. It is an event that has no analogue in modern times, or in recorded history.

The Arctic News scientific group think that the situation is dire — and it is! — I agree with them. They also seem to think, at least some of them, that the situation can be remedied by global policy changes, that disaster can be avoided by political means.

This is where I disagree with them. My unvarnished view is that it’s already way too late. The Arctic Sea ice cap is all but gone this summer, having dwindled away to one foot of ice, or four inches — or no ice at all across virtually the entirety of the Arctic Sea.

As the Arctic News group succinctly conclude: "…. the latent heat tipping point (of the Arctic Sea) has been reached and … no more heat can be consumed by sea ice melting."

This is geek speak that means: from here on things are going to get very hot. The tipping point for the Arctic Sea ice has been reached. So much of the ice cap in the Arctic Sea is gone that what remains can no longer regulate the atmospheric temperature.

As I understand it, over the next one to three years the temperatures will become so extreme that the risk of mass die-off of millions, maybe tens or even hundreds of millions of people within a very short period of time, is all but certain.

That Raises Other, Highly Unpleasant Issues

Of course, if the Arctic News scientists know these things; and you and I as well, because we have read and viewed what they have posted to the Internet; then the so-called “ruling elite” know these same things, too.

Moreover, they will certainly have tasked the remote viewers at the CIA, DIA, Vatican, NATO, City of London, etc. to take a probing, minds-eye glance at the next few years.

I presume that the remote viewers will have done that, and quickly written stunned reports of their findings, rather along the lines of:

Holy sh!t!! You won’t believe how hot it’s going to get!! Eight billion people are going to die!!

I therefore assume from what I am seeing, reading, and observing inwardly and outwardly, that the Dark Powers will accordingly have caucused among themselves, and based on: 1) hard, scientific data and analysis, and 2) the remote viewing reports that they have received, will have ineluctably decided that what is needed are huge amounts, millions and millions of tons of atmospheric aerosols, to darken the sky, to prevent the sunshine from breaking through and further heating the atmosphere, the Earth’s land surface, and the seas and oceans; and to thereby cool the planet down.

No doubt that is one of the major reasons, and perhaps the major reason, that we see:

** scads of major fires all over the world

** a years-long, international program of chemtrailing

** an obvious military trajectory towards nuclear war - - and a resulting nuclear winter

All of these things put massive amounts of particulates, soot and/or smoke into the atmosphere, and block out the sun, so that things cool down. I detect a globally coordinated, not-very-hidden-hand behind all of these policies.

The next two years will be very chaotic and extremely trying in every way. We are at an enormous, historical inflection point. The world will never go back to the way it was before. Immense events are in the offing.

Barring the dramatic return of Jesus Christ from on high, accompanied by hordes of righteous angels - - which I don’t categorically rule out, by the way; I mean, I can conceive of that, as improbable as it may seem at this pass - - it looks like an awful lot of human beings and other biological species are going to be transitioning out of this 3-D, physical world and on to some other realm(s), because they are soon not going to be physically alive in this one anymore.


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