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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Preparedness The Mormon Way: For When You Really Need It

 One of my readers sent me the following link to the Mormon Preparedness Bible, as it were.

Print it out. It covers everything from food supplies and preservation, to clothing, medical needs and supplies, heating, lighting, cooking, sanitation, personal/home/family defense, emergency communications and a lot more. It runs to 509 pages. It’s one of the best guides that I’ve seen.

No one preparedness manual is comprehensive, but this one is quite good.

Don’t thank me — thank the Mormons! In some quarters the Mormons get a lot of flack, but I’ve known a number of Mormons over the years, and have personally never had an issue with any of them.

Very hard times are coming. The next two years will be even more intense than the last three and one-half years have been, and the last three and one-half years have been extremely trying — in fact, fatal for many millions of people and crippling for millions more.

The off-the-chart hardships that are coming our way will in the near future present formidable challenges that most of us have not heretofore encountered in our lives. For most of our lives, the vast majority of us have routinely had ready access to:

electrical power or lighting with the flick of a switch; air conditioning, fans and heating

gasoline, diesel, heating fuel and oil; replacement vehicle parts and tires

clean drinking, bathing and cooking water; garbage disposal and sewerage/sanitation

a plentiful, varied and nutritious diet (mostly in supermarkets and grocery stores)

transportation by car, truck, motorcycle, bus, train, airplane, METRO systems, ferries, etc.

adequate clothing, shoes and boots

public safety provided by municipal police forces and county sheriffs’ departments

fire and paramedic services

dental and medical care


Many, or maybe even all of these things, will come into short supply or difficulty of obtainment over the next few years, as supply chains break, as industries shut down, as the division of labor frays due to rising mortality and disability in the work force, as natural and unnatural disasters increase, as wars and crime spread, as governmental corruption,, incompetence and failure become more prevalent.

The legacy news media will pretend that all is well for as long as possible, or at least improving; that things can and will get better. Government at all levels will continue to pump out self-serving, false propaganda to obfuscate the truth.

And all the while, the system will continue to degrade and fail.


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