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Sunday, August 6, 2023

I've had It With Alcoholics --Their Stupid Noise, Whining, Crime, Destruction, Litter, Vomit, P!ss & Sh!t

Alcoholics don't think clearly -- or at all!! Or else they would not set out on a path of self-destruction.

I see the damaging physical, mental and societal effects virtually every day. It's relatively common in Ecuador to see drunks passed out cold on city sidewalks, oblivious to everyone and everything around them, urinating and defecating in their pants. I'm tired of having to keep an eye out for their p!ss, sh!t, litter and vomit on sidewalks and public staircases as I move around town.  

Needless to say, they also get into drunken brawls, cause a lot of crime, public disorder and vehicle accidents, as well as creating profoundly dysfunctional havoc in their families. I can't tell you how many nights of sleep I've lost due to their all-night, alcoholic "fiestas" with loud shouting, shrieking, idiotic, wall vibrating "music," and people coming and going at all hours. And yet in their booze besotted brains, they are cool, having a good time, not bothering anyone, enjoying life, even sophisticated. 

Forget about trying to talk sense to alcoholics. They think that they are clever, witty, on top of their game. I've seen them so soused that they can barely stand up, and then they get into a car or pickup truck and drive away in city traffic. 

I know that I have readers that struggle with substance abuse issues, including with alcohol. All I can say is: get yourself off of the stuff, or it will drag you down so low that you can't ever get back up again. And while you're down, it will mercilessly stomp your neck. You'll be lucky not to lose your wife/husband, kids, job, career, health -- maybe even your life -- and to avoid killing other people, intentionally or unintentionally. 

Jails and prisons are full of thousands upon thousands of alcoholics. They love the siren call of booze so much that they end up doing something criminal, something stupid, something violent, something deranged -- and there they sit, wondering how it all went so wrong -- and desperately craving another flask of rot gut!

Alcoholics don't want to hear it, but there is only one way out: pour it all down the drain and never touch it again. Not one drop. Cold turkey all the way!

A recent episode in Odessa, Texas in which a drunk crashed his car through the entrance of a supermarket is illustrative of what I'm saying:

The article says that Gonzalo Armendariz, who was under the influence of alcohol at the time, intentionally crashed his car through the front entrance of a supermarket at 11:30pm, causing $50,000 of property damage. He then began to fight with the store security officer and pulled a fire alarm. He was also carrying an unlawful firearm. For his pea-brained trouble he was arrested for: 1) driving while intoxicated, 2) unlawful carrying of a weapon, 3) false alarm, 4) assault of a security officer, 5) criminal mischief, and 6) assault causing bodily injury.

He may well end up doing hard time on a Texas chain gang (yeah, they still have chain gangs down South), all for the love of alcohol.

I personally know of another, very similar incident. Let me set the context, for better understanding. My long-time readers know that in past years I have been incarcerated in a bunch of jails and prisons for nonviolent peace demonstrations at military installations in various different states. In one of those jails/prisons/detention/correctional centers there was a young inmate I got to know who had committed the criminal offense of drunk driving through the entrance doors, and into the front lobby of a Vo-Tech school. All he remembered of the incident was awakening out of a deep, drunken stupor, sitting behind the wheel of his still running car in the shattered shambles of the Vo-Tech school's lobby, with a law enforcement officer banging on his driver's side window, trying to wake him up.

I walked up and down the cell block with this guy, for hours, hashing and rehashing the incident with him and its fallout in his life. It had wrecked his marriage. His wife had taken out a restraining order to prevent him from seeing his children. Plus, he was headed for a multi-year sentence in state prison due to drunk driving and destruction of public property. His life was in splinters and spiraling downward, all for the love of alcohol. He couldn't/wouldn't put it down.

There was another guy, an older man, who came onto that same cell block while I was there, also on a drunk driving charge. We walked up and down the tier, and around and around in the exercise yard. For days he cursed at the state trooper who pulled him over and arrested him. "F*cking cop!! Damned bastard!!" He was full of foul-mouthed vitriol. After two or three days of that I stopped him in his tracks and left him speechless. I succinctly pointed out that the state trooper did him a huge favor; in that, if he had not have been pulled over, arrested and jailed, he could easily have run off the road, ploughed into a telephone pole and destroyed his car, maybe killing himself in the process; or he could have crossed the center line, run into another car head on and killed its occupants; or he could have run through a stop sign and killed someone else, resulting in a drunk driving or negligent homicide charge that would have sent him to state prison for many years. As it was, he was facing only one week behind bars. What I said to him shut him up fast -- partially, in that he then started in on how his wife and daughter were angry at him for being drunk and getting sent to jail. 

With alcoholics, it's always someone else's fault -- their wife/husband, the cops, uncomprehending people who just don't understand the sensitive feelings that compel them towards destruction of their lives, their marriages, their health, their careers, public and private property, and not infrequently, the destruction of other people's lives through stupid crimes, work place "accidents" and drunk driving homicide.

They do a lot of self-pitying whining, e.g., "that f*cking cop." (see above)

Interestingly, CNN carried an article the other day about the growing number of female alcoholics in the U$$A, Inc. It's rare for the mainstream news media to publish this sort of article, but for whatever reason it happened. The focus generally tends to be on male alcoholics, but there are also ever growing numbers of women with an alcohol problem.

None of this is exclusive to the U$$A, Inc., or to Ecuador. Alcoholism is a huge issue in many countries: England, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, Spain, Guatemala, Italy, Russia, Japan, Australia and many more.

One more anecdote and I'll wrap this up. 

I was walking through a local park a few weeks ago when a wobbly, visibly drunk man approached me, extended his hand and begged me for money to eat.

I took one look at his drunken condition and promptly refused. Whereupon, he suddenly fell to his knees and prostrated himself before me, continuing to implore me for money, pressing his hands and forehead to the ground in abject obeisance as if I were a suzerain to whom he owed fealty.

He was maybe 55 years-old, and not shabbily dressed.

I looked down at him and sternly told him: Stand up.

He continued whining. He did not budge.

I sternly repeated: Get UP! On your feet!!

At which he woozily lurched to his feet in front of me, and stood there, wobbly and unsteady, squinting drunkenly at me.

I then said to him:

** Listen to me! First of all, you're a grown man. Stop whining. You sound like a little girl.

** Secondly, never get on your knees to another man.

** And thirdly, no, I won't give you any money. You had money earlier today, and you wasted it on alcohol. Now you're hungry, and you're drunk. If you had have bought food instead of a bottle of alcohol, you wouldn't be drunk right now; you wouldn't be hungry; and you wouldn't be begging me for money to buy food.

Do you understand what I'm telling you?

He replied: "Yes, sir," ... and went right back into his whining, sniveling, groveling, submissive mode again.

I walked away.

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