Friday, April 17, 2015

Reflections On The Kundalini And Thomas Cole

I have written before about the Kundalini, principally because, for reasons that are unknown to me, I have repeatedly, at occasional intervals, consciously experienced its dramatic effects.

In its most energetic manifestation the Kundalini electrifies your entire body and mind, such that you experience what can only be described as a hugely powerful, lightning bolt-like surge of electricity that comes coursing up your spine with an ear-splitting, thunderous roar that you hear internally, and arcs away out of the top of your head like lightning. The top of your head actually feels as if there is an opening in it, through which unknown tens of thousands of volts of electricity are very rapidly flowing upward and away into a vast, celestial vault overhead. You can feel the tremendous power of the current; it's the most stupendous sensory experience you can imagine.

I say that because the activated Kundalini actually awakens other senses in your mind and body, that are usually not consciously accessible in so-called, "normal," everyday life. You may hear extraordinary sounds like nothing you have ever heard before in your life -- the incomparable, cosmic music of the spheres, as it were. The perfection and sublimely enchanting beauty of that music cannot be adequately described, only perceived. It is so enticing that if you could listen to it 24 hours a day, you would do so, and never tire of it. The hearing of it is so intensely satisfying that you would gladly listen to it to the exlusion of doing anything else.

At the same time, you may see with inner, X-ray vision, right through physical walls, and in 360 degrees, with extremely fine focus and clarity.

Simultaneously, you may feel with uncommon sensitivity in your heart and other regions of the body, such as the coccyx, or even your knees. Telepathic information may come to you unbidden and reveal all manner of information. The information simply appears in your consciousness; it flows effortlessly into your mind.

And overhead, just above your head, seeming to be so close that you might think you could just reach up and touch it, but actually far away and beyond your physical reach, is a gigantic, luminescent, silvery white sphere, suspended in the sky. It is the most enigmatic, majestic, attractive, seductive, enchanting, beguiling, thoroughly mysterious, enthralling, alluring thing that you have ever seen or ever will.

You want to know what it is. You want to get up there and get inside it the worst kind of way, to figure it out, to understand it, to see it more clearly, to decipher its mystery, to bathe in its beguiling allure.

Speaking as an adult male, within the Kundalini state the pull of this thing at a core level is far stronger than the desire for a ravishingly beautiful woman is in the ordinary, physical state of consciousness. I would be content to forever forsake all women, and very gladly so, to remain in that highly energetic Kundalini state, yearning for that huge, luminiscent, silvery white sphere overhead, with the unparalleled music of the spheres continuously sounding, seeing all and everything with unimpeded vision, and absorbing a never-ending, effortless, universal flow of telepathic information, with waves of super-conscious bliss and love flowing like a broad river from the heart.

But the issue is that that is not so easily done or achieved. In my case, the state lasts for a few minutes at a time and then it fades away.

The fully realized Kundalini yogi is a very rare being on this planet. There are not many of them, and I am certainly not among their number, though due to my occasional, transitory experiences, I have an appreciation for what their state of consciousness must be like, at least in part.

Such a being is powerful beyond belief, a super man, extremely compelling, and yet in an important, essential respect, is extremely humble.

Why would a super man be extremely humble? Because with the Kundalini there is no other option. When you are dealing with super energy and greatly elevated consciousness you instantly realize that you are not so great, but the Kundalini is vastly great!

Abuse it at your peril. You can fry like a moth in a candle flame in one second. That's why.

It goes without saying that being extremely humble does not equate to being weak or a door mat or even necessarily agreeable to most other people. It simply means that the more you know, the more you realize that there is to know, and how extremely little of that that you know.

And that puts life and our place in it into perspective.

This planet is infested by teeming billions of arrogant know-nothings, and as a consequence we are destroying the planet on which we reside.

Ignorance abounds.

Not that I am far above the fray because the Kundalini has awakened in my being from time to time; after all, I am here with everyone else, am I not?

That can only mean that I am also a student in the supremely ignorant, painful, hyper-violent Earth school.

My God, look at us, we are tearing this precious planet to pieces, skating on the edge of nuclear war, cutting down the great forests, fouling the seas with chemicals, trash and radioactivity, leveling entire mountains for the mineral wealth, poisoning the land with agrichemicals, destroying the once plentiful wildlife, abusing each other without mercy in a thousand different ways, etc.

If we don't elevate our consciousness as a species and real soon, we may not make it out of this century as a viable, planetary species. We may go extinct at our own hands. We are already extinguishing many other species. We may ultimately prove to be just another species that we render extinct.

Ironic, isn't it? On terrestrial humanity's tombstone will be the epitaph: They couldn't stop from killing themselves and their home planet.

The Kundalini offers an escape, up and out from the suicidal madness. But so far the vast majority of humans on this planet have shown not the slightest interest.

And so we soldier on toward a regrettable Event Horizon that clearly is rapidly drawing much closer than it used to be. It wouldn't have to be this way, but so far it is.

Oh, well.

The Magical Painting of Thomas Cole

In the late 1990s, I expressly went to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC to see Thomas Cole's 1842 painting, Youth, in his four-painting Voyage of Life series.

In that painting he graphically depicts a huge, distant, luminescent, spherical structure atop a massive, megalithic, supporting structure. The luminescent, spherical structure is strongly reminiscent of the gigantic, luminescent sphere I have seen overhead with great clarity in the Kundalini state. There is also a strong, angelic theme, with a guardian angel watching over the youth. Interestingly, the angel has a bright, shining, golden light just over the crown of its head, right above the position of the crown chakra where the Kundalini, lightning-like electricity arcs out, and up and away.

Thomas Cole was obviously a visionary artist. He may himself have had a degree of conscious Kundalini awakening that is reflected in his art. The transcendent, spiritual themes in the painting suggest as much. Remember that he was painting in the mid-19th century when he would probably have had to be somewhat guarded in what he openly talked about, due to the prevailing ignorance of the culture in that era, not that the culture is necessarily all that much more enlightened today.

I am not sure what the huge, luminescent sphere that I have seen in the Kundalini state actually is. A number of possibilities occur to me: God, the oversoul of humanity, the individual soul, Heaven, the Kundalini hyper-conscious reality in its unfathomable totality, our "real" natural reality from which we have been artificially separated and trapped in this "false" reality, the infinite probability field of all possible states of my being, the hyper-conscious spiritual essence of the Moon, the hyper-conscious spirit of the Milky Way galaxy, the hyper-conscious spirit of the Earth, the hyper-conscious spirit of the Sun, etc.

If you definitively know what the huge sphere is, I would like to hear from you. If you have had a full-blown Kundalini experience and have also seen the enormous, luminous sphere, I would appreciate your insights, especially if you have gone deeper into the experience than have I.


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Thursday, April 16, 2015

So You Want To Get Out Of The USSA -- Or EU?

For some time I have been warning of the threat of catastrophic warfare. The threat is real enough. One of the several, global, flash points that have the potential to spark a catastrophic conflict is the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine, in which the USSA and NATO are deeply implicated. The Ukraine lies right on the border of Russia and as the USSA/NATO bloc becomes more and more deeply involved in the war there, the risk of a direct military confrontation with Russia is growing.

Unfortunately, the USSA and other NATO countries continue to ratchet up the military pressure. USSA regular military forces have now begun to arrive in the Ukraine. Canadian troops are also being sent to the Ukraine. As the Russians watch the foreign military build-up on their border, they may very well decide at some point that enough is enough, and retaliate. If they do the risk of a nuclear war surges dramatically.

This is not an academic question. The USSA and NATO are very openly targeting the Russian government and the Russians recognize that. The USSA and NATO are the aggressors in this conflict, the violent powers behind the neo-fascist regime in the Ukraine that has unleashed a war of aggression against its own Russian-speaking population in the eastern provinces of the Ukraine.

Have no illusions: if there is a hot war between Russia and the USSA/NATO alliance, and Russian cities are attacked, the cities of the USSA, Canada and the rest of the NATO countries become potential targets. Perhaps you are thinking, "But I live in Denver (or Omaha or Salt Lake City or St. Louis or Memphis or Atlanta or Phoenix or Ottawa or Toronto or Paris or London or Birmingham or Brussels ...)."

I would rejoin that in the age of the ballistic nuclear missile that simply means that if a shooting nuclear war begins, you may have only 25 minutes (or less) left to live, between launch of a Russian nuclear missile and its arrival in or near your neighborhood.

Keep in mind that the USSA and NATO are the aggressors here. THEY are the ones building up military forces on the Russian border, not the other way around. If the USSA/NATO Axis attacks the Russians they will surely retaliate and then people in the USSA and the NATO countries will receive the bitter recompense of what their taxes have purchased. They are paying for nuclear war and they just may get it, if the USSA and the other NATO countries do not cease their unprovoked, unjustified, military hostility towards Russia.

There is also the matter of the ongoing death of the Pacific Ocean. The sardines are dying out, all up and down the west coast of North America. That matters because the small fishes are the base of the marine food chain. As they die, the organisms higher up the food chain also die, for want of food to eat.

The Pacific Ocean is dying, with massive, predictable and unpredictable consequences for North America (California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Mexico and beyond). The risk of war between the USSA, NATO and Russia is nontrivial and increasing. The USSA dollar continues to lose global market share, with major, predictable and unpredictable consequences for the USSA and beyond. A very serious drought continues to afflict much of the southwestern region of North America, with dire implications for California and beyond.

In the context of all of that, the USSA military has embarked on a multi-state series of so-called, urban warfare "training exercises," which will include the massive, ten state "Jade Helm" exercise in a few months from now. These types of exercises are clearly preparation for martial law, including the extraction of dissidents for military arrest and imprisonment under the provisions of the NDAA, whcih authorizes the USSA military to secretly arrest and secretly, indefinitely detain anyone whom the government determines is a threat to national security.

How do you know if you are on the USSA government's list for secret arrest and secret, indefinite detention by the USSA military?

Well, that's the thing, isn't it? You don't and won't know and have no way of finding out, until they smash down your door at three o'clock in the morning and drag you away at gunpoint.

I wouldn't be writing about this scenario at all, except that the USSA military has begun a series of exercises all across the country that clearly indicate that it is preparing to target the civil population of the USSA.

The implication is that the Rubicon has already been crossed and that the USSA government and its military now regard the civil population of the USSA itself as a threat to "national security" (whatever that means).

September - October Of This Year

The pace and scope of events is increasingly faster and larger. I am getting suggestions from a variety of sources that in about a half year from now events will reach a crisis point that will tip us into a new set of ugly circumstances.

Barring divine or angelic intervention, the current concatenation of events is trending in a profoundly negative direction, especially for the USSA. It certainly looks like the second half of this year will be filled with a variety of unpleasant challenges. I would not even venture to speculate about specifically what will happen in 2016, beyond observing that based on what is happening now things don't look good.

Now Is The Time To Leave If You Are Going

Because most of my readers are in the USSA, I naturally slant most of my comments to them; however, much of what I say could also apply to people in Canada, the United King-"dumb", France, Belgium, etc.

My frank perception is that the North Atlantic community, in Europe and in North America, is about to suffer a series of very rude shocks, that will bring great hardship to many millions of people.  Ecological shock, financial shock, political crisis -- and if there is war with Russia (as looks more and more possible), the crisis will be off the charts -- for those who survive.

It takes time to organize a move, especially to another country. So if you are going to do it, now is the time to put it in motion. Not to think about it, but to actually do it. I sometimes get e-mails from people who tell me things like: "In five years I qualify for my pension, and the wife and I are thinking about possibly making a trip to Ecuador at that time to check out the possibility of moving down to South America."

To tell the truth, I scarcely know what to think when I get e-mails from people who are so fast asleep. Listen: if you are coming, it's better to come sooner, rather than later. Huge events are in motion on this planet and your monthly pension will quite possibly not even be there at all five years from now.

The world as we have known it is changing at warp speed right now.

In my view, for all of the reasons I have set out above, survivability is likely to be more probable in the southern hemisphere than in the northern hemisphere. The radiation from Fukushima alone is a major game changer. The radiation is effectively sterilizing the northern Pacific Ocean right now; it's killing it. The human race is at the top of the global food chain, so if the Pacific Ocean is dying, what does that mean for humanity at large?

Obviously nothing good.

Recommendations for Moving To Ecuador and Argentina

I get e-mails from people asking me how much it costs to move to Ecuador. They get incensed when I tell them: "How should I know?" It depends on whether you have a wife and eight children and three large shipping containers of personal belongings, furniture and major applicances you want to ship down and move through customs (good luck with that), or are a single man who can make his way with a backpack and toothbrush, or are a 70 year-old retiree with special medical needs.

People ask me: "Will I have to speak Spanish?" And again I scarcely know how to reply. Is it not completely obvious that if you are going to live in a Spanish-speaking country that you will need to speak Spanish, or learn it as quickly as possible, if you do not already know the language? You would think some things would not even need to be said.

Then they ask: "Will I need a visa?" Answer: "Yes, it would probably be best." And there are all sorts of visas with differing prices, because there are all sorts of people, with different life circumstances.

And then some people get irate because I will not answer every little, petty, trivial question that pops into their heads. "Is it cold? Is it hot? Does it rain much? Do I need to wash the vegetables? Is there crime? Are people friendly? Do they like Americans?" Again, the answer is: it all depends! If you're in the jungle it's hot and humid and it rains torrentially. If you're way up in the mountains it can get pretty cold. If you're a stereotypical "ugly American," then no, most people will not like you no matter where you go in the world. As for crime, come on people, what do you think? You're coming from New York City or Chicago or Los Angeles and you're asking if there is crime? Seriously? As for washing the vegetables, what would you think?

So there is a certain level of maturity, seriousness of purpose and worldy savvy that you need to relocate to another country, as well as the financial resources to successfully bring it off. If you don't have the resources to move and you are just idly curious about South America, my advice is to check a book out of the library. Even to take a short vacation to Ecuador for one person could easily run to two or three thousand dollars or more. So if you don't have the thousands of dollars to establish life in another country, stay where you are. Don't even think about coming, because things probably would not work out very well. That's the hard reality.


But if you are ready and have the cash to successfully move, the requisite maturity to land on your feet and make a new life in a new country, and the desire and ability to relocate, then for Ecuador I recommend you contact Journeyman Jack.

Jack Abercrombie ("Journeyman Jack") is based out of Quito. He has a fully-insured truck and moves people in. He handles the physical logistics of moving people's household goods anywhere in Ecuador. He'll meet you at the airport and drive you and your property anywhere in Ecuador you need to go. He also can help with visas and other kinds of forms, documents and paperwork (within reason). Jack is a dual Ecuadorean-USA citizen and knows the Ecuadorean bureaucracy. Here are his contact details.

toll free line from U.S. & Canada:
770-872-4104 or 770-828-7913
Quito office telephone: 011- (593) 2-349-0348,
Ecuador cell phone #'s dialing from the US:
claro: 011- (593) 98-806-6508,
movi: 011-(593) 98-743-3009,
dialing from within ECUADOR:off: 02-349-0348
cell claro: 098-806-6508,
cell movi: 098-743-3009,

talk free on: "Skype"
user name: jack.Abercrombie


For those who intend to move to Argentina I suggest you check out Kevin and Gail Corrigan's book at their website or check out their blog  You can e-mail Kevin Corrigan at this address:

Kevin and Gail are regular readers of my blog who have successfully made the transition from the USSA to Argentina. They recently wrote to me to say:


We absolutely believe what you are saying.  At the beginning of 2014 we were completely unaware of any of this stuff.  We learned the truth February 2014, and while still somewhat in shock, we got out of the USA as quickly as we could.  We have 10 children, 2 of which were still living at home.  We moved to Argentina in August 2014 with our two youngest kids, and now we have 5 of our children (and more to come) here with us.  We had never lived outside of the USA, we only spoke English and we had no clue about what to expect.  But in faith and obedience to God, we completely relocated to Argentina.

We have just published an online book that tells all about our experiences for the first few months and all the helpful things we learned.  It contains so much valuable information about life here for Americans, we wish we had this before we left.  And it's fun to read!  To download it - go the the website, (and) click on Buy PDF Book .....

Feel free to give out our website to people who need help getting out, or just need hope that life can be fun outside the USA.

Our Website:

Thanks for your articles.

Kevin and Gail Corrigan


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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why Is There Such A Martian Cover-Up?

I don't often give credence to remote viewers, but when I do, I prefer the work of Daz Smith and Dick Allgire.

I find their recent work on the Cydonia ruins on Mars to be very intriguing, with their description of an advanced, human civilization in the remote past, including underground tunnels, high-speed shuttle trains and large, architectural constructions, all of which was destroyed by planetary cataclysm a very long time ago. Indeed, there are photos that have come back from Mars that clearly depict very large, heavily eroded, ancient ruins.

Look at the obvious, rectangular, heavily eroded structure in the top of the photo here, that is canted to the side. NASA has a great deal of photographic evidence  of ancient, eroded structures on Mars. This is one small part of that evidence.

Other evidence from Mars suggests an ancient nuclear conflict that was so damaging that it rendered the planet uninhabitable by humans and put an end to the Martian civilization. In the main I accept that something very much along those lines has occurred.

My own deep dreams in past years have repeatedly featured a planet that I believe is probably the Mars of remote antiquity, a planet with a large, mostly semi-arid landmass, and a sizable ocean. On the landmass, there were various human groupings and cultures with which I evidently had some sort of relationship -- but what exactly?

I don't know for sure, but I always have seen the planet as from orbit, with an overhead perspective. It's not the Earth, but it is a similar, terrestrial planet, with a human population, differing culture areas, a sizable continental landmass, and a large sea.

And then there was the deep dream, years ago, when my maternal grandfather came to me and told me that, in fact, he was not really from the Earth, but from another planet. And then he mentioned the name of the planet to me, which I have heard only that one time in my life. 

When he spoke the planet's name, I instantly recognized it from the deepest core of my being and began sobbing uncontrollably. I awoke weeping in inconsolable despair, my pillow drenched with tears, because that planet exists no more.

It was an incomparable paradise and was irretrievably snuffed out, never to return, its former splendour replaced with an unrelenting, merciless barbarism that afflicts humanity to this day.

That place meant everything to me. Its loss has left a vacuum so profound way down in the marrow of my being that nothing in this galaxy or anywhere else in the infinitude of numberless galaxies in the inconceivable, unknowable vastness of the fathomless Universe(s) of Infinite Creation can ever replace or undo its loss. The emptiness I feel is beyond words or tears or despair itself. And yet I am employing words in a vain attempt to convey to you something of the horror that befell this solar system, humanity and countless worlds far and near, owing to its destruction.

I believe that planet was probably the planet that used to orbit where the rocky rubble known as the Asteroid Belt now orbits. I think that Anton Parks probably has an important part of the story behind that planet's destruction. There was war in heaven; that's what the legends here on Earth say. Anton Parks alleges that stupendously powerful war machines were brought into this solar system from elsewhere in the galaxy to lay siege to the highly advanced civilization that was here.

This all happened many thousands of years ago, but the battle scars can still be seen on Mars, on Earth's Moon, in the rubble orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, known as the Asteroid Belt, that is nothing less than the remaining, exploded remnants of the destroyed planet that formerly occupied that orbit, and on other planets and moons throughout the solar system.

NASA, the European Space Agency and secret societies here on Earth certainly know these things, and yet they say nothing. They have found the vast, ancient ruins on the Moon and Mars. They know the real history of the Asteroid Belt and still they say nothing.

The dark control mechanism on this planet has a long history, extending far back into the mists of time and, in my view, right off the planet into highly negative power centers elsewhere in the galaxy.

The Ancient Ocean On Mars

There was water on Mars in the past, a whole ocean of it. And there still is quite a lot of water on Mars, in the form of a watery brine just below the surface of what looks like a sterile, desert landscape, and also locked in ice caps in the polar regions.

Note that in the video the scientists speak of this ocean as having existed billions of years ago.

Perhaps they are correct. Or perhaps they are incorrect. It is my view that given Mars' reputation in human legends as the God of War, that cataclysmic Martian events must have transpired within the time-frame of mere thousands of years ago, and not billions of years ago.

I do not put it past NASA and the European Space Agency to simply lie and distort past events, as part of a broader planetary and solar system control agenda that extends way back into remote antiquity.

Nuclear War on Mars

One of the strange things about Mars is the high level of radioactivity on its surface. Plasma physicist, Dr. John Brandenburg, has investigated the radioactive isotopes on Mars and has discovered that they are characteristic of nuclear explosions.

Dr. Brandenburg advances the idea that there was a civilization on Mars that was devastated by a long ago,  "alien" nuclear attack. I am open to the possibility of a nuclear conflict on Mars in the distant past, though in my view it need not necessarily have been an alien attack. If it happened, the Martian civilization may have simply annihilated itself.

After all, here on Earth, in this day and age, we also have nuclear technology and the ability to very quickly destroy humanity and the Earth itself.

My Own Life Case

In my current life history, two of the strongest themes have been: 1) a preoccupation with the possibility of a catastrophic nuclear war and 2) the existence of secret underground and underwater bases and installations and underground tunnel systems, alleged to use very high speed, mag-lev shuttle trains.

I suspect that given my own deep dreams, and the slowly accumulating body of public knowledge of what Mars was really like in the past, and what happened there, that, for whatever reason, I am carrying a deep fund of knowledge, probably at a DNA level, of some of the salient features and the horrible fate of the Martian civilization in the distant past.

I am prepared to think that these events could even have been as recent as, say, 15,000 or 20,000 years ago.

My perception is that the human race is in a state of extremely violent, dysfunctional amnesia, as a consequence of terrifically traumatic events in this solar system's not-so-distant history, and that we are subconsciously, once again reenacting important elements of what went wrong in the past by: 1) constructing underground and undersea facilities and tunnel systems and 2) preparing for a catastrophic nuclear war.

In my adult life I have devoted a very large block of time, effort and money to addressing both of those points. The matter of the massive, highly secretive, compartmentalized, Black Budget program(s) related to underground and undersea base and tunnel construction is perfectly consistent with a strongly repressed, buried, psychological trauma at a species level. The global, nuclear weapons race that has brought us to the brink of species suicide and planetary destruction is also consistent with a massively dysfunctional, violently repressed state of species amnesia, a psychological block so profound that we are on the verge of destroying ourselves because of it, rather than to acknowledge what we are about to do.

I have written three, short books in paperback format on the subject of secret underground and undersea bases and tunnels. They are available for purchase on my blog site, on the right-hand sidebar. You have but to click the book covers to obtain and read them. The books have not made me rich, on the contrary. But what they have done is to partially open a window on an obscure, but very important, hidden reality on this planet. Those who care to better understand this world and what is happening on it therefore have the opportunity to widen and deepen their knowledge base.

I have also gone out on nuclear missile silos again and again and again, in the USSA, and also to USSA naval bases where nuclear weapons are deployed and/or stored, to nonviolently warn against the danger of nuclear warfare.

As with my underground bases and tunnels books, those nonviolent, anti-nuclear-warfare demonstrations have not made me rich. Quite to the contrary, they have cost me a "normal" life. They are a major contributing factor to my present, marginalized, socioeconomic status.

I have been repeatedly arrested, handcuffed, chained, shackled, criminally tried, convicted, jailed, imprisoned, shuttled around under armed guard in prisoner vans and buses, threatened, lectured, scorned, reviled, mocked and/or fined.

I have paid a heavy price. The nail that stands up gets hammered.

I have been hammered again and again and again, for you and you and you, all over the world.

And yet, because the vast majority of human beings on this planet have not also seen fit to stand up, we draw very close to the reality of nuclear war.

Regrettably, that is the situation in which we find ourselves.

Whatever the reason, I have seen fit to sound the alarm, at great personal cost. The vast majority of humanity has elected to take a different course in life, and so we approach extremely dark days.

I believe I remember, if only a little, something of what happened on other planets in this solar system in the past. Or maybe it is that I have permitted myself to remember.

Or even better said, I have refused to permit myself to forget, at a very deep, genetic and psychological level, what has happened in the past, including on Mars.

Lamentably, most of humanity has chosen otherwise and remains locked in a profound level of extremely counterproductive denial.


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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Boom! Boom! -- When The Supply Lines Fail

Unfortunately, the run-up to war against Russia continues. NATO is beginning a massive, naval drill with a 50 ship, multinational fleet off the coast of Scotland. The war game will be the largest ever, so-called, Joint Warrior Drill.

Lamentably, evidence continues to accumulate that points towards a disastrous future for the USSA and Europe. The so-called "ruling elite" is, by all lights, bound and determined for war. They are doing all of the things that lead to war, and if they keep it up, war will come.

The country they are intent on warring against is Russia, a major, nuclear-armed power. If the USSA/EU/NATO/ZioNAZI Axis should be so rash as to attack Russian cities or vital Russian strategic interests, it is a fair bet that the Russians will strike back and hard.

If Russian cities are attacked then I should think that a large number of cities in Europe and North America would be in real jeopardy of, shall we say, being vaporized (about which I say more below).

Please click this link to a photo of a San Antonio, Texas suburb.

It's a very typical North American suburb. There are endless miles and miles of these flimsy, way over-priced, staple-gunned-together, cracker-box, middle class and lower middle class, corpgov-slave- breeding-hutch-developments surrounding the majority of cities in the USSA.

There are no family gardens, typically there are no farms within miles, no chickens to lay eggs, no milk cows or milk goats, no orchards.

In a word: they are sterile places. Not very survivable in time of crisis.

That is to say, in a major crisis, when the just-in-time, supply lines go down, there will not be food to buy and eat (because the local super-markets will not be receiving shipments of food), there will be no gasoline to fuel up motorcycles, cars, vans and trucks (because the local gas stations will not be receiving shipments of gasoline), and, well, you do the math on what your probability of survival would be and for how long, under that scenario.

Crisis Is Coming

Whether it be from death of the dollar and associated social and economic chaos (the dollar is dying as you read these words), or nuclear war with Russia, or failure of regional water supplies (think about Las Vegas, Nevada or Phoenix, Arizona or San Antonio, Texas in in August without water) crisis is coming, notwithstanding that the typical American city is not equipped very well at all to deal with crisis.

Indeed, this is true of the modern city in general, without respect to what country it is in.

But the USSA is especially vulnerable, due to the huge suburbs that sprawl for miles around every major city.

I have recently written about the ongoing, urban military "exercises," that the USSA military has begun carrying out all over the USSA. The Pentagon could not possibly signal its intentions any more clearly if it tried: it is preparing for martial law in the USSA, likely following on the heels of USSA dollar failure or water failure or nuclear warfare or all of that and more.

Look again at the cracker-box, corpgov-slave-breeding-hutch ghetto.

A lot of people reading this blog article live in a place like that. Maybe you do.

Under martial law, you will be penned in there. All the military has to do is send armored vehicles into those neighborhoods and send heavily armed goon squads door-to-door, and what are you going to do with your deer hunting rifle or 20 gauge shotgun, if you even have one? Do you think you'll prevail against a .50 caliber machine gun and helicopter gunships?

In places like Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan if there is resistance from a neighborhood or settlement the USSA military sends in C-130 gunships or Predator drones and renders the armed resistance into hamburger.

As regards nuclear war, should it come to that, the average American city will simply be incinerated. Look again at the cracker-box, corpgov-slave-breeding-hutch ghetto. It will be burnt to a crisp in a flash. If you live in a place like that (and countless millions do), and there is a nearby, nuclear detonation, you will fry alive.

Your so-called political and military "leaders" will scurry into deep, well provisioned, underground bunkers as you perish. Frankly, they consider you as expendable, nuclear missile fodder.

It's all been set up, massively so, and that is the direction that current events are presently trending.

Do you pay taxes to the USSA or Canada or the United King-"dumb" or Australia? Do you? Because you are quite possibly paying for your own incineration.

In the event of a shooting nuclear war, all of those countries (and more) are highly likely to suffer multiple nuclear strikes on their soil.

As it stands now, the political and military leaders of those countries are engaged in policies that are leading the world to a devastating war. (See the Joint Warrior Drill link again to read about one of their massive war games. They are actively preparing for war now.)

The death of the USSA dollar also draws closer by the day, and that is absolutely a contributing factor. The global money power centers (Tel Aviv, City of London, Washington, DC, New York City, etc.) that have staked everything they have on the survival and continued supremacy of the dollar and the global economic system pegged to it, are run by the sort of people who do not lose.

They do anything to maintain global control and supremacy on their terms. They are also very heavily nuclear armed.

You see the problem.

If You Want To Get Out

While there is still time, it is possible for those who see the coming storm to remove themselves from the probable line of fire. If you live in a city in the USSA or Canada or United King-"dumb" , etc. and there is a shooting nuclear war, or general societal collapse due to death of the USSA dollar and the global system of finance pegged to it, your personal survival could become problematic.

If you are of legal age, of sound body and mind, and have the financial means and informed desire to relocate to South America, contact me and I will put you in contact with people in Ecuador who can assist you with buying property and the nuts and bolts of settling in.

Yes, you have to speak Spanish in Ecuador. Period.

And, no, do not write to me and ask me how much it costs to move to Ecuador, or what airlines fly to Ecuador, or whether you will need a visa or passport, or whether Ecuador is bilingual (yeah, in a lot of places people speak Quichua and Spanish -- do you speak Quichua?), because if you have those sorts of simple questions it means you need someone to hold your hand and should stay where you are, because you are not ready to leave home.

I have actually had people write to me and tell me things such as they are on social security disability, receive a check from the USSA government for a few hundred dollars a month, do not speak Spanish and want to know if they can move to Ecuador. What do you think? I tell them: NO. Stay where you are.

Listen, if the USSA goes to martial law and the dollar collapses, do you really think there will be a check in the mail each month? Really? Are you so uninformed that you think the Ecuadorean government is going to take care of you in your old age?

So, I repeat: if you are of sound mind and body (hint: not on social security disability with a walker), can speak Spanish or are willing and able to learn Spanish, are financially able (hint: not on a disability social security check for $523 per month) and are able to do basic research of your own (hint: can call an airline and ask ticket prices or call the Ecuadorean embassy and gather basic information about living in the country, etc.) and are serious about leaving the USSA or United King-"dumb" or Canada to start a new life in Ecuador without looking back, then you are welcome to contact me.

I will not hold your hand. I will refer you to people whose professional life involves assisting adult ex-pats establish a new life in Ecuador. Professional means that they are adults, they do what they do on a professional basis, and they expect a commensurate degree of adult acumen in their clients.

If you are just an idly curious, tire kicker please do not waste my time, and yours and theirs. But if you are ready, willing and financially able to relocate (i.e., have the thousands of dollars necessary for airline tickets, living expenses, property rental or purchase, etc.),  by all means contact me.


I really do need and accept your donations for support of my writing. Your contributions help me continue living and writing. I put a lot of thought, time and effort into my research and blog posts, which are read by many thousands, all over the world. If you find value in my ideas, writings and adventures please support my continued work. Contact me at: for how to donate.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dictatorship Has Now Begun: Welcome To The Surreal

The dictatorship has already begun.  There is no need to argue about that.

If the USSA military is running urban warfare "training exercises" in American cities, practicing the night-time round up of people at gunpoint, and practicing taking them away in helicopters and unmarked, windowless, white vans, under cover of darkness, then what more do you need to know? They are showing you to your face what they are getting ready to do.

If you watch a basketball team practicing basketball, you know they are practicing to play basketball. Right? It's obvious.

If you watch the USSA military practicing to round people up at gunpoint in A_m_e_r_i_c_a_n  c_i_t_i_e_s  then you know that the USSA military is practicing to round up people at gunpoint in  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _ .

You fill in the blanks.

Watch the video of what happened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last week.

Allegedly, those being rounded up and marched away at gun point were "actors."

Were they? I personally do not know if they were, or were not. I was not there. I was not a part of the urban warfare, military "exercise."

Is this how it starts? Will they round up the homeless ("actors") at night and take them away at gun point in white, windowless, unmarked vans? Will they round up political dissidents? Government critics? Anti-war activists? Internet bloggers? Environmental activists who disapprove of Monsanto and British Petroleum, who are outspoken against oil fracking, nuclear power plants and GMOs?

The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) authorizes the USSA president to designate anyone, anywhere in the world, as a threat to USSA national security, and have them secretly arrested by the USSA military and indefinitely, secretly incarcerated by the USSA military -- without public charge, without evidence, without public trial -- nothing.

The victims of the NDAA just disappear, never to be heard from or seen again.

Is the USSA military already disappearing people, right in front of our watching eyes, and calling it an urban warfare, military training "exercise"?

I do not know one way or the other. I simply raise the question, because that is so clearly the unambiguous intent of the "training exercise" in Fort Lauderdale. They are taking people away.

The system is so controlled now, that there's no easy way to know for sure if it's real or not.

Was this an NDAA operation to extract specific people of interest and disappear them to USSA Army and CIA torture hell holes where no one hears the screams and FOX/CNN/BBC/NPR/WaPo/NYT/WSJ  "don't ask no steenkin' questions"?

We are so far down Alice's rabbit hole that we don't know, do we?

People will do whatever they will do -- or will not do whatever they will not do. It has ever been thus.

In my case, for whatever reason, I have relocated to South America and intend to remain on this southern continent, where I have requested political refuge in Ecuador.

What has already begun is obvious for anyone with a smidgen of common sense and clear vision.

If you are of legal age, of sound body and mind, have the financial means to do so, and would like to relocate to Ecuador, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will refer you to people who can professionally assist you, help you with visas, find property to buy, and aid you with the logistics of moving. If you are escaping while there is still time, then you can get out. If you endlessly dither, don't whine if your tail feathers get caught when the red-white-and-blue, fascist, concentration camp door slams shut on your endlessly dithering self.

I make no claim that Ecuador is a paradise. It is a developing country in South America. One of its best qualities is that it is not guilty of repeatedly invading other countries without cause. Above all it is not the USSA, and there are plenty of mangos and lots of other fresh fruits and vegetables in the markets. If you come here, you will face the same trials that you will anywhere else -- you still have to live, to integrate into the society, etc. Yes, you will have to speak Spanish (or learn Spanish if you do not know any Spanish). But at least it is not the USSA, and you can make a life here if you so desire. Whether you sink or swim is up to you.

It Won't Be Too Much Longer Now

My sense is that the present order of things won't last much longer, indeed it cannot last much longer. I mean that the time frame for REALLY big changes is certainly shorter than five years out, and probably one to two years -- or less.

Realistically, on any given day, in any given week,  from here on, the bottom could just drop out of the world system we have known and grown up in and lived in, and change so vast and abrupt could descend on us, on the whole world, that things will never go back to the way they were before.


Come to terms with that. Because that is already the reality in which we live and breathe.

The Pacific Ocean is dying right now. Please try to understand how hugely important that is.

The Pacific Ocean is dying.

The sea lions, the sardines, the sea birds, etc. are all in big trouble. The ocean ecology is unraveling now; it is unraveling rapidly and on a wide scale. I regularly check the energy news aggregator site and the news is alarming.

Couple the ongoing death of the Pacific Ocean with the extremely serious, ongoing drought in the southwestern quadrant of North America and you have the recipe for chaos on a large scale.

The harsh fact is that the drought in California and the greater southwestern region of North America is unrelenting. Various bloggers argue that it is a manmade drought. Whether it is, or is not, is not within the purview of this blog commentary.

What is within the purview of this blog commentary is that the drought exists, it is ongoing, it shows no sign of ending any time soon, and if it continues another year, California is at risk of running out of water.

That matters because tens of millions of people live in that region. California agriculture also produces a large percentage of the fruits, vegetables and nuts consumed in the USSA. If you live in the USSA you may possibly be about one year away from having a lot less food to eat, and what is available may cost a great deal more, because it will be scarcer.

Even if you are ready for that rapidly approaching reality, countless millions of others are not. Indeed, many of those countless millions of others are almost completely oblivious, and will remain blissfully oblivious right up until crunch time, which now appears to be about 365 days away and counting.

And then where will 30 million Californians go, when they have no water to shower, to cook, to flush the toilet, to drink? Will they go to Arizona? To Nevada? To Utah?

Those states are also desertous or semi-arid areas experiencing prolonged drought conditions. They cannot absorb tens of millions of new residents. There is no water for many millions of desperate, water refugees, no employment, no housing, no social and economic infrastructure.

So what will happen in the southwestern region of the USSA, as the water runs out for tens of millions of people, the social order frays and breaks down, and a large part of the agricultural production on which a nation of 330 million people depends dwindles away to nothing?

This is not an academic question. If the drought continues, these are questions that will be answered in a very direct way, up close and personal, by many millions of people, most of whom have scarcely given the matter two minutes of thought up until now, if that.

I lived in that region for many years -- in Albuquerque, in Flagstaff, and San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country. When I lived on Koch Field, outside of Flagstaff, people were drilling down 800 feet, to hit the water aquifer on top of the underlying volcanic rock, or trucking in water on big water tanker trucks. When I lived and worked in the Texas Hill Country, people with rural properties were drilling down as far as 800 feet to hit a reliable water aquifer, right on top of the red granite bedrock.

So if in "good" times, you have to go down 800 feet to hit the last aquifer on top of the bedrock, then what is it like when times are "bad," when the rains don't come, and there is no water at all in that bottom-most aquifer?

It's obvious that the end of the easy water is upon us, even as the region's population continues to grow.

I moved away. I didn't need anyone to explain to me what could happen. Some things are transparently obvious.

It gets hot in that region in the summer -- real hot. If you have no water to drink ..... oh, well.

In July of this year, the USSA military begins a massive, multi-state "exercise," called Operation Jade Helm, in the southwestern region of the USSA, in which the Pentagon will send special forces units among the civilian population.
In light of the impending, civilization altering, water crisis in the southwestern region of North America, which the Pentagon planners certainly know about, they are clearly making military plans to "manage" the inevitable societal crisis and upheaval that the end of peak water in the North American southwest will occasion.

If you need a translator to explain the USSA military's crisis "management" procedures, then please see: wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Vietnam and the USSA Army's so-called "Indian Removal" of the early 19th century, also known as the "Trail of Tears," with a heavy emphasis on the tearful aspect, as well as the USSA Army's many so-called "Indian Wars."

Hint: the USSA Army has slaughtered unknown millions of people over the last two centuries, all over the world, including in North America. It's what the USSA military does. American soldiers are equal opportunity barbarians.

Not surprisingly, given the long history of USSA military invasion and occupation in the Latin American and Caribbean region (Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba, Haiti, Grenada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.), the Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) just last week called for the USSA to withdraw all of its military bases from the Latin American region.

The world grows weary of the USSA's "exceptional" military violence.

There's Always More

This blog is called the Event Horizon Chronicle for a reason. I write about the events and happenings having to do with the ongoing, massive, historical inflection point we are now experiencing, because if I didn't there are people who actually still would not get it otherwise.

They just wouldn't. The fact that they are living through, and may be about to die as a direct cause of, the Mother of All Historical and Planetary Discontinuities, on this or any other planet, in galaxies far and wide, would go flying right over their head --as they debated whether to have cheese cake or strawberry pie for dessert tonight.

And then, in the not-too-distant future, as their water runs out, and as they are about to die from thirst, they will wonder: "WTF??!!" How the f*** did this ever happen?"

Trust me, even now there are countless, clueless millions. I sometimes hear from a few of them. I do believe some of them are medicated, perhaps "self" medicated, if you follow me.

It's a bitter thing, what is going down on this planet. And it may get a great deal more bitter in the months and years to come. The trajectory we are presently on as a (not very intelligent) species may quite possibly result in the extinction of the human race on this planet, as well as a great deal of the rest of the life on this planet.

The extinction process is factually already well underway.

We are now in the midst of an enormous, global, biological extinction event that many biologists are calling the Sixth Great Extinction.

The human race is the primary culprit. We do not play well with others. In the short term our thoughtlessness is decimating many thousands of other species -- in the very slightly longer term (which is already heaving into view) we are at risk of decimation ourselves.

By some estimates, fully 50% of the wildlife on this planet has died within the last 40 years, most of it owing to ill-advised human activity. At that rate, by mid-century no wildlife will remain on this planet.

In reality, as the wildlife dwindles away, there is increased competition to kill the decreasing numbers that remain, putting even more stresses and pressures on the declining wildlife numbers.

Which means that the other 50% of the Earth's wildlife will not last 40 more years,  maybe not even 30 or 20 years, unless the entirety of humanity itself undergoes a HUGE, spiritual, mental, philosophical, emotional, economic and political change, all across the planet.

That has not happened yet, and until and unless it does, we remain on a direct, crash course for unimaginable, global disaster.

Drought in São Paulo, Brazil

However serious the water crisis may be in California next year, in São Paulo, Brazil the crisis is here now. The rains have failed, evidently because so much of the Amazon forest has been destroyed that it has disrupted normal, South American weather cycles.

The Sahara desert has no forests. There are very few trees there (only in the scattered oases). It scarcely rains at all in the Sahara desert.

The Brazilians are destroying the Amazon forest and one consequence is that it has started raining a great deal less than it used to.

It turns out that when you chop down millions and millions of trees that it has real, extremely negative, environmental effects.

Who knew?

And yet, that is the mentality of many millions of humans to this day -- chop! chop! chop!

Even now, the chain saws and bulldozers are grinding away every day, throughout the Amazon rainforest. I have seen it here in Ecuador. Every year, more of the world's last, great, tropical rainforest is cut down, bulldozed, burned.

Going, going ......

And so it has stopped raining in Brazil, and São Paulo, a metropolitan region of 20 million people, has almost run out of water. If it does not begin raining torrentially in the very near future, the next months may bring the sort of chaos that have unknowable, unpredictable outcomes.

The problem for São Paulo is that the coming months are the dry season, when it rains very little.

São Paulo is, therefore, a sort of test run for California, and right now things are not looking good at all in São Paulo.

It is the largest city in South America, the economic hub of Brazil; if São Paulo collapses there will be large, economic, political and social ripple effects right across Brazil and beyond.

Similarly, if the economy, agricultural production and social order in California collapse due to the worsening drought, there will be large, economic, political and social ripple effects all across the USSA, and far beyond.

Get ready, that's all I can say. The world has changed. Have you?


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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

If You're Thinking of Leaving, Why Wait?

If you're going to get out, the best time to escape is before it's too late.

A month early or a year early -- it doesn't matter too much. But one day too late is still too late, and that does matter.

I have a lot of readers in the USSA, Canada, England, and also in France and Germany. Why do you stay?

Why aren't you heading to the southern hemisphere, to sub-Saharan Africa and South America? Do you really think things are going to improve? 

I once considered moving to Europe -- to Spain, France or Germany. Now I am glad I did not.

I also considered a few countries in sub-Saharan Africa. I think it could have worked O.K. for me. I am from the South (in the USSA) and to me it is natural to live around, work with and mingle with people of Black African origin.

But in the end, I came to South America and I intend to remain here.

The Extinction Level Event of Fukushima

The unresolved and probably unresolvable issue of the catastrophically failed nuclear power reactors and spent fuel pools at Fukushima Daichi in Japan in itself is reason enough to leave the northern hemisphere.

I regularly browse the Energy News website and the outlook is profoundly grim. Click the link. Go back through the news archive and read the great volume of evidence that suggests the northern Pacific Ocean is dying right now. As radioactivity pours into the sea from the failed nuclear power complex at Fukushima Daichi it is being concentrated in the food chain and working its way upward. The human race is at the top of the food chain. A huge amount of food comes out of the northern Pacific Ocean to feed people in Japan, China, Korea and also in the United States, Canada, Mexico and many other countries. The marine ecology in the northern Pacific Ocean is massively failing now. What happens when this bountiful food supply is no longer available in the coming years? And I am not talking about the far distant future. This scenario will play itself out in the relatively short term.

The northern jet stream has also widely dispersed dangerously poisonous radionuclides from Fukushima Daichi all over the northern hemisphere -- in Canada and the USSA, but also in Europe. Some has crossed over the equator into the southern latitudes, but the great bulk of it has remained north of the equator. If you live in North America or Europe you have been well dusted with radioactivity from Fukushima Daichi. If you eat seafood that comes out of the northern Pacific Ocean you are playing radioactive Russian roulette with your personal health. Had any Alaskan king crab lately, or Pacific salmon? If so, why?

The Northern Hemisphere's Nuclear Power Plant Problem

But Fukushima Daichi is the least of it. There are hundreds of other nuclear power plants, and something like 99% of them are in the northern hemisphere. They are notoriously complex, high maintenance, prone to catastrophic failure and all of them are ageing.

In the event of an emergency situation, they quickly fail, melt down and/or blow up (as at Chernobyl, Ukraine and Fukushima, Japan) and can never be repaired. They then spew massive amounts of deadly radionuclides to the global environment for a geological age to come.

There are one hundred of them in the USSA; there are still more in Europe. It is virtually a certainty that more of them will be failing, melting down and/or blowing up in the coming years, maybe even later this year.

A lot of the nuclear power reactors in the USSA are directly on the sea coast, or on major rivers, and/or near major cities and/or near major military bases.

If there is a shooting nuclear war, or serious natural disasters such as tsunamis, major earthquakes (on the New Madrid Fault, for instance), powerful storms, etc., multiple nuclear power plants will either be destroyed or fail, maybe even scores or hundreds of them, as would easily be the case in the event of a nuclear war.

You can bet on that. And the northern hemisphere of this planet will then become a sterile, "no go," Death Zone.

I am not being alarmist in the slightest. The average person has simply not thought through the dire implications of having built all of these hundreds of ticking time bombs called "nuclear power plants" and sprinkling them all over the world, almost all of them in the northern hemisphere.

What They Aren't Telling You About Nuclear War

Let me impress upon you that I am not being melodramatic about the possibility of a shooting nuclear war. A wide range of political commentators and analysts are warning about the real risk of nuclear war, including well-known public figures such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and many other, well-known and less-well-known figures.

If NATO and the USSA continue their economic and military pressure against Russia, the situation could deteriorate from a Cold War into a hot, military conflict that could easily turn nuclear, with terrible consequences.

In the Eastern Pacific region, there is also growing tension between the USSA, and China and North Korea.

If these "cold" conflicts turn hot and result in a nuclear exchange the results will be catastrophic for the entire planet and all of humanity. The initial, horrific loss of life and destruction of property as numerous cities are incinerated in nuclear mushroom clouds will be bad enough.

But there are horrific, follow-on results, among which nuclear winter is the least serious, though nuclear winter in itself will exterminate people by the hundreds of millions, due to massive food crop failure, owing to low temperature extremes and lack of adequate sunlight for photosynthesis in food crops.

You see, if cities like Houston, New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, Norfolk, and many more, are destroyed by massive nuclear blasts, then the nuclear power plants that are near these cities are likely to fail. If the crews are dead and/or cannot come to work, then the nuclear power plants will fail; they will melt down and/or explode. If the power grid on which the nuclear power plants depend has been destroyed, then the nuclear power plants  automatically fail; they melt down and/or explode. This implies the extinction of a great deal of life in North America, both human life and wildlife.

In the case of melted down and/or exploded nuclear power plants on the East Coast of North America, and there are a fair number of them, the radioactivity would go right into the ocean. That matters a great deal, because the Gulf Stream from the Gulf of Mexico flows right up the East Coast of North America and then turns eastward, and crosses the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. The failure or destruction of nuclear power plants on the East Coast of North America therefore is a life and death matter for the North Atlantic Ocean and also for the countries and peoples of Europe.

Speaking of Europe, look at this map of the nuclear power reactors in France. They're all over the country, from north to south, east to west. Let's say that France goes to war against Russia, as a member of NATO and a military ally of the USSA. If NATO employs nukes against the Russians or their strategic interests, then the Russians are likely to respond with nukes. If there are multiple nuclear strikes on French soil, does anyone have any illusions about what the implications would be for the French national power grid and the survivability of the French nuclear power reactors?

It would mean the end of French civilization and the French nation. Finies.

Finished. And much of the rest of Europe. Look at the map. Click the link. The nuclear reactor at Fessenheim is on the Rhine river. The failure of that plant means the death of Strasbourg, which is just downriver, and then Mannheim, in Germany, which is also downstream, and so on, city after city, and then the Rhine empties into the North Sea, which itself empties into the North Atlantic Ocean.

You see the cascading, radioactive, ecological problem.

There are also several nuclear power plants up and down the Rhône river, in southern France. If they fail, it means the death of the Rhône. But it doesn't end there. The Rhône empties into the Mediterranean Sea, which would then also be massively radioactively poisoned.

It Gets Even Worse

Of course you have heard of the failed, exploded nuclear power plant at Chernobyl, Ukraine. That plant has never been and cannot be repaired. It will remain dangerously radioactive for untold thousands of years to come. The surrounding region is a poisonous no man's land.

What many people overlook, including many prominent analysts and commentators, such as Paul Craig Roberts, is that there are several other nuclear power plants in the Ukraine. Please click here to see their locations.

Note that the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is just to the west of the present combat zone in the eastern region of the Ukraine, and not far north of the Crimea, which is now part of the Russian Federation. It is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. It is also right on the banks of the Dnieper River, which empties into the Black Sea, which in turn empties into the Mediterranean Sea. Failure of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant will massively radioactively contaminate the Dnieper River, which will then flow into the Black Sea and radioactively contaminate the Black Sea, which then flows into the Mediterranean Sea, etc. You see the problem.

Just northeast of Odessa is another, the South Ukraine nuclear power plant.

Many armchair analysts, including commentators such as Paul Craig Roberts, have publicly advocated, or come very close to doing so, that Vladimir Putin send his military racing across the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, in a blitzkrieg from the Russian border all the way to Transnistria, on the border between Moldova and the Ukraine, in order to incorporate that swath of territory into the Russian Federation, and present NATO and the regime in Kiev with a military fait accompli.

In my view, Putin has not done that because no military operation is ever as simple as it appears on paper; what can go wrong frequently does go wrong. And there are always unexpected complications.

Beyond that, Vladimir Putin knows that military combat produces societal disruption right across the board. It also can and does produce a lot of physical damage to key economic and industrial infrastructure -- things like roads, bridges, railroads, electrical power grids, airports, factories -- and, oh yeah, nuclear power plants.

Zaporizhia is already dangerously close to the active combat zone. What happens if it comes under artillery bombardment? Or what if the electrical grid goes down, due to heavy combat in the region, and the several nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools melt down and/or blow up? The Crimea is due south a short distance, and southwestern Russia, as well as the ethnically Russian region of eastern Ukraine, are directly downwind.

If Putin were to order his army to cross the border and drive west to Transnistria, then the South Ukraine nuclear power plant would also be in danger of catastrophic damage or outright destruction from military combat.

That would only compound the military and political situation and result in an apocalyptic scenario that would lay waste a wide geographic area for all meaningful human time to come. The devastation would be multiple times worse than that from Chernobyl and Fukushima.

I believe that this is an important factor in why Putin has stayed his hand. The risk is not worth it. He cannot trust what NATO and the USSA might do as the Ukrainian positions would be overrun. Would they resort to a radioactive, scorched earth retreat? Would they blow the nuclear power plants and falsely blame the destruction on the Russian army?

Putin cannot know for sure, and so he cannot trust the USSA and NATO. He is therefore playing for time and using a variety of means, short of overt military conflict, to try to defuse both the crisis in the Ukraine and the economic and military confrontation that NATO and the USSA are forcing on Russia.

My reading of Putin is that he is a reasonably sane man who would prefer not to see nuclear hell on Earth, especially not hard on the borders of his own nation. And so he is acting in a restrained, cautious, measured manner.

Lamentably, the same cannot be said of the leadership in the USSA and a number of European capitals. And so we drift towards war, a war that will potentially devastate Europe and North America, at the least.

Which is why it must not happen, and still the Madmen and Demons on the Potomac and in the City of London are driving the world to war.

God help us, because they apparently intend to kill extremely large numbers of people.


I really do need and accept your donations for support of my writing. Your contributions help me continue living and writing. I put a lot of thought, time and effort into my research and blog posts, which are read by many thousands, all over the world. If you find value in my ideas, writings and adventures please support my continued work. Contact me at: for how to donate.