Thursday, January 29, 2015

Life In The Spirit World Surrounded By Spirits

I came to South America on a vision quest.

The quest is open-ended and ongoing.  I do not perceive that it has any ending, ever.

It is a continuous process of experiencing, perceiving, learning, evolving.

One of the major aspects of my quest has been the firm realization that we are surrounded by spirits. I am, you are, all of us are surrounded by spirits. For me, that is a baseline reality. I have now seen so many spirits in my shamanic vision questing that I can come to no other conclusion.

And I mean spirits of all kinds -- tree spirits, human spirits, E.T. spirits, plant spirits, animal spirits, insect spirits, bird spirits, reptile spirits, and so forth. The fundamental reality is that we are spiritual beings animating physical bodies -- and when and if the body dies, for whatever reason, we always find ourselves in a spiritual realm, surrounded by spirits, because we are spirit ourselves. That is just the way it is, like it or not, believe it or not, accept it or not.

I recently discussed this issue and many others with Jerry Griffin in a long, rambling interview that he has posted to the Internet at Vimeo.

The Next Phase Of the Game

This is an important issue, because an awful lot of people are going to be taking untimely exits from this Earthly realm, in a wide variety of different ways, for a whole wide suite of reasons, many or most having to do with a broad gamut of unfortunate decisions that humanity has made over the past several decades.

The reasons have to do with things such as poisoning of the seas, killing the global, marine ecology, poisoning of the atmosphere, rampant deforestation, ceaseless warring, failure to resist the warfare state, failure to mature as human beings, studied ignorance or feigned ignorance of the spiritual emptiness of institutional religion, slavish obedience to the dictates of the nation state, childish obedience to transparently psychopathic political, religious and military leaders, and much more.

A lot of what ails humanity boils down to a simple refusal to grow up and think and act as mature, responsible, autonomous human beings.

We are poised to pay an unimaginably heavy price as a species for our infantile behavior.

As I say, it looks like huge numbers of people will be taking an early exit from this Earthly realm. They will arrive in the spirit realms, or more accurately, will be forced to acknowledge the absolute fact of the spirit world(s), as their bodies die or are killed and fail to respond to their frantic efforts to revive or resuscitate their body and go on living a physical life. Instead, they will suddenly, unexpectedly find themselves in the spirit realm(s) with no prospect of going back to the physical realm.


Obviously, the wise thing to do is to prepare in advance, so that the transition to the spirit realm(s) is as smooth and seamless as possible. There are all kinds of ways to smooth that transition.

Good works come to mind. Spend a lifetime doing bad works and what can you expect when you make the transition -- or are suddenly forced to make the transition?

So good works, charitable works, i.e., easing human suffering, being merciful to those in need, would be high on my list. I know charitable works are not a high priority for people in the City of London (many of whom read my blog for some reason), but they should be.

Working for world peace, resisting warfare, promoting international understanding would be high on my list. My blog is read on various USSA military installations and spy bases, and for the life of me I don't know why. These are the very places and people who are doing so much to destroy human life and bring the whole planet to the brink of grim totalitarianism and even apocalyptic warfare.

And they read my blog.

I have one message for those who are deep in the sh*t hole of the USSA military and spy agencies: resign your positions. Walk away and devote your life to world peace.

I recently read an interview with an "ex"- USSA military drone operator who killed more than 1,600 people, if memory serves. The article said that he is now "sorry" for his war crimes.

Really? That red, white and blue piece of psychopathic sh*t had to kill 1,600 people to begin to feel "sorry"?

In the Federal Prison Camp At Texarkana, Texas

As my regular readers know, over the course of my life I have been repeatedly incarcerated in a dozen different jails and prisons in the USSA, for my several public, nonviolent, peace demonstrations against preparations for nuclear war.

One of those "correctional" facilities was the prison camp in Texarkana, Texas, USSA.

One morning at breakfast, I noticed that one of my fellow prisoners looked really bleary eyed.

I said: "Hey man, what's wrong?"

He replied: "I couldn't sleep last night. People were staring at me all night. Hundreds of them."

I rejoined: "What are you talking about? What people?"

"All the people I killed."

"Get out of here! You haven't killed hundreds of people."

And then the story came out. He fought in Vietnam in the USSA military. He was a machine gunner. When his platoon took any fire from a village or in the vicinity of a village his orders were to exterminate the village -- men, women, children, old people, babies, water buffaloes, ducks, pigs, anything living.  

He was a profoundly tormented soul. He was having flashbacks. The babies he had slaughtered, the pregnant women, the old people, the children -- they came back to haunt him. Their blood was on his hands; their blood had stained his soul.

In fact, the soul of the USSA is deeply stained with an endless string of these atrocities, extending over centuries: the so-called Indian Wars (really genocidal extermination) of the American West in the 19th century, the Spanish American War and the slaughters in the Philippines, the First and Second World Wars, hideous atrocities in Korea, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, the Central American wars of the Reagan years, the ongoing atrocities and drone murders in Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, the endless coups and savage dictatorships in Africa supported by the USSA, and much more.

I am reminded of a fellow graduate student when I was doing my three graduate degrees, a USSA military officer and B-52 crew member during the Vietnam war, who participated in carpet bombing of the North Vietnamese countryside  and who felt not one iota of guilt for the unknown thousands of lives he summarily exterminated. He felt not one twinge of remorse.

There are MILLIONS of men and women like him in the USSA.

A Great Judgment Is Coming 

The savage, satanic, red-white-and-blue hell pit known as the USSA will be judged, in this life or in the spiritual realm to come, if things get that far.

Of that you may be sure.

One of the iron clad rules of Creation is that equilibrium must be maintained. Wise beings understand that and govern themselves accordingly. Red-white-and-blue beings who fancy themselves as the "exceptional" people -- well, they come a little slow to wisdom.

But even they will one day focus their minds on that iron clad, universal rule.

All I can say is, I sure would not want to transition into the spirit realm with the blood of 1,600 innocent people on my hands.

When you "serve" the USSA, understand exactly what you are "serving", and it is not pretty.

No, sir.

The Spirit Beings

In my forays into the spirit world(s) I have only once encountered a fearsome entity, and that one was so fearsome and so loathsome that I hope never again, in this world or the next, to encounter such a being.

You see, there are demons. They do exist and they are terrible beyond the power of words to describe. You would never, under any circumstances, want to end up in their hideous clutches. It is a fate worse than ten million deaths.

So consider carefully where you want to end up when this lifetime transitions to the spirit realm(s). Take conscious steps to avoid consorting with demons.

I know I am pondering my own words right now, even as I write them.

The Deepest Souls and the Naguals

I would say that out of all of the beings I have encountered, the large insectoids of the Mantis or Walking Stick variety are certainly among the most impressive. They have a very deep consciousness. I have never felt threatened by them in any way. They are highly intelligent, profoundly spiritual and even inquisitive. Ah, the mysteries of their antennae and their big eyes, and the subtle frequencies they detect and emit.

The most impressive of the human spirits for me are the ones who have infinity for eyes. I presume these are the Nagual beings, the very, very few human beings who are able to consciously come and go between the 3-D Earthly realm and the vast, infinite, inscrutable spirit realm(s).

These are genuine mystery beings. Carlos Castaneda alluded to the Nagual in his series of books about the Yaqui sorcerer, Don Juan Matus.

But to actually see and interact with a Nagual and with the Nagual is another thing entirely. It's something you cannot directly talk about in any degree of meaningful detail. You have to experience it; verbal description can never suffice, not at all. You can't even scratch the surface of the Nagual with words. To say that when you look into the eyes of the Nagual or into the eyes of a Nagual that you only see indescribable infinity is to say virtually nothing at all.

It happens to be the literal truth, but what does it even mean to say that when you look into the eyes of the Nagual or into the eyes of a Nagual that you only see indescribable infinity?

You see the hopeless limitation of words and talking. When you encounter the Nagual or a Nagual you have come to the end of language.


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Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Rothschilds' Satanic Global Power Play

I want to write more about The Economist cover for 2015, which I have previously discussed. Please click here and look at it for reference.

The Economist is among the English-speaking world's most influential current affairs and policy journals. It must be noted that the globally influential, Rothschild banking family is among its ownership group.
Therefore, when The Economist prints a cover as highly symbolic as it did just a few weeks ago, it is reasonable to assume that the globally influential banking powers, including the Rothschilds, intend to send a coded message to their elite readership and to the informed part of the world that is "in the know."

So what happened just after The Economist published this esoteric magazine cover?

Why, the so-called Islamist terror attacks in France, that's what. There was a horrific mass murder at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, and another killing at a Jewish market in eastern Paris.

Many commentators, including me, view these attacks as a classic false flag operation, in which the alleged assailants were very likely disposable, throw-away patsies, that were first viciously used and then violently discarded by their shadowy intelligence agency handlers. I say that because all of the alleged perpetrators were shot dead by the police within mere days. Since dead men tell no tales, the "official" police account of what happened rules the day.

But I think we can safely assume there was some sort of Rothschild involvement. After the attack at Charlie Hebdo's offices, there were reports in the European press that the next issue was printed at the offices of Libération, a Parisian newspaper which had been purchased just one month prior by -- wait for it --  a member of the Rothschild family, Édouard baron de Rothschild. Moreover, a newspaper that was previously printing 30,000 copies, in just one week, after its editorial staff was shot dead, somehow managed to put out a new issue, with a print run of 7 million copies!

That only happens if there are very powerful hands working behind the scenes, making things happen on a huge scale. In a word, the fix is in. Things were prepared in advance by those who knew what was going to occur.

The Rothschilds' Economist Cover Telegram

None of this surprises me, because, you see, the satanic, Rothschild, global banking faction had already telegraphed their maneuver in advance, with the symbolism on The Economist's cover.

Look at French President, François Hollande, who is standing in the second row of world leaders. Just to his left is a woman with a strange, winged headdress, looking fixedly at him.

Bingo! That is the Rothschilds' calling card, their weird way of telling Hollande that they have plans for France and that he had better watch out.

Let me explain. Please click this link and look at the headdresses and masks from a Rothschild family sponsored soirée, or Illuminati party, as it were, that was held in 1972 at the Château de Ferrières just outside of Paris. I don't even want to know what some of the photos mean.

If you have seen the 1999 film, Eyes Wide Shut, by Stanley Kubrick, then you will understand that his film was very likely alluding to the sort of 1972 "party" at the Rothschilds' French mansion that you can see in the link above.

The woman with the winged headdress who is staring at President Hollande could have stepped right out of the 1972 Rothschild "party."

The occult, hidden, shadowy, stealthy movers and shakers and backstabbers and cut-throat billionaires and so-called "ruling elites" that are dragging the world down to ruin are the very people who frequent these Illuminati "parties."

It is with this subtext that French President Hollande remarked a few days afterward that the so-called "terror" attacks in Paris were carried out by the "Illuminés" (French for the Illuminati).

His security forces undoubtedly quickly pieced together an evidence trail that is similar to what I have laid out for you here and presented the case to him. President Hollande knows exactly what he is up against: an internationally entrenched, massively well funded, diabolical, Hydra-headed monster that will commit any atrocity, that will murder any one person, or even wage wars that kill millions of people, in order to maintain its stranglehold on power and force humanity deeper under its violent subjugation and control.

For my money you can probably look for agencies such as the CIA, Mossad, the French "Piscine" and maybe MI-6 to be the first, violent level behind the ugly events in Paris. But they are ultimately just the pawns of the Rothschilds and allied factions. The higher-ups in those espionage organizations receive their own instructions from shadowy players who pull their strings. Kill or be killed, that is how that world operates. It is vicious.

They Will Do Anything

And I mean anything. Look again at The Economist cover. Look at the nuclear mushroom cloud billowing out of the top of the head of David Cameron, the current British Prime Minister. Just beside him is Winston Churchill, the WW-II-era British Prime Minister, giving his famous "V for Victory" salute; however his glove is torn open and it looks like only the middle finger is raised -- resulting in a not-so-veiled "middle finger salute," of the "f*** you" variety.

Churchill also has something roaring out of the top of his head -- a rocket that looks like it is carrying a spy satellite payload, or perhaps a clandestine nuclear warhead, disguised as a "spy" satellite? Does Churchill represent the Old Guard in the British power establishment, say MI-6 and MI-5, or maybe Buckingham Palace, and Cameron the New Guard? Does this mean there has been a meeting of the minds and of the political generations in the British power establishment and they plan to unleash nuclear hell, maybe one or more nuclear false flags? The nuclear mushroom cloud and "spy" satellite rocket are both roaring up out of the tops of two British Prime Ministers' heads.  Is that code for: the coming events have been authorized at the highest level of the British political establishment? Number 10 Downing Street? Buckingham Palace? The Secret Intelligence Service, MI-6, also referred to as SIS?

You know, Rule, Britannia!, God save the Queen!- and all that City of London, No. 10 Downing Street, Scotland Yard, House of Windsor, Eton and Oxford, "I say old chap" horse sh*t.

And now that I have mentioned it, how can you and I help but notice that on the game board on the lower left hand side of the Economist cover are the words, PANIC at the very top, and Federal Reserve, as well as the beginning of a word that starts with "Chi..", which presumably refers to China, since it is partially obscured by the right arm of the muscular panda bear that is clearly a representation of growing Chinese power and influence. But what if the word is really "Chicago" and not China? We don't know. We cannot see. And at the bottom of the game board are the words, Green Light! and ...SIS.

Has the SIS (MI-6) been given the Green Light! to carry out a major operation? Has the Green Light! come from the very top of the British political establishment? Does it have something to do with a Federal Reserve PANIC? Might Chicago be involved? Might a nuclear mushroom cloud be involved? We'll find out.

There are lots of clues, lots of data points. Connecting them up is another matter.

Oh yeah, does the British SIS (MI-6) perhaps have anything to do with the Middle Eastern ISIS? The historical record is abundantly clear: the British have been very violently meddling in Middle Eastern politics for the last century and more, and continue to do so to this day. So, yes, SIS (MI-6) does have something to do with ISIS. (And so do the CIA, Mossad, the French "Piscine", the Saudis, Qataris, and a dreadfully long list of hellward bound, head chopping lowlifes.)

To Come To The Point

Actually, here I am referring to the point of the two arrows that are impaled in the ground at Alice's feet, at the lower right of The Economist cover. Talk about telegraphing your message.

One arrow is boldly painted with 11.5 and the other with 11.3. That's easy enough. In European format, these are the dates March 11 and May 11.

One of my e-pals who is a top drawer, former professional astrologer tells me that:

"3/11 has some of the most violent astro I have ever seen. PLUS has a signature of something like a nuke accident. 5/11 has something similar but not quite as violent. I see things as scripted and is intended to give the fundies the Armageddon they so desire."

Being as the arrows are deeply impaled directly at Alice's feet (Alice being the Alice of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland fame) this can plausibly be interpreted to mean that the Rothschilds and the rest of the Illuminati/ZioNazi-Anglosphere/Central Bankster/Fortune 500/Wall Street/ City of London/EU/NATO/Mossad-CIA-MI-6-"Piscine"-BND Alphabet Soup Agency Fascists have firm plans to take us all straight down the rabbit hole.

I am surprised The Economist didn't put Alice's white rabbit there someplace, though they do have the Cheshire cat grinning at us, perched on a tree branch that is growing out from behind Barack Obama's leg.

Isn't that encouraging? You have to wonder what the Puppet-in-Chief of the USSA has up his sleeve, or perhaps down his pants leg.

Speaking of Puppet-in-Chief, Barack Obama

The next thing you notice is that there is a man wearing virtual reality goggles standing just behind Barack Obama. He is looking at Barack Obama.

The goggles he is wearing are Oculus virtual reality goggles. Development Kit 2.

The meaning of this is obvious. Everything that you see coming will be a MIRAGE. It will be a second, FAKE reality. Let's call it "virtual" Reality Number 2. It is under development now.

Virtual reality is not real. It is FAKE, artificial, MADE UP.

So, when you see the "coming attractions" transpire on the global stage, remember that what you are seeing is all staged, it's made to happen, the events are rigged. People may die, maybe even in extremely large numbers, but the official story that we will be given for it will be FAKE. The reasons for it all will be false, contrived, deceptive, not true.

A macabre, grim, hyper-violent, virtual reality has been superimposed on "real" reality.

Real reality has been hijacked and we are in for a bumpy ride.

Barack Obama -- The Mother of All Virtual Reality Mind-F*ck(er)s. What you see is not what he really is.

And the Master of Ceremonies Is ..

Conspicuously front and center is a green tortoise crawling on the floor, looking right at us.

Isn't that special? An autographed painting. The malevolent entities behind this work of art signed their name!

An influential British establishment think tank, the Fabian Society, has as its symbol, a tortoise, that very closely resembles the tortoise on The Economist cover.

(Source: Wikimedia commons.)
Notice the Fabian Society's motto: "WHEN I STRIKE, I STRIKE HARD." That's clear enough.

Among the Fabian Society's goals are a "commitment to British imperialism as a progressive and modernizing force."

Think: SIS (MI-6). ISIS. Men in black ski masks chopping off heads. There's your British imperial civilizing influence.

Think: nuclear mushroom cloud billowing out of the top of the head of David Cameron, the British Prime Minister.
So when you see the things happen that are now in the pipeline, when you see them STRIKE HARD, understand that you are seeing the reality of the Illuminati/ZioNazi-Anglosphere/Rothschild/Windsor/Central Bankster/Fortune 500/Wall Street/City of London/EU/NATO/Mossad-CIA-MI-6-"Piscine"-BND Alphabet Soup Agency Fascists. You are seeing the cringe inducing reality of the Windsors, of MI-6, of Whitehall, of Eton. And it's all "veddy prawpah" sh*t from the pits of hell.

I have a lot of readers in Britain. Dig it and grok it. Probably you already have. I hope so.

If you work for or with or under the:

Fortune 500
Wall Street
City of London
USSA Federal Reserve
Bank of England
EU government
Bilderberg Group

How can you possibly justify your part in this dark insanity that is taking the whole planet down, and the human race with it? How can you be so blind?


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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Seismic Power Shifts In Global Political-Economy

China Just Eviscerated the Monroe Doctrine

The latest news out of Beijing is that the Chinese and the Latin American and Caribbean bloc (CELAC) have entered into agreements that are projected to result in $250 billion of Chinese investment in the CELAC region over the next 10 years, and to rise to $500 billion of annual bilateral trade over that same period. Additionally, Ecuador and Venezuela negotiated Chinese credit in the amounts of $5.3 billion and $20 billion, respectively, to help bail them out of budgetary crises occasioned by the plunging price of petroleum. (Both countries earn most of their income from petroleum exports and have been hammered hard by the global slump in the price of crude petroleum.)

Those are vast sums of trade, investment and credit that are not being arranged by USSA-based agencies, organizations, corporations or financial institutions. A quarter of a trillion here, and a half a trillion there, and before you know it you are talking real money.

Of course, the rapprochement between China and the Latin America-Caribbean region is a counter-parry to the Neocons' insane, global, hyper-violent, imperialist project of totalitarian, planetary subjugation and domination.

That giant sucking sound you hear is the USSA dollar swirling 'round and 'round the big toilet bowl of corrupt, fiat currency collapse.

It won't be too much longer until the fake, Ponzi-based, USSA Federal Reserve Bank, fiat currency mafia fails due to its own thorough criminality, stupidity, arrogance, ignorance, greed and stunning incompetence.

For all of these reasons and more, the inevitable collapse of the USSA dollar is baked in the cake. It's only a matter of time. The question is whether the demonic fiends in Washington, DC will unleash a nuclear hell storm to try to maintain their psychotic grip on power.

The Threat of Nuclear War is Very Real

My regular readers know that I have gone out on the nuclear missile silos in the continental USSA several times over the years to nonviolently protest the massive preparations that have been made for waging nuclear war. I was harshly punished for protesting against preparations for nuclear war: jailed, imprisoned, fined, fired from jobs, evicted from my residence, tagged with an FBI arrest and prison record, and more.

But my concerns were, and remain today, very solidly grounded in hard political and military reality. There is a serious threat of devastating nuclear war. This period right now, in 2015, and in the coming years is fraught with peril for all humanity, mostly because of the pig-headed stupidity and downright evil of the USSA-led power bloc of the EU/NATO/Israel/Japan/ Australia that is steadily maneuvering the world towards a catastrophic war the likes of which humanity has not seen since the so-called Battle of Kuruksetra of ancient Vedic lore.

In recent days, the former leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, has warned of the danger of nuclear war, if the war in Ukraine is not resolved.

In recent weeks, the veteran, international journalist and commentator, John Pilger, has also warned of the growing danger of nuclear war.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury, has also repeatedly warned of the growing risk of nuclear war, due to the bellicose, foreign policy of the USSA and NATO towards Russia.

These are all mature, astute observers of the international scene.

We are on a course for unimaginable catastrophe if the demonic, psychopathic fools in Washington, DC, Lower Manhattan, Brussels and the City of London have their way. They are hell bent on world conquest, by any means necessary, fair or foul, unfortunately mostly very foul, possibly even extending to outright nuclear warfare.

The Russians recognize that. So do the Chinese and the Latin Americans; that is why they had a historic summit in Beijing in recent days, to cut the legs out from under the Monroe Doctrine, and hasten the end of USSA economic, political and military bullying of the rest of the world, including in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

The Economist Magazine's 2015 Cover

In recent days, the alternative news media on the Internet have featured articles about the strange, oddly symbol strewn, New Year's cover of The Economist magazine in the U.K.

The Economist is a prominent, international financial publication, with high-level personnel ties to the infamous Bilderberger organization; so the cover has attracted some interest as to the potential significance of the symbolism with regard to possible globalist plans for world events this year.

You can view it here.

There are many symbols. Look it over and draw your own conclusions. Some of the things that stand out for me are the conspicuous, nuclear mushroom cloud in the upper right, the two arrows in the ground at Alice's feet at the lower right, the "Panic" associated with the Federal Reserve on the lower left, the egg-like globe of the world that is seeming to fall, Humpty-Dumpty-like at the bottom-left, the red-white-and-blue, star spangled drum set that is skewered by an electric guitar emblazoned with the British Union Jack, and the drone that is delivering a box of books (but what is really in the box?).

The nuclear mushroom cloud is certainly a mind focuser. Is this the year for one or more nuclear, false flag "terrorist" attacks, delivered to the world by the CIA/Mossad/MI-6 and perhaps dropped on target by a well-known, online, book seller's drone? Or something like that?

Look at the arrows at Alice's feet. Can we look for nasty events on or about 11.3 (March 11th) and/or 11.5 (May 11th)? Note the double occurrence of "11". Twice eleven is twenty-two -- 22 is an important number in occult symbolism. Why, I do not know. But the initiatic, secret societies (Skull and Bones, Masons, Rosicrucians, Templars, Knights of Malta, P-2, Opus Dei, etc.) do love their numerical symbolism.

The blatant reference to panic at the USSA Federal Reserve is a no-brainer. This could be the year their century-old, global Ponzi scheme finally unravels.

The depiction of the large, muscular, Chinese panda is also a no-brainer. Chinese power and global reach are rapidly growing. (See above.)

The red-white-and-blue, star spangled drum set that is skewered by an electric guitar emblazoned with the British Union Jack, is a bit inscrutable. Should we expect something associated with the British crown and/or the British rock-and-roll scene to negatively impact the red-white-and-blue brand? Maybe the Epstein affair, that so far has ensnared a British royal and a former USSA president? Is there much more damage to come from that quarter, dragging in more big names from Britain and the USSA?

The egg-like globe falling to the floor is evocative, as well. Is this the year the global system crashes and smashes to chaotic pieces that cannot be put back together again?

And there are even more symbols lurking on this cover. Napoleon Bonaparte makes a cameo appearance, waving his ghostly hand right behind Vladimir Putin's head. Of course, one of Napoleon's big imperial, military expeditions was a massive invasion of Russia, which spectacularly failed. The Russians won. Does this allude to a planned military strike by the West against Russia (see above) which will similarly result in a Russian victory, and Western defeat? (Please see the nuclear mushroom cloud in the upper right of the cover.)

We shall soon see. I rather suspect it will not be a dull year. One thing is for certain: if these things come to pass, there will be a lot of chaos and confusion, perhaps very violent chaos and confusion, and a lot of people will die.

In previous blog posts in recent years I have discussed the dark vision that was downloaded to me in 1958 by The Bone Lady. I was just three years old. That was 57 years ago, but sure enough, the dark time that She showed me is hard upon us. I wish it were not so, but it is what it is. Many millions of Earth people choose to live in willful ignorance and stupid, pig-brained denial, nowhere more so than in the USSA, Israel and the NATO countries, and so we march towards catastrophe


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Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year, Harry Reid!

It could not have happened to a nastier person.

On New Year's day, in an unfortunate,  home "exercise" accident, USSA Senator, Harry Reid (D-NV) smashed his face, resulting in broken facial bones, as well as broken ribs and a very black eye.

Reid also previously dislocated his shoulder, bumped his head and got a black eye, while "jogging" in 2011.

It Happens All The Time

To high level politicians, I mean. Getting savagely brutalized by home exercise equipment, dislocating their arms while jogging.

By contrast, how many times have you gone to work out at the gym, and inadvertently smashed your face on a piece of exercise equipment, breaking facial bones and ribs, and getting a black eye? Probably never, but then you are not a high level politician.

How often have you gone "jogging" and returned home with a dislocated shoulder, a black eye and ugly contusions on your head? (See preceding.)

No, Senator Reid is obviously getting extra-curricular tutoring from one or more "special" interest groups, who want to help him better perform his "official" duties.

Now, I don't mean to single out Harry Reid for individual attention all by his lonesome, after all others certainly aren't! The beatings and even worse are actually fairly commonplace in national politics.

Many Other Examples Can Be Cited

1) The assassination of Pres. Kennedy in 1963.

2) The assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy in 1968.

3) The attempted assassination of Pres. Reagan in 1981, by a friend of the Bush family. Hey, things happen, right?

4) In a more minor example, in 2002 Pres. G. W. Bush choked on a pretzel, fainted and fell off a couch, leaving him with a bruised nose and cheek bone. I'm sure we all have had similar issues with aggressive pretzels, that left us with ugly, facial contusions.

5) In 2006 Vice Pres. Cheney shot his hunting partner in the face, who subsequently apologized to Cheney for all the trouble to which the incident had put Cheney! How rude to have put his face in the way of Cheney's gun ......

5) In 2012 Hillary Clinton  was hospitalized because she "fell"and hurt her head, giving her a concussion, thus unfortunately preventing her testimony to Congress about the Benghazi attack in Libya that somehow killed the USSA ambassador to Libya, while she was the serving Sec. of State.

And so forth.

This is just a partial list. If you want to do a little digging, you can easily come up with much more. Forget about whatever nonsense you might have learned in your high school civics course, once upon a time. The way that politics really work, the way that government really runs, is nasty and brutish. 

People get beaten. People get shot. People get killed. That's the way the system works.

There is nothing fair or democratic about it at all.

It's A New Year's Telegram

Whoever worked over Sen. Reid is sending their own, special, New Year's greeting. 

Whether it was the Chinese, Barack Obama's boys, Jeb Bush's boys, or someone else, Harry Reid is their 2015 poster boy.

The message is that the rough customers are going to play rough. Big events are barreling down the turnpike towards us -- towards all of us. The events that are coming will be no respecter of persons.

In my previous blog post I observed that, to use a Monopoly game allusion, we are coming up fast on the last few rolls of the dice in this international competition for global control. The stakes are very high. 

The destiny of the Earth and of all humanity is very much in play. Roughing up a sitting, USSA Senator is but the barest beginning of what is to come. 

We will be fortunate if the game does not escalate to a shooting, nuclear war in the coming year or two or three. The upcoming time is going to be just that turbulent.


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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Great Unraveling of 2015

The coming year, 2015, will be a real humdinger.

Get Ready For Financial Turbulence

For the record, a major, global, financial collapse is now underway. It's not impending; it's here. Forget about the "happy talk" propaganda from the USSA government and the lame stream news media in the Western countries. When you understand that at least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day the dire living conditions of the great mass of humanity come into sharp focus. The situation is already very bad for most human beings on this planet. The crisis is highly likely to enter an even more acute phase this year, fraught with peril for many millions of people, after which the global economy will either begin to improve for the great mass of humanity, or the present so-called "global civilization" will be rocked to its very core, and may even outright collapse. We should know which way the trend will tend by this time next year.

At present, there are two major power blocs in the world.

1) The Western-aligned bloc that follows the lead of the USSA, comprising the NATO and European Union countries, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, several of the Arab countries and a sprinkling of other countries, here and there around the world.

2) The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), along with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), comprised of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, with Observer States of India, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Afghanistan,  and Dialogue Partners of Turkey, Belarus and Sri Lanka.

There is also the so-called Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) of 120 member states, and 17 observers. As it happens, most of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's member states, observer states and dialogue partners are member or observer states of the Non-Aligned Movement. Similarly, four out of five of the BRICS states are member or observer states of the Non-Aligned Movement, with Russia being the odd man out.

Canada, the USSA, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Israel belong neither to the NAM, nor the SCO, nor are any of them among the BRICS nations. So in reality, the NAM, while ostensibly being a non-aligned international bloc, has a natural affinity with the BRICS/SCO bloc.

Within NAM there are various, regional organizations such as the Organization of African States, the Arab League, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), etc. CELAC has 33 member states, which are also members of the NAM. CELAC is, thus, more closely allied with the BFRICS/SCO global, power bloc.

This political reality is reflected in the fact that the next CELAC meeting, in just ten days from now, will be in China. Please note:

Upon mutual agreement, the 1st Ministerial Meeting of the China-CELAC Forum will be held in     Beijing from January 8 to 9, 2015. Foreign ministers and representatives of China and CELAC members will attend the meeting. Leading officials of regional organizations and institutions in Latin America will also sit in on the meeting.

The theme of the meeting will be mutually beneficial cooperation and relations between China and nations of the Latin American-Caribbean region, in the context of a multipolar world. The two days before the meeting begins the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, will be in Beijing for a bi-lateral summit meeting with the Chinese leadership.

Let The Games Begin

That is no accident. Ecuador will hold the rotating presidency of CELAC in 2015. As Ecuadorean head of state, Correa will therefore occupy a crucial position of international leadership in 2015. It will not have been lost on the Chinese that Rafael Correa is a PhD economist, whose doctoral work at the University of Illinois had to do with "game theory." Game theory is concerned with the mathematical modeling of strategic decision-making, including international decision-making. It is widely used and studied in economics, policy making and political science.

Translation: the Chinese and Latin Americans are going to take the USSA to school. It looks like 2015 will be a Chinese chess match, with the theme being inter-regional, global cooperation, on a win-win basis, by the Chinese, Russians, and scores of other nations in CELAC and the NAM.

Contrast this with the hyper-violent, zero-sum, vulture economics, winner-take-all approach of the USSA and its NATO bloc.

This is a classic showdown, that undoubtedly has been well modeled, and much discussed by the Chinese and Russians, and by Rafael Correa and other leaders in the developing world.

Everything is riding on the outcome of this game, perhaps the destiny of humanity itself, owing to the insanity of the power mad maniacs who infest Washington, DC, the City of London, Wall Street, Tel Aviv, and similar loathsome precincts.

In terms of the popular, real-estate-based, board game, Monopoly, we are looking at the last few rolls of the dice. The game will soon be decided, perhaps within the next year. The danger is that the malevolent, power mad lunatics in the Western bloc will unleash nuclear hell, if they perceive that they have lost, or are about to lose, their desperate, irrational gambit that aims to impose a global, totalitarian tyranny on this planet.

Likely Outcome

In all likelihood, CELAC, the BRICS, the SCO and NAM, will prevail in their international gamesmanship, and we will see a severe decline in the global power and meddling of the USSA, the European Union, NATO, Israel, Japan and Australia. Rafael Correa is an economist, and so he will certainly be huddling with the Chinese about how best to take down the USSA's Federal Reserve Note as the international reserve currency, without, however, unleashing a catastrophic, global, financial apocalypse; not least because Ecuador itself uses the USSA dollar as official legal tender.

But that there will be periods of great, financial instability in 2015, there is little doubt. The battle lines are being drawn right now; the strategy is being finalized by China, CELAC, the BRICS and the SCO. This is epic stuff that is poised to unfold over the next year or so.

Caveat: if the USSA resorts to nukes, for instance, in a preemptive strike against Russia and/or China, the Russians and Chinese will certainly strike back and hard, with nuclear fire. Both countries are nuclear powers, with missiles that can strike the USSA mainland. If their national integrity and security are directly threatened, they will act decisively. On that day, the USSA would cease to exist and many of you who are reading these words would surely perish.

The upcoming time is just that serious. The USSA should never have led the world down the nuclear garden path, but it has, and so we have arrived at a point where terrible things may possibly occur.

Those who refused to concern themselves with nuclear policy in past years and decades, because they had more "important" or "fun" things to do, may find that the very thing they did their best to avoid will come looking for them personally, and if it does, it will be viciously merciless and pitiless.

Studied indifference has its price. Those who call the tune, will surely pay the piper.


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Friday, November 28, 2014

Evanescent: Light Chronicle of the Dimensional Shift

Mark Abriel, of Lightwave Films, has written, produced and directed an extraordinary, one hour-long, independent documentary movie, with profound implications for our world, our place in it and our understanding of the nature of reality itself.

In Evanescent, shot on location on the beach at Byron Bay, Australia and also at Burleigh Heads Forest, Australia, Abriel has captured an intriguing array of anomalous, luminous phenomena that give every appearance of being manifestations of a parallel, living reality that exists cheek by jowl with us, albeit that most people, most of the time, remain perfectly oblivious to it.

But not Mark Abriel!

Using state-of-the-art, high-definition still and video cameras, Abriel has produced a unique chronicle of these bio-energetic lights that clearly react to human presence and activity, and yet, just as clearly, are in some wise separate from us.

Interestingly, the lights that Evansescent presents are similar to other anomalous lights that have been studied since the 1980s in the Hessdalen Valley of Norway. In a fascinating aside, Italian astrophysicist, Dr. Massimo Teodorani, a member of the scientific team studying the Hessdalen lights, suggests that the lights that Mark Abriel has captured on film in Australia may not be plasmas, or purely energetic phenomena, but may be actual, three dimensional objects.

This presents an interesting possibility: could it be that a sort of dimensional shift or melding is underway between the ostensibly “solid” 3-D world in which we live and the seemingly more insubstantial, light-filled realms of higher dimensions? That these little, flitting, lights that corkscrew through the air, zoom and loop around people's heads, flit through the rocks and underbrush, or hover enigmatically nearby, in the air or along the ground, that present themselves as marble-sized, opalescent little pearls of light, or as diaphanous, pastel-hued, geometrically regular, insect-like forms, or intensely yellow-white lights in mid-air, could be analogous to the fine stitches of delicate thread that sew two, disparate pieces of cloth together?

(Photo credit: Mark Abriel)
Is our world being subtly, elegantly, energetically, artfully transitioned to a new state of awareness-matter-form-energy-frequency-manifestation for which we have absolutely no words? Are these lights the inter-dimensional midwives come to help birth a New World?

Is that it? Is that what Mark Abriel is chronicling with his photography and videography?

I ask, because, serendipitously, I have seen similar lights, lights that resemble some of the ones Evanescent depicts, but in the rural Ecuadorian Amazon region, on the other side of the world. Moreover, the lights I have seen have been with the naked eye, moving at a very leisurely pace, just meandering around in my near vicinity, very bright, marble-sized, with an intense, yellow-white glow.

Abriel's documentary covers the period 2006 to 2014, whereas I observed the lights in the Ecuadorian Amazon multiple times in 2012.

Evanescent concludes, and I concur, that these lights are not insects or any other, known, biological, life form. And yet they exhibit very life-like, highly energetic behavior that clearly reacts to human presence and intention.

In a word, this is precisely the sort of thing we could plausibly expect were we to bump up against and to begin to integrate with another, luminous, dare we say, playful, and even inquisitive, dimension.

(Photo credit: Mark Abriel)
I doubt it is a coincid-ence that these enigmatic lights are seen in the Amazon, along the Australian seacoast, where land meets sea, or amongst the rocks and vegetation of the forest, or in a remote valley in Norway. No, without a doubt, it is precisely in those places, where the planet's life force still resonates with natural, vital energy, that the dimensions can join, in a gentle, sacred, almost shy, mating dance, if you will, of spontaneous, extemporaneous exploration and discovery; where the two parties to the union scarcely know each other and yet are destined to join together in an exotic, mysterious, deeply alluring embrace, the natural issue of which can scarcely be apprehended in advance.

Is the light penetrating into our world, or are we advancing, in spite of ourselves, into the light? There is so much darkness in the world – crime, war, environmental destruction, economic exploitation and more – and yet, in spite of all of that negative baggage, are we even now crossing over a subtle, inter-dimensional threshold into a hyper-dimensional congress with playful, bio-energetic life forms that are drawing us deeper into a sort of transformative symbiosis that will jointly define us as we penetrate more profoundly into an ongoing, so-far-unacknowledged and unrecognized (by the great mass of humanity) dimensional change?

I suspect so.

Evanescent is uniquely Mark Abriel's brainchild and creative expression. The beguiling soundtrack music, now Haydn, then Beethoven or sitar or guitar music, some of it performed by Abriel himself – the videography and photography, the natural settings on the beach and in the forest, the conversations with friends and technical and scientific personnel – all bears his distinctive visionary stamp.

And Evanescent is a visionary piece of art, in this sense: Mark Abriel has done what all inspired artists do – he has taken the seemingly ordinary elements of everyday life, visually distilled out the often overlooked, peripheral magic that surrounds us on every side, and slowed it down for our leisurely inspection.

He has disassembled seemingly ordinary visual facets of everyday reality, and then re-presented them in such a way as to reveal the remarkable reality that lies concealed within the ostensibly “ordinary” world in which we live and move, and which to this point has gone largely unremarked.

(Photo credit: Mark Abriel)
This, then, is the central theme of Evanescent: we are interacting with another dimension, an energetic, luminous dimension that is all around.

Put a little differently, a dimensional, light-filled shift is upon us. Do we tightly shut our eyes against the magic of it all, or do we take it all in with amazement and wonder, and embrace the adventure on which we have already jointly embarked unawares?

Mark Abriel's Evanescent answers in the affirmative. It's all in.


Evanescent is distributed by Boulder Creek International Films in London,
UK. For commercial media/broadcast opportunities please contact the Boulder Creek Sales Team for more information: 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Passing Of An Age: Great Men I Have Known

Keith Lampe died earlier this week, in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, at the age of 83. Keith was also known as Ro-Non-So-Te, and affectionately as Pondo, short for ponderosa pine. And indeed he was strong and sturdy like a stout, towering pine tree.

I came to know Pondo only in the last months of his life, through the agency of a mutual friend, and then only by e-mail, though we both lived in Ecuador and had a number of friends and acquaintances in common.

Pondo was a Korean War veteran who subsequently took a radical turn towards peace, and spent the last 60 years as a radical advocate for peace and environmentalism. His commitment even extended to multiple acts of peaceful civil disobedience that resulted in his arrest and incarceration. Pondo was well known for his widely circulated, e-mail newsletter that dealt with a wide variety of environmental and political issues.  

Though he had been in declining health for some time, I cannot help but feel that his transition somehow presages great changes that lie just ahead.

He was far more plugged in than most to what is going down on this planet. It occurs to me to think that he was perhaps called away to do important work on our behalf from a different vantage point, as we draw ever closer to a self-evident Great Change of the Ages, whether for better or for worse.

So God speed Pondo on his great transmutation, as he takes leave of this physical plane and makes his way to the next dimension(s).

Note that Dr. Brian O'Leary appears in the video at Pondo's side. Brian O'Leary was a former member of the NASA astronaut corps, training to go to Mars. Brian also lived and died in Vilcabamba in late July of 2011, the year after my arrival in Ecuador. He was a brilliant man, an intellectual and visionary thinker, who held multiple university degrees in astronomy and physics, and was a serious spiritual seeker. Brian and I also had a number of friends and acquaintances in common, though our paths never crossed in Ecuador. We did, however, meet in 1997 at the Leeds UFO Conference, in Leeds, England, where we both were speakers. I had a high regard for Dr. O'Leary and was saddened to hear of his death.

Four weeks after the death of Brian O'Leary, Chris Lenz died, which also was a big shock for me, as I assumed he would always just go on and on. But not so. Chris worked for many years for the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California, which was co-founded by Edgar Mitchell, the well-known Apollo astronaut. Edgar Mitchell and Brian O'Leary unquestionably must have known one another, since they were both in the Apollo astronaut corps and shared many common personal and professional interests, in space science and in their spiritual orientations.  I presume that Chris Lenz probably also knew Brian O'Leary; he certainly knew and worked with and for Edgar Mitchell. 

I knew Chris Lenz from his days as a trainer at the Monroe Institute, in Virginia, when I attended a training session for which he was co-facilitator. He was an unforgettable character, endowed with a superior intellect, a quick mind, phenomenal, machine-gun-like typing speed, and a very direct, self-assured, penetrating, personal affect. His eyes and voice were distinctive, I think from having spent so much time in profoundly altered states of deeply consciousness awareness. That changes a man; it's inevitable.

One of the stories that impressed me most about him was how he earned his degree from the University of Michigan: he took so many courses in so many different academic disciplines that he racked up enough credits for multiple degrees; and though he never applied for a diploma, the university simply mailed him a degree in psychology one day, along with a letter informing him that he had just graduated.

And now Chris Lenz is dead at the tender age of 69. I still can't wrap my head around his death at such a young age. I can only presume that he, like Pondo, was called upon to render extraordinary assistance to the Earth and humanity in a nearby, non-physical dimension.

I also want to mention the  death of Larry Dodge, the following year, in 2012. Larry was trained as a social scientist, with a PhD in sociology, and was very active in American politics, though he was never widely-known nationally by the masses of the American people. I came to know him as I was completing my own PhD in political science, through his work with the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA).

Larry Dodge was a great help and inspiration to me, in many ways. His visits and advice were a tremendous solace, the perfect human gift from the big brother I always wished that I had had, and which Larry provided in his own inimitable way, at just the time when I most needed it. You cannot imagine the debt of gratitude I'll always owe him for that.

Those were the years when he and his wife, Honey, were plotting their departure from the USSA. They initially visited Albania and really liked it, but the Balkan wars of the Clinton years put the kibosh on that plan. They then decided to move to Panama, where Larry spent most of his remaining years. They were delighted there, and Larry invited me to visit. Though I very much wanted to, I never had the money to make the trip, even after I relocated to Ecuador.

And now Larry Dodge is dead, and Pondo, and Brian O'Leary and Chris Lenz.

You always think that things will go on and on, and you will meet again somewhere down the line, to reminisce about old times and people whom you know and used to know, places you've been together and experiences you've shared.

But it's just not so. It isn't like that. To everything there is a season, and this too, shall pass.


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