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Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Death of Señor Dinero = The End Of Money

Last night I had a vivid dream that revolved around the sudden death of Señor Dinero. I live in a Spanish-speaking country, and of course dinero is the Spanish word for money.

In the dream I saw Señor Dinero in the hospital being feverishly worked on by a team of doctors. And then he abruptly passed away. Improbably, I was then able to talk to him after his death, and he explained to me that he ran out of oxygen, that there was too much helium and that he just could not hold out any longer.

In the dream I was thinking: "Dinero, that is an odd name! Too much helium?"

I believe that the significance of the dream is obvious. My subconscious was alerting me that the entire, dollar-based economic system is going to come down, fast and hard. It is going to fail.

Money, fiat currency, dinero, is going to collapse. It is presently running on fumes, inflated beyond all hope of survival, like a helium-filled ballon, a huge, unsustainable debt balloon, and will soon expire.

Yesterday, in one day the government in Ecuador eliminated 800,000 jobs. It also raised income taxes and threatened to remove fuel subsidies for the poorest sector of society.

Today, here in the capital city of Quity, the government closed all of the elementary schools, the high schools, universities, discos and social clubs. 

As I sat down to type this short blog post, I heard demonstrators in the street outside shouting for the government to leave power.

My friends, Ecuador is no exception.

This massively inflated, debt-based "money" system is broken beyond repair, beyond any hope of reform. It will therefore not be repaired or reformed. This is true globally, world-wide.

What comes next will be beyond anything that the vast majority of us have ever lived through in our lives. The hinges and wheels are going to come off. Social explosions are inevitable.

The collapse of "money" and everything that will follow from that:  warfare, unemployment, collapse of markets, failure of major industries, massive social and political unrest, riots, starvation, uprisings and more.

Use what time remains to productively use what money you may have, because the markets are cratering, bonds will not be paying out, pensions will not be paid, unemployment will balloon, banks and their ATMs will simply shut down.

In fact, it is all shutting down now, so rush whatever preparations you intend to make to completion ASAP. This is the end of the world we have grown up in and to which we are accustomed. Something very different is about to take place. It is beginning right now.


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Dear Readers, I have a personal request to make at this time, if you will be so kind as to indulge me. I have been writing this "Event Horizon Chronicle" blog for the past ten years, knowing all along what was on its way (whence the title of the blog!), and now we really are beginning to enter into the outer bands of the "Event Horizon" global hurricane in a major way. The next two or three years, at least, will be way off the charts in terms of our previous life experience. We are just about to live through days for which we have no prior reference point.

I myself, like everyone else, need to make some preparations for the weeks and months that lie just ahead -- there are essential food items, medical and nutritional products, and other necessities that I need to acquire right now, while they are still available, while the markets are still stocked and the conditions of normal commerce still obtain.

With the growing spate of quarantines, market instability, governmental emergency declarations and the like, normal commerce, financial services and the Internet itself may soon not be nearly as accessible as they are now. Indeed, we may possibly see partial or even wholesale,systemic collapse in the relatively near term.

The direction of current events is just that dire. For that reason, I am making a special appeal for financial support right now, rather than later in the year or next year, for those who are willing and able to donate. Many of my readers have donated over the years, for which I am very grateful. But most have not, and I understand that. There are many blogs and websites, many requests for donations, and most readers have very real financial limits, in terms of the ability to donate.

But given what lies just ahead: tremendous instability in the markets, banking industry instability, political instability, the very real possibility of medical quarantines and even medical martial law, the global situation may become so fraught with difficulty that banks and the Internet itself may no longer be up and running.  

So I am asking those who can, and who are willing, to please donate to me now in light of what is about to occur, in light of truly unusual circumstances that quite possibly will become extreme for all of us in the near term. This blog is reposted in various places, and there is not always a link back to my blog site, so I am posting the ways to donate here. Thank you for your generosity! I truly need it and greatly appreciate it.

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