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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

War Is Coming!

After a long hiatus due to computing device problems, a very lengthy CoVid-19 quarantine and Internet access issues, I am finally back to blogging again.

I see nothing to counter my view that we are now entering into the Event Horizon, a crazy, chaotic, world-changing-time after which nothing will ever be the same again. That could ultimately turn out to be very good; or that could turn out to be very bad. We'll find out as we go along. In any event, this year is the boundary year for that process. We are crossing the Event Horizon boundary at the present time -- and how!

If you think that the first five months of this year have been something for the history books -- and they have -- just you wait for the last seven months of this year. Of course,  the CoVid-19 quarantine chaos, destruction of societal order and structure, and the vicious take-down of the global economy have all been thoroughly planned and gamed in advance.

This is war -- make no mistake about it -- war against all humanity. It has many dimensions: mental, biological, psychological, spiritual, racial, economic, political, military and more. The multi-dimensional battle rages all around us, all over the world, starting in our own minds, bodies and emotions.

Why We Happily Avoid Places Like Minneapolis

As regards the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, let me say that I watched the video and what the police did is unacceptable. Period. George Floyd was restrained and non-belligerent.  Simply handcuffing him, face down, was enough under the circumstances to ensure his immobility. A knee on his neck? Beyond the pale.

George Floyd may, or may not, have committed the minor crime of knowingly passing, or attempting to pass, a counterfeit $20 bill, but it really doesn't matter. Either way, that certainly does not remotely merit being killed by the police. Just does not. What the cops did is indefensible.

Legal jurisdictions the world over have in their penal codes a "depraved indifference to life" statute that always falls somewhere in the homicide/manslaughter/murder categories, which essentially means that if someone willfully, intentionally commits an act that results in someone else's death, then the perpetrator is criminally liable for that person's death. The video that is circulating on the Internet is clear,  prima facie evidence of such an act.

But relax! I don't mean to sound callous, but this is nothing in the grand scheme of things. The troubles are only beginning.  As cruel as the wanton killing of George Floyd was, it is merely a match in a bone dry pile of kindling that has been laboriously heaped up over years, decades and centuries by the Dark Lords who pull the violent strings of a profoundly sick, fragmented, disaffected, divided, violent, confused, impoverished, mentally warped society. There is obviously a greatly heightened probability of civil war in the USSA, any fool can see that, and also of major warfare in the international arena.

The Upcoming War(s)

I know that war is coming, because the Pentagon has already announced it! Please read:

The Army is planning a mass recruiting drive this summer

Translation: the Pentagon plans major military conflict  for later this year and the Army needs more cannon fodder. Between now and November (November may be very unpleasant) the Army will push as many bodies as it can through boot camp and basic training, and then filter those new soldiers out to bases across the USSA and around the world.

Maybe you don't understand this message, but Russian President Vladimir Putin did and does. Earlier today, the Russian news media reported:

In apparent signal to US: Russia's Putin endorses strategy of using nukes against conventional strike

Putin has endorsed a new, Russian military strategy that authorizes the use of nuclear weapons against an adversary that attacks Russia or Russian interests with conventional weapons.

For the sake of example, if the USSA fires one hundred cruise missiles at Moscow or at Russian military bases, the Russian military will fire back with nuclear missiles. This is not wild speculation on my part, to the contrary! --  during the course of my lifetime the USSA has, in fact, launched cruise missile attacks at a growing list of other countries, and/or sent waves of B-52 bombers to carpet bomb other lands. For instance: Libya, Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Serbia, etc.

Putin is simply explicitly saying that Russia will not tolerate such rude treatment, and will respond with nuclear force if it is attacked. I'm not a military man, but that's clear enough to me. If the Pentagon moves against Russia militarily, those of you in the USSA will be able to watch the mushroom clouds billow from your front porches, assuming that you are not among those who are vaporized by said mushroom clouds, which I do not necessarily assume. The Russian military reaction will be hyper-violent and immediate. Don't say that you have not been warned.

Has Putin been watching Lonesome Dove?


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