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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Alarming Numbers Of Disappeared People

The deeply troubling issue of disappeared people has been a public matter for most of my life. I first became aware of it decades ago when the photos and names of missing children were featured on milk cartons in the USSA. Truth to tell, it was all a blur to me then. I was much younger and did not have nearly as informed an understanding of how the world operates as I do now -- and I'm still learning.

I presently live in Quito, Ecuador where I regularly see missing person fliers pasted on utility poles, bus stop shelters and walls of buildings, for persons of both genders and all ages, mostly from the teenage years right on up to people in their 80s with Alzheimer's.

I casually know a woman who is a leader of one of the missing persons groups here in Quito. She became an activist 10 years ago when her daughter left for work one day and never returned home. She just vanished into thin air. The activist groups estimate that several thousand people have disappeared in Ecuador in just the last decade or so -- and this in a country where there are security cameras everywhere, in shopping malls, on street corners, in front of businesses, large buildings, hotels, public transit terminals, markets and private residences. The national highways and big city freeways and boulevards are lined with thousands of traffic cameras and license plate readers, and still thousands of people go missing. Occasionally, the National Police recover a missing person and a big deal is made out of the rescue in the national press. But then months, or a year or more go by, without any dramatic rescues. The fact that the police can occasionally recover a missing person, but in most cases do not, raises obvious questions.

Ten years ago, a young man disappeared in a large hospital in my neighborhood. Poof! He simply vanished. He had gone there with his mother for medical care.  She left him in the waiting area to go take care of some minor, bureaucratic paperwork. She returned minutes later to discover that he was no longer there. Nothing has been seen of him since. Mind you, this is in a building with security guards on each floor and in each department, with security cameras inside and outside the building, with doctors, nurses and other medical personnel coming and going 24 hours a day. 

The family's attempts to obtain information and justice have been met with a stone wall of silence from the authorities. And this is the case in 99% or more of unexplained disappearances in Ecuador, and I suspect, right around the world, whether in South America, the USSA or elsewhere.

An article recently appeared in the South American press about the high numbers of missing women and girls in Peru, some 3,400 in just the first half of this year, or one about every 90 minutes.

I don't doubt that figure. It's a lot. It's very troubling. The article focuses on women and girls, but if Peru is anything like its neighboring country of Ecuador, many boys and men are also going missing.

Years ago I spoke with Don Ecker, who prior to becoming involved in publishing UFO Magazine with his wife, Vicky Cooper, had worked for many years as a detective in law enforcement in the New York City metropolitan area. He told me that as a consequence of his police work, he became aware of the very large number of disappeared persons in the New York City area. But when he tried to look into it, he found it hard to research or investigate, because each police department or agency kept its own records, and there was little coordination between agencies and no central data base. 

I experienced the same thing when I attempted to research the human disappearance numbers. It's very hard. I believe that it is intentionally made difficult by official government and police agencies, who at the least know what is going on, but largely remain silent and do very little, or at the worst may be involved in many disappearances, either directly or indirectly. In a world of myriad millions of security cameras everywhere, how can it be otherwise? How can the police not know?

Look at the years of effort that David Paulides has put into researching human disappearances in the National Parks in the USSA. His work has been made harder by the fact that the National Park Service keeps no list of missing people in its parks, though there have been many. Why not?

That is in the USSA. Here in Ecuador, the National Police invest very minimal resources in searching for missing persons. Usually, their efforts do not extend much beyond putting out missing person fliers, and that's about it. The national government conspicuously avoids the problem. It is very rarely mentioned in the news media by any official of importance.

But they all have to know. The fliers are everywhere. I see them all the time.

That is quite apart from the steady flow of Colombians, Venezuelans and also Haitians, Asians and Africans into and/or through Ecuador. By the government's own count there are at least a half million Venezuelan refugees in Ecuador, a good half of whom are here illegally, i.e., without government issued documents. There have also been repeated waves of Colombian refugees into Ecuador fleeing the violence of the Colombian narco-cartels and narco-guerrilla bands. I am very sure that the Ecuadorean government does not know how many there are, or exactly where they all are. 

A recent article in the expatriate press here in Ecuador highlighted the large number of people being trafficked through Ecuador from Peru to Colombia, mostly from Haiti, and various African and Asian countries.

The Ecuador-Colombia border area is a dangerous, no-man's land, full of every variety of criminality -- smuggling, murder, assault, robbery, human trafficking. It's a fair bet that many of these "migrants" passing through Ecuador from Peru to Colombia do not have legal travel documents, and end up enslaved by and/or disappeared by the violent, criminal bands that rule the border regions.

As regards the very large numbers of semi-stateless persons now living in, or passing through Ecuador, who are they? What are their individual fates? They live in the legal shadows of society. There is simply no way to tell how many of them there are and what happens to them. The police and the military are certainly aware of what is going on, but make no serious effort to put a stop to the torrent of human misery. Obviously, what is happening has approval from powerful, nefarious sectors of society and the government, or it would not be permitted to continue.

The same thing goes on in the USSA. The southern border is wide open, and migrants from everywhere in the world are flooding in by the hundreds of thousands. For instance, about two million Ecuadoreans are in the USSA right now, half of them without legal papers.

But it's far worse than that. People are crossing the USSA border in very large numbers right now and then being dispersed by airlines and bus lines all over the country, often at night, so as to attract less attention, and without much or even any notice to the general public or local officials. Who are all of these people, and what is their fate when they arrive at their destinations? What happens to them?

There is simply no easy way to tell. 

What is coming into focus is that there is a very large, coordinated, international operation to move enormous numbers of people around the world, men, women and children, without documents, without work, without homes, without public notice to speak of. 

What are the motivations behind this? Human trafficking certainly, slave labor of all sorts -- forced labor for criminal organizations of all kinds, forced prostitution, forced human laboratory subjects, and human sacrifices by satanic cults, are just some of the motives. 

Black market organ trafficking is unquestionably a factor. A young person in good health can be parted out for hundreds of thousands of dollars -- heart, lungs, genitals, spleen, kidneys, skin, bones, face, hair, gall bladder, teeth, blood, etc. That necessarily means that skilled medical professionals, and modern hospitals and medical clinics are involved. That's not the kind of thing that can be done in a back alley with a rusty pocket knife. And then to quickly move the organs around while they are still fresh requires airplanes, pilots, free transit through airports and customs, cooperation of government and medical agencies. It's a demonic business, and the coordination, secrecy and profits are tied to the wealthiest sectors of society.

I am personally persuaded that at least some, and maybe many, of the disappeared and undocumented people who live on the margins of society are shanghaied into underground bases and tunnels as slaves of various sorts, and also as grotesque laboratory subjects for unimaginable procedures of mind control and genetic experimentation.

In one of my numerous conversations with experts on underground and underwater bases over the years, I once asked a man very much in the know about that very thing, about people who may have been captured and taken underground as slaves, to be tortured and horrifically experimented upon as laboratory animals.

He did not deny that it goes on. He looked at me and soberly said: "Any individuals in that position would never be permitted to leave." And then he shut up, he wouldn't say anything more. All further questions on my part were met with: "I don't know," and nothing more.

I'm telling you, I don't know why some of the people who have talked with me have told me the things that they have. Many of them are sociopaths, or so it seems to me, and yet something is bothering them, such that they go out of their way to partially unburden themselves to me.

Why? And why only very partially, with my having to drag every word out of them? They seemingly want to talk, and yet, when they have the opportunity, they speak haltingly, laconically, tersely, cryptically, indirectly, even emphatically denying that they have ever told me some of the things that they have told me.

I am wondering how many people have been taken and are being taken as slaves to mining colonies on the Moon, Mars and farther afield in this solar system. In my archival research in past years I ran across a number of articles and documents that discussed mining the Moon and Mars, and even one reference to transporting a large, tunneling machine to the Moon. I am inclined to presume that these activities are probably underway right now. Indeed, that is the theme of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Total Recall, about a mind-controlled, CIA-Fortune 500, mining colony on Mars, which may be far more fact than cinematic fiction.

If anyone has details on any of the activities that I have discussed in this blog post, please contact me. And one more thing: enough of the laconic riddles; plain English will do just fine.


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