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Friday, August 27, 2021

Have USSA Passport? -- You're Frooked!!

The two-decade-long, military misadventure of the corporate "United States" (aka, the USSA) in Afghanistan has just lurched from unbelievably bizarre to the hideously surreal.

Fiendishly surreal. 

Yesterday brought news of ISIS suicide bomb attacks that left many scores of slaughtered and wounded, among them at least a couple of dozens of USSA mercenaries, er, Pentagon "troops" at the gates to the international airport in Kabul.

Other fantastical headlines of recent days include reports that the USSA government is urging USSA passport holders not to travel to the airport in Kabul at all, and for those who are already there to leave the area immediately.

On top of that, the USSA government has reportedly passed to the Taliban lists of names of USSA passport holders, as well as Afghans who worked with or for the USSA during its twenty year, military invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, in order to facilitate their safe passage through the Taliban security cordon around the international airport in Kabul.

The callous stupidity of that policy is breathtaking. After waging ruthless, merciless warfare against the Taliban for twenty years, and sanctioning them as a terrorist organization, within mere days, the USSA has done an about face and delivered the names of unknown thousands of its passport holders and Afghan wartime collaborators to the Taliban and requested that the Taliban grant said persons safe passage behind the lines to be evacuated.

Really? REALLY?? 

Why would anyone, knowing these facts -- anyone at all, USSA passport holder or not -- ever again work for, with, or on behalf of the corporate "United States" anywhere in the world, especially in a conflict zone? 

The Taliban have repeatedly, publicly stated that all foreign military forces and foreign personnel must be out of Afghanistan by September the 1st, just five days from now. At the same time, there is simply no question that thousands of USSA passport holders and Afghan wartime collaborators will be stranded, will be left behind in Afghanistan next week. 

What happens when that deadline next week comes and goes, and large numbers of USSA passport holders and ethnic Afghan wartime collaborators remain on Afghan soil?

They're about to find out the value of their USSA passport, and/or ties to the USSA.

Equally, what happens if/when ISIS and/or the Taliban take over the runway at the airport in Kabul and trap a bunch of USSA passport holders and Afghan wartime collaborators, and maybe even a bunch of USSA mercenaries and/or Pentagon "troops"?

What then? 

In light of events this week, I am surmising that this coming weekend and week in Afghanistan could prove to be very eventful.

Beyond All That

There is also the not insignificant matter of the many billions of dollars worth of war material and military weaponry that the retreating Pentagon forces so thoughtfully left behind in Afghanistan for their terrorist Taliban (and ISIS?) "partners". I have seen these numbers on multiple mainstream and alternative news websites. It is impossible to do an on site inventory, so this is the best anyone can do. For all we know much of the following might even be conservative.

* 2,000 armored vehicles, including Humvees and MRAPs

* 75,989 total vehicles: FMTV, M35, Ford Rangers, Ford F350s, Ford vans, Toyota pickups, armored security vehicles, etc.

* 45 UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters

* 50 MD530G Scout attack helicopters

* ScanEagle military drones

* 30 military version Cessnas

* 4 C-130s

* 29 Brazilian made A-29 Super Tucano ground attack aircraft

* unknown amounts of heavy equipment, including bulldozers, backhoes, dump trucks, excavators

* 16,000 night vision goggles

* 600,000 rifles 

* 7,000 machine guns

* 1,394 M203 grenade launchers and 61,000 M203 Rounds

* 2,520 bombs

20 million rounds of 7.62mm rifle ammunition, and 9 million rounds of .50 caliber sniper rifle and machine gun ammunition

* numerous heavy tanks, mortars, howitzers and field artillery pieces

And this is just a partial inventory, not to mention many pallets of $100 bills, worth unknown millions of dollars that the USSA left for the Taliban. Surrender is not cheap, after all.  \sarcasm\

In other words, the Pentagon's precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan has just very heavily armed the Taliban and whatever Takfiri crazies (ISIS, al-Qaeda, etc.) they might harbor within their territory. 

None of this is accidental. It's satanically insane, but it is not accidental. This is the modus operandi of the CIA, State Department and Pentagon. This is the foreign and military policy of the USSA government in action. Death, destruction and satanic insanity are their calling cards. It's analogous to handing courtesy packs of matches to psychopathic inmates in a purposefully, thoroughly, gasoline drenched asylum for the criminally insane. The precise outcome may be in doubt, but that its nature will be very combustible is not. 

There will be fireworks. That's the plan. Count on it. Maybe even (probably?) in a country near you, courtesy of the USSA's pig stupid, foreign and military policy, as conducted by a host of enabling psychopaths and sociopaths at the CIA, Pentagon and State Department in Washington, DC, and their demonic counterparts in other NATO capitals and Israel.

It Gets Even More Surreal

But, wait, there's more. This week the government here in Quito has announced that Ecuador will "temporarily" take in 5,000 Afghan war refugees. They do not speak Spanish, they use a different alphabet, practice a different religion, have very different cultural practices, wear different clothing, eat different food, have no cultural, political or historical ties to this region whatsoever -- and yet they will imminently be plunked down here in the Andes, in Ecuador, on the far side of the world from Afghanistan. According to the government in Quito, the USSA will pay for the Afghan refugees' care while in Ecuador. 

How can any of this be believed? Moreover, the Afghan conflict is the USSA's war, so any resulting refugees are morally, politically and militarily the fault of the USSA, and certainly not the fault of Ecuador. So why are thousands of them coming here? 

Why dump them off on a small, poor country in South America? And by the way,  temporary can mean 3 months, 2 years, 15 years, or even 20 years, just not "permanently" -- right? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) And the USSA "paying" for their care can mean almost anything, up to and including, secret, multi-million dollar deposits to anonymous, numbered, offshore bank accounts of high officials in Ecuador. Governments virtually everywhere are corrupt; that is as true of Ecuador as in the USSA.

Frankly, this reeks of an Andean, CIA- Pentagon destabilization strategy to further fragment, fracture, divide and weaken an already failing South American state, the better to enable the ongoing theft of its not inconsiderable natural resources of gold, copper, silver, petroleum, uranium, fresh water, agricultural land and products, cheap labor and more. Over the last year and a half, in a nation of just 17.5 million people, 3 million additional people have slipped into poverty, and that is South American poverty, with a monthly income of  $400 or less, in many cases much less. One million people have fallen from the middle class into poverty. 50% of the businesses in central Quito have failed. I have seen figures that reveal that as much as 60% of the Ecuadorean population is now in poverty. For all I know the actual poverty figure may be even higher.

Earlier this month, José Villavicencio, President of the General Union of Workers of Ecuador, said that 40 percent of Ecuadoreans live on $2.50 a day and 18 percent live on $1.50. I don't doubt those numbers whatsoever. Millions of Ecuadoreans have been reduced to cruel, grinding, desperate poverty. According to government statistics that have been reported in the press, 24% of children in Ecuador suffer from malnutrition -- and that was before all the Covid related quarantines, lockdowns and restrictions that have very severely hampered a national economy that was already struggling before the Covid plandemic was inflicted on the country.

And now, into all of this suffering and woe, the governments of Ecuador and the USSA will inject additional thousands of Afghan war refugees? On top of more than half a million, mostly destitute, Venezuelan refugees who are already here, and unknown hundreds of thousands of equally destitute Colombian refugees fleeing the narco-violence in Colombia, that Ecuador equally cannot accommodate? And Ecuador is now supposed to mop up additional thousands of Afghan war refugees for the CIA, Pentagon and USSA State Department?

Why can't they go to the USSA? And who are they anyway? Women and children? Clerks and translators? Hard core jihadis primed to wreak bloody havoc against infidels? Who knows? Do the CIA and Pentagon even know, or care?

It's demonic. The agenda of the satanic, so-called "ruling elites" in both Ecuador and the USSA is obviously to break up Ecuador, to splinter it and its people into nothing, and cast the broken pieces to the wind.

Ecuador is in big trouble.

And, oh, by the way, so are the USSA and every last person who lives there.

The totality of the information coming my way, from both external and internal data sources, indicates that the USSA will soon be going down and very hard. That process has already begun. The red-white-and-blue debacle in Afghanistan, the war that keeps on giving, is but one of the multiple falling dominoes that will spectacularly take out the USSA.


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