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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Ghastly, Horrific, Prison Slaughter In Ecuador

Many of my readers probably have seen in the daily news cycle that yesterday there was a hideous, bloody, prison riot here in Ecuador. In reality, it was far worse, and much more grisly than is being reported in the corporate news media in the USSA. The official death count is now at 118, with 79 wounded. The number of dead will almost certainly go higher in the coming days. Many of the dead were decapitated, dismembered, and/or disemboweled. It was such a hellish, demonic slaughter, that the coroner and morgue personnel are having a very hard time identifying the dead, due to the terribly mutilated condition of the bodies.

The root cause of the slaughter has to do with murderous power maneuvers and struggles between rival, ruthless narco-cartels and gangs here in Ecuador, vying for control of the drugs being trafficked through this country, most of which are destined for Europe and the USSA. Numerous firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition were smuggled into the prison before the riot, and used to very lethal effect. It took the National Police and Army a full 24 hours to regain control of the facility
. Even so, there were reports today of more shooting inside the prison, with 400 National Policemen being sent in to restore a modicum of order. A sweep of the prison by the military late yesterday turned up a wide variety of hidden weapons: machetes, knives, grenades, sticks of dynamite, firearms and ammunition.

You may wonder how so many weapons can be in the hands of hard core criminals locked up in prison. The answer is that the drug cartels and allied criminal gangs have a lot of money and clout, and the money and clout open a lot of doors, including prison doors. 

Real evil has been let loose on this planet. We are going to see more and more episodes like this, and even far worse, in Ecuador, in the USSA, and elsewhere. Satan himself and hordes of demons are wreaking havoc on the Earth and humanity. They will not stop their evil ways, until their campaign of horror comes to its terrible, final end. I wish it were otherwise, but it is not. Grim events lie ahead and will happen for as many reasons as there are people. 

Here's a minor example of the ugly sorts of things that will be happening more and more: last week four men came to the building where I live (for one more day) and physically beat the owner/administrator. It's just one more violent incident in a world gone mad, but it has served to ratify my decision to leave this place where I have lived for 8+ years and relocate to a place with more neighborhood solidarity, and less street crime. The decision to move suddenly came over me several weeks ago, and has only grown stronger since, even though the move is inconvenient and entails expenses that have severely strained my meager budget. I felt the negative vibes coming, well before yesterday's horrific prison slaughter, or the physical beating of the man who has rented a room to me for more than 8 years.

The break down of society is visible on every hand. What is happening in Ecuador is also happening in the USSA, with the poverty, homelessness, a broken educational system, street crime, home invasions, random assaults, unemployment, murderous prison gangs, corrupt and incompetent government, and on and on. Ecuador is a microcosm of the USSA.

Societal conditions will get worse and worse, in Ecuador and in the USSA, and lots of other places. I've been trying to tell people that for years. 

This is it, the Event Horizon. We're in it now, and heading deeper. Things will get more and more intense. A lot of people will die, millions and millions, from violent crime, dire poverty, starvation, natural disasters, disease, warfare, etc.

All sorts of dramatic karma is in play starting in October, which by the way begins tomorrow. One of my readers has written to me that the astrology for October is: Volatile. Combustible. I do not doubt it. That is certainly true here in Ecuador, where extremely bloody events yesterday got a two-day running start on October. 

I am reading and being told from multiple sources that uncommonly heavy things are likely to go down in the second half of next month. At this point nothing would overly surprise me.

Beware the Ides of October!

On a personal level, in the face of further, major, impending, global events, I absolutely need and gratefully accept any and all donations. I am in the process of moving right now and am incurring expenses for utilities, curtains, a bed and mattress, a kitchen table, a couple of chairs, a chest of drawers, an end table, sheets, towels and blankets, etc. It would greatly help me to have dollars before the crash, to buy as much food and essential supplies as possible, while the dollar is still perceived to have value. I am moving out of a small, poorly furnished, rented room near the center of Quito to a more tranquil neighborhood. Turmoil is coming, that's a given, and the center of Quito will be a logical center of mob action. There are a lot of major, government buildings in this shabby, old sector of Quito where I have lived for many years. When people finally figure out how badly they have been reamed, they may just burn everything down, like the Goths sacking Rome centuries ago. I definitely won't want to be here then. As the saying goes: "Things are about to get real!" -- as soon as a few weeks from now. Whatever hard and trying situations we have lived through over the past 18 months, world events are about to move into an entirely different, way more difficult gear.

If you are able and willing to donate it will be a real life saver for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.