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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Lo, I Have Spoken With Dr. Strangelove

One of my readers recently alerted me to Badastridd and her nonpareil send up of The Androgyne Freemasonic Dictatorship, as she puts it. 

I quickly saw that Bastridd is onto them, like white on rice. She doesn't hold back. The I-DP-PTs (inbred demonically possessed psychopathic tyr(@)nneez) are everywhere, all over the world, in politics, in religion, in sports, in the music and entertainment business (TV, theater, cinema, recording, videos, night clubs), in the "fashion" industry, in the military (swarms of them!), in advertising, in the corporate news media, in banking and industry, in the art world, in the so-called "royal" families, in academe, and so many other social nooks, crannies and niches. 

See this EGI* clown, TV star/whatever, for example:  

The EGI* (endgame idiots) are just playing for fun. They're plaaayers who don't really care very much about the outcome one way or the other. It's all just a game to them. The "MAGA!" clown in the link above is a ..... well, either you get it, or you don't. Either way, if you feel a need for a v(@)xxeenashun to deepen your appreciation of the Great Game, the "MAGA!" clown has that covered, too. It's a madly downward-spiraling, carnival sideshow, and where it stops, no one knows....

Puddles Pity Party is also onto them, just watch and see. It's all a fake, dismal circus; we're swirling around and around in it. Holy moly! Like a sly, slippery court jester, the PPP clown is right on it, with surreal shtick straight out of an ayahuasca vision. No doubt that he's quaffed a cup or two of the brew:

Oh, my goodness gracious, is Puddles Pity Party ever onto the game, the Great Game no less, as T
he Androgyne Freemasonic Dictatorship so-called, "ruling elite" are wont to say.

Thus Spake Dr. Strangelove

Which reminds me that I once sat and spoke at leisurely length with Dr. Strangelove, I really did, and he told me many Strange things. And then he told me that if I ever betrayed his confidence that he (c)(w)ould have me killed, and make it look like a random street crime committed by a deranged derelict. 

In fact I << was >> almost killed, over 8 years ago. But not by Dr. Strangelove, oh, no, not by him or his minions; but by layers of deniability that I now understand extend into so many improbable and disappointing places and persons in Ecuador
 and elsewhere (the names of some of whom are sadly known to me; more pieces of the puzzle fall into place with every passing year), sealed in by so much fear, fear of whom I know, and fear of what I know, and I will not say more than that.  I can't go to the police or the courts, whether in Ecuador or anywhere else; they're all in on it; they're all part of The Androgyne Freemasonic Dictatorship's satanic game. The corruption is seamless, ubiquitous, and many there be who are in the game.

To the surprise of those who wanted me dead, or incapacitated to the point of abject slavery, I'm alive and walking around. So there is that. For what it's worth, I believe that I did die, and then spontaneously resuscitated after a period of time, to the astonishment of my tormentors. I was so extremely cold and confused when I came to, stiff as a board. I could barely move any part of my body. It took me a half-hour to figure out where I was, and to summon up the will and energy to very slowly and laboriously roll over from a position face down in the dirt, and gradually get up onto my hands and knees to painfully, shakily crawl fifteen feet, after which I was completely physically spent. I was in deep shock. I had no idea in those moments how savagely and brutally I had been abused. 

I know now. Things continue to come into focus with greater and greater granularity.

It Was All In A Hard Day's Work

Speaking of which, this coming October is going to have so much "granularity" that we will never forget it. The events that are coming will be so overwhelming that we will all have to set aside unresolved issues in the past, as painful and even life threatening as some of them may have been, in order to cope with the immensity of what we will shortly have to deal with on a daily basis. 

October will be but prelude to yet more momentous months that will follow. 

The long and the short of it is that the corporate USSA is apparently about to welch on a massive debt of many trillions of dollars in October, so imagine the level of violent payback that is coming.

I think that's what my repeating, "in four", God-Moses dream in June signified, pointing to the month of October. My understanding is that the corporate USSA is so mired in hopelessly unpayable, umpteen trillions of dollars worth of external debt, that just a week from now the corporate USSA will definitively default on scheduled payments to its creditors. As I have repeatedly said in my blog, the thing called the "United States" is done. It is finished. It is not coming back. Not ever. There is no hope of meaningful payment of the astronomical debt. It will not and cannot be paid.

Apparently there is a two-week grace period in early October, but starting about three weeks from now there could well be intense pressure, as the creditors of the corporate USSA begin to press to take physical possession of tangible collateral, in lieu of payment with meaningless, phony-baloney, Federal Reserve Notes in the form of streams of electrons emitted from computers in New York City, or Washington, DC, or Richmond, Virginia, or wherever.

In other words, from about October 15th on, there will be a real and growing threat of kinetic warfare, a shooting war. Creditors such as the Chinese may decide to simply come and take physical possession of copper, salt and coal mines, petroleum and natural gas wells, gasoline refineries, vast tracts of fertile farmland, seaports, canals, military bases, factories, airports, railroads, forests, coastal fisheries, prime real estate, bus lines, trucking companies, etc. If the corporate USSA is not prepared to hand over big chunks of physical, tangible collateral, the Chinese military may apply military force to help focus the minds of the corrruptocrats in Washington, DC. We're just about to that point, in my opinion.

What this will mean for my readers' investments (if any) and their daily lives, and how the various markets will react, and exactly when, I have absolutely no idea. I'm not in the markets, so I don't follow the minutiae of their ups and downs. I lack the means to invest in anything.

Events in October could conceivably result in the precipitous end of the Federal Reserve Note (petrodollar), and possibly a huge crash of the USSA's economy in mere weeks or days. The fluctuations in the market(s) would be wild and unpredictable. That is not investment advice, simply my musing. I truly do not know exactly how things will shake out. In times like these, some people make fortunes, and others lose everything. I already don't have anything, so I'm ahead of the curve.

If the dollar does move to toilet paper status in October and November, that will slam Ecuador really hard, because the Federal Reserve Note is the official, national currency here. It has also for years been official currency in El Salvador and Panama, and a very widely used unofficial currency in other Latin American nations such as Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, etc. So when the Federal Reserve Note bites the dust, it will have a tremendous impact in daily life across a broad swath of Latin America, and all around the world. 

These comments are not idle speculation on my part. The corporate news media are now speaking openly of an "X Date" in October, just weeks from now, on or about which date the corporate USSA may spectacularly, de facto and de jure default on its multi-trillion dollar debt, with dire consequences. Imagine the global uproar and upheaval if the USSA Treasury Department invokes force majeure because of Covid-19, or something similar. Nothing would surprise me. Please read:

In brief, the global system based on the petrodollar is breaking down. Its days are decisively numbered. The final crash could come at any time. Forget a return to normalcy. Normalcy will never be coming back. 

Compounding the immense financial issues will be an enormous increase in deaths, handicaps and severe incapacity related to the covid "v(@)xxeens". For the aware, those deaths, handicaps and incapacities have already begun. Their numbers will drastically increase in the coming time.

None of this bodes well for the people of the USSA, or for people in other countries all over the world, including places like Ecuador, which uses the Federal Reserve Note and is massively v(@)xxeen8ing the national population.

Grim times are coming. Terrible events are barreling towards us in the time-space pipeline. They cannot be stopped at this point. I's way too late for that.

As Goes New York City, So Goes The USSA

I have been struck by a couple of recent blog posts by the Christian prophetess, Celestial, who lives in New York City. In her visions, she has been shown a scenario that very closely resembles what I have seen in recent years: the utter destruction of New York City. Please see:

New York Will Be Drowned

Over The Tops Of The Buildings

She talks about the cataclysmic flooding that will overrun New York City, hundreds of feet deep, that will topple buildings and snap them in half, and wash everything away, right down to the foundations, with a force that rivals that of powerful nuclear weaponry. New York City will be a completely ruined, submerged city.

I must say that her vision earlier today is very close to what I was inwardly shown one morning just before awakening: a desolate New York City with no sign of human life, skyscrapers snapped in half or toppled over against other buildings like giant, leaning dominoes, millions of blown out windows, and 100 feet of water covering everything. Whatever causes this ruinous outcome, it will be the violent end of New York City and 99.99% of the people who live there. The level of destruction that I saw necessarily means that the mortality rate will be extreme. There will be very, very few survivors. Many people, not only Celestial and I, have seen the mind-boggling destruction of New York City in dreams and visions. I accept that it is in the time-space pipeline barreling towards us, that people are subconsciously detecting its looming, future probability. New York City will be going down. Mystery Babylon is doomed. I don't know exactly when this will occur, though from what I saw it looked like the contemporary city to me -- albeit 100% destroyed and very deeply flooded, beyond all hope of reconstruction.

On a personal level, in the face of further, major, impending, global events, I absolutely need and gratefully accept any and all donations. I am in the process of moving right now and am incurring expenses for utilities, curtains, a bed and mattress, a kitchen table, a couple of chairs, a chest of drawers, an end table, sheets, towels and blankets, etc. It would greatly help me to have dollars before the crash, to buy as much food and essential supplies as possible, while the dollar is still perceived to have value. I am moving out of a small, poorly furnished, rented room near the center of Quito to a more tranquil neighborhood. Turmoil is coming, that's a given, and the center of Quito will be a logical center of mob action. There are a lot of major, government buildings in this shabby, old sector of Quito where I have lived for many years. When people finally figure out how badly they have been reamed, they may just burn everything down, like the Goths sacking Rome centuries ago. I definitely won't want to be there then. As the saying goes: "Things are about to get real!" -- as soon as a few weeks from now. Whatever hard and trying situations we have lived through over the past 18 months, world events are about to move into an entirely different, yet more difficult gear. 

If you are able and willing to donate it will be a real life saver for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.