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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Ecuador Erupts In Large Protests

One of the things that ayahuasca showed to my good friend, Greg Caton, before he left this "Earth" realm for another realm, half a year ago, was that there was going to be a major, prolonged, intense, National Uprising in Ecuador in 2022.

In my experience, ayahuasca does not lie, at least not for those who have the fortitude to see the truth and not look away, as unpleasant as it may sometimes be. 

So it is that events of recent days in Quito, and all over the country, indicate that the 2022 National Uprising in Ecuador has apparently now begun, or the preliminary stages of it, at any rate.

Some of the important grievances are: 
>  industrial mining and petroleum extraction in indigenous and environmentally sensitive territories

>  massive governmental corruption

>  massive budget cuts in public education

>  tremendously corrupt courts, prisons and police

>  severe crisis in export agriculture -- bananas and cut flowers, among other exports

>  high domestic gasoline and diesel fuel prices

>  rapidly increasing food prices

>  extremely high unemployment and underemployment

>  high poverty rates

>  a plague of street crime and organized crime
>  a criminally corrupt, quickly collapsing, public health care/hospital system

intense dislike of the IMF, which has insinuated itself into Ecuador like a fatal cancer

This list is not exhaustive, but it suffices to explain a lot of the rage that has brought people out into the streets by the the thousands this week in Ecuador. 

Knowing the possibility of large protests this afternoon, I went into Quito to run a couple of errands at midday. By the time I prepared to catch public transport out of the city back to my neighborhood, the bus line that I took into the city was no longer running. So I walked a few blocks and caught a bus on another line that still was in operation. I crossed the city to a park where I knew I could walk over to catch another bus line that would take me to a transit station that would probably have a bus or two to carry me back to my neighborhood. 

I was right, and did make it back to my apartment -- but barely. By mid- to late-afternoon, public transit was all but shut down in Quito. There was scarcely a bus to be had at all.

Just as I dismounted from the bus, two large, green, Army buses zoomed past the bus stop. I saw soldiers in combat fatigues inside. Through the windshield of the second bus I saw riot shields. In the distance, I saw helicopters circling over central Quito. Just a short while later I was walking beside the highway, when suddenly a horde of riot police, dressed in all black, with helmets and riot shields, came zooming past on motorcycles, headed into Quito. There was also another, green, Army bus with soldiers. Accompanying them was an enormous, black, mobile, police command center, as well as an all black, wicked looking, armored, riot control vehicle, with something like a cow catcher welded onto the front, like railroad locomotives used to have years ago, only it's not for cattle -- it's for human beings, when the Hell vehicle plows into crowds of people.

Tomorrow is another day, and more protests are likely. Indeed, the protests may well extend into a second week --- and a third and fourth and ... ? ---  and even greatly intensify in size and fury in the coming days.

This is why I have been telling people that things are going to be drastically changing, and asking for support to help me prepare for what is on the way. The future is already noisily heaving into view here in Ecuador. It waits for no man. It's like a baby -- when it's due, it pops onto the scene, ready or not.

What's that you say? You don't live in Ecuador? There are no such issues in your part of the world?

Well, then, relax!! You have no worries, do you??!!   \sarcasm\

Because I'm here to tell you that very soon indeed, what is happening here in Ecuador, or maybe something much worse! -- can very quickly come quite rudely knocking on your door. 

Germany, England, France, the USSA, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Japan, etc. -- you'll see. Lamentably, you will see. A lot of what is going to happen is karmic in nature, not that that will make it any easier. 

Here are a few short Twitter videos that will give you some idea of what is happening in Ecuador. Mind you, these are just early days, and what the video clips show is just a small part of what is going on. There are also major, national highway and street blockages, for instance. What things may be like in 5 days from now, or ten days from now -- we'll know that when we know it. Though the trajectory of events does appear to be accelerating and intensifying.

Here, take a look. The video clips are only 30 seconds or 60 seconds, not long, but you'll get the idea. People are not happy, and they are taking their discontent to the street.

In Quito:

In Guaranda:

In Cotopaxi:

In Chimborazo:

In Ibarra:


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