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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

300,000 More Troops: Everything Has Changed

With yesterday's game changing announcements by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, that Russia will immediately begin calling up 300,000 military reservists to active duty, and that the Russian Federation is now in a de facto state of war with the West (NATO/EU/Pentagon), Russia's Special Military Operation in the Ukraine has just entered a new, more expansive phase. I knew that this would happen. I said that it would. And now it has.

Of course, this echoes NATO's own surprise announcement only 3 months ago, in late June, that it was going to be putting 300,000 of its troops on high alert in response to the Russian military operation in the Ukraine. 

The Russian decision of yesterday is obviously related to the referendums that will take place over the coming week, in the (probably-soon-to-be-former) Ukrainian oblasts (provinces) of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye, in the eastern and southern regions of the Ukraine. The only question on the ballot is whether to secede from the Ukraine and petition Moscow for entry into the Russian Federation. These are all heavily, ethnically Russian, Russian-speaking oblasts, so the vote will almost certainly be strongly in favor of leaving the Ukraine, and joining the Russian Federation. If that does occur, then the Russian government is all but certain to swiftly approve their incorporation into the Russian Federation.

When that happens, within the next few weeks (or a couple of months at the outside), subsequent military attacks by the Ukrainian military and/or NATO/EU mercenaries on the territories or populations of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye will constitute acts of war against the Russian Federation. And just that fast, the Russian Federation and the Pentagon/NATO/EU will be at war.

Make no mistake about it: this is all part of the run-up to a direct, military contest for control of the truly vast Russian portion of the Eurasian continent. Probably in 2023, and maybe even by Christmastime this year, we are highly likely to see clashes between the military forces of the Kremlin and the Washington-DC/London/Brussels power bloc, aka, the "West."

Both sides to this upcoming military showdown are heavily nuclear armed, as Vladimir Putin mentioned in his remarks yesterday, overtly saying that if Russia's national security is threatened, that the Kremlin will use all weapons at its disposal in its defense, including nuclear arms. He pointedly added: "I am not bluffing."

For my part, I believe him. I think that Vladimir Putin is as serious as a heart attack.

Just seven months ago, three weeks before the Russian army went into the Ukraine, I had an early morning, waking vision about the imminence of World War-III. I wrote about it here:

Three weeks later, the Russians went into the Ukraine. In my opinion, the military operation in the Ukraine over the last seven months represents only the opening skirmishes of World War-III. What we will see play out in the coming months, and the next year or two or three, will probably spread far beyond the Ukraine, and will equally probably be extremely destructive and deadly.

I therefore anticipate that the international order is relatively soon going to be rudely rearranged. It is a firm guarantee that mainland Europe and the mainland USSA, aka, the Lower 48, will not emerge unscathed from the oncoming war. 


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