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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Notice Has Been Served On The U$$A

Dear Readers, the essential elements are there for Galactic Prosecution to proceed against the guilty parties at any instant from now on without any further warning to them whatsoever. Click the link. Watch the 30 second video:

Under Galactic Law, what this man did two years ago constitutes a formal indictment. He has: 1) galactic legal standing, and 2) galactic cause. He forthrightly served formal, public notice on the principle miscreants (George W. Bush and the U$$A power establishment) on a national, mass media stage. Legal galactic notice has therefore been duly served. There is a juridical record. The necessary and sufficient elements are there. Click the link above. The crimes are unspeakably monstrous.

If/when? mushroom clouds billow up over Washington-DC or Manhattan Island-NY or Chicago or San Francisco or Houston or Albuquerque or Seattle or Salt Lake City or Las Vegas or Phoenix or San Diego or Norfolk-VA or Miami or Tampa or San Antonio or Minneapolis or Omaha-NE or Minot-ND or New Orleans or Memphis or Wilmington-DE or Little Rock or Boise or Honolulu or Fairbanks, no need to ask why.

Answer: Laos, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, WW-II, Indian Massacres, Philippines invasion, Central American wars, Libya, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria, Hiroshima + Nagasaki, CIA gun running + CIA human trafficking + CIA narco-traffic + CIA murder + CIA torture + CIA Satanism, and much more ghastly offal.

To be honest, I don't go to church. I don't feel worthy, to tell the truth. Someone told me years ago that I had been excommunicated by one of my former churches, and maybe by all of them, for all that I know. I'm long since out of touch with that ecclesiastical scene, given that I no longer attend services for decades now. Be all of that as it may or may not be, it is a fact that Jesus has very high standards; such that upon a sober inventory of the entire body of my life's work, I am not sure that I even qualify to shine his shoes or sweep his sidewalk. People have no idea who this man is, but they'll assuredly find out. He's way beyond words (though for those who do pay attention to words -- lawyers, for instance? -- Jesus Christ did state on the record: "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you!")

That said, I do read the Christian prophecy boards online, and many of the prophets and prophetesses are insistently reporting that God/Jesus are telling them that the U$$A already has been severely indicted for the very partial list of crimes set forth above (which doesn't even include the tens of millions of aborted babies, unknown millions of Satanic, secret society torture victims, millions of slaves in past centuries, etc.).

According to the Christian prophets and prophetesses God/Jesus are now informing them that sternly harsh judgment will be irrevocably rendered to the U$$A. There is no possible appeal. The place will be wiped out, consumed by righteous fire, effaced from the Earth, irrevocably removed from history, as if it never were. The destruction and slaughter will be horrific, massive, brutal, unrelenting. The decision has allegedly already been made. The sentence will reportedly be carried out without mercy. War without any quarter whatsoever. Those who showed no mercy to unknown millions of others, will be shown no mercy themselves.

And by the way, don't you know that the prophetic message from the Christian Internet visionaries is almost exactly the same as the revelatory visions that the South American shamanic brew, ayahuasca, delivered in recent years to my deceased friend, Greg Caton: the U$$A is going to be wiped out, border to border, coast to coast, by unquenchable fire and destruction; an all- consuming fire that will destroy the land from one end to the other. Reason: thoroughgoing evil, a karmic stench that will call forth righteous justice, to balance the scales of judgment. The blood of unknown millions of victims will be avenged by the Lords of Karma, so to speak.

I'm having trouble sleeping. I can feel the heaviness, the burden of what is on the way, the ferocity of the approaching storm. Strange dreams, strange symbolism, strange metaphors, signs and allusions.

What is in the pipeline will not take ten or twenty years to play out, probably not even five years. BIG EVENTS are about to mow down entire countries and many millions of people, none more so than the U$$A.


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