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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Ralph Smart & The Soulless Cyborg Agenda

One of my readers earlier today sent me a link to one of Ralph Smart's recent YouTube videos, in which he points out the dehumanizing A.I. - cyborg, transhumanism agenda that we can see in play worldwide. I watched the video and you may want to as well. It's not long and raises important issues:

HUMAN 2.0 - Spiritual Warfare is upon us

I want to say, first of all, that 
 the A.I. generated text at the bottom of the YouTube video is garbage. Among other glaringly stupid errors, the A.I. prints the word, piranha (the predatory, carnivorous, South American fish), when the word that is being spoken is prana -- the spiritual life energy in the Hindu yogic tradition. But then A.I. is nonspiritual and soulless, so what would you expect?

Secondly, I want to say that Ralph Smart is absolutely correct. We are up against Satanic A.I. in a defining struggle for our very Human Existence. Ayahuasca has shown me this malevolent A.I. reality again and again. It is vomit inducing beyond belief, thoroughly repugnant. It is already here now, and it is vile. It is as coldly menacing as a coiled rattlesnake sizing up its prey, before suddenly striking and sinking its venomous fangs into its unsuspecting victim. It is an existential threat to all Nature and the human race.

You can see the cyborg future being set into place now. This very short Boston Dynamics video about their new robot raises all sorts of questions:

Atlas Gets a Grip

If Boston Dynamics is posting this sort of video footage of its adroit, Model T robots to the public Internet, then I assume that the cyborg-android-robotic technology is way further advanced in the military-industrial-espionage-complex Black World of Top Secret, compartmentalized projects.

See for another alarming example the following, open laboratory demonstration of cyborg-beetles in Singapore for a chilling idea of where Top Secret human-cyborg technology has probably already gone. We are even now surrounded by hordes of remote controlled beings running on auto-pilot -- plugged into their stupid cell phones that program them to do and think all sorts of vapid, insipid, ignorant things. The NeuraLink A.I. brain control chips are being developed by Elon Musk right now. Why, soon everyone will be a walking, talking cyborg-beetle plugged into the mind-body A.I.-hive-mind-control-system. At least that is the New World Order global control plan. Watch and learn:

Singapore's Remote-Controlled Cyborg Insects

In fact, in my shamanic ayahuasca sessions this hyperconscious South American plant has revealed to me that there are already many "artificial" humans of all sorts stalking the Earth -- androids, cyborgs, robots, A.I. programmed meat robots assembled using the human  genetic code but animated by A.I., clones, E.T.s in genetic human meat suits, etc.  The numbers of organic Earth human beings with real souls are steadily dwindling. I was stunned when this sobering information was downloaded to me. According to what was revealed to me, we are immersed in a very highly programmed and controlled Earth realm. Nothing is as it seems.

We have to return to human contact and contact with Nature. 

It is becoming clearer and clearer that Nature is where it's at. Nature is where it has always been! Trees, wildflowers, ferns, brambles, vines, grass, sedges, reeds, cattails, birds, bees, butterflies, turtles, salamanders, toads, lizards, fish, lobsters, crabs, eels, rabbits, chipmunks, bears, elk, clean streams and rivers, pure air, etc. (I must add that I have a soft place in my heart for the Sasquatches, with whom we are genetically related. Yes, they are real. They are even here in Ecuador. They live out in the wild places -- in the swamps, mountains, forests, jungles and thickets.)

One of my readers recently asked me what we should do, and I responded that we should unplug from the A.I. control system, starting with the cell phones. I include myself in that advice. I don't presently have any sort of cell phone, and really do not want one. I used to have a very cheap, very basic cell phone that I bought here in Ecuador. But I failed to make even one phone call in over a year, and when I went to use it one day, I discovered that the telco had assigned my number to someone else, for being a "dead" number. 

As far as that goes, if I had $10K in hand (I don't even have $400 at present) I would probably also mostly abandon the Internet. I still use it to generate a few thousand dollars of annual income, but if I had a little bit of money, I would unplug from the Internet, too. 

I see mothers come with their children to the playground or park, and many of them are far more interested in their cell phones than they are in interacting with their small children. The children cry out: "Look! Mama! Mama!" and the mothers are so absorbed in their cell phones that they do not even hear. 
It's disappointing. 

Did you ever see The Devil Wears Prada, the 2006 feature film with Anne Hathaway, and Meryl Streep as the overbearing Bitch Boss From Hell? In the last scene Hathaway receives one too many imperious phone calls from her Bitch Boss. In disgust, the Hathaway character cavalierly tosses her cell phone into a big water fountain -- kerplunk! --  and walks away from the cell phone and the entire Bitch Boss scenario. End of film.

Finally, some Hollywood predictive programming that I can heartily support. It is an idea whose time has clearly arrived.


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