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Monday, January 23, 2023

The Feds Search Biden's Sock Drawer

The political circus in red-white-and-blue bizarro world gets weirder and weirder. Now the Feds are ransacking (alleged) presidential abodes, beach houses, offices, garages and digs from Delaware to D.C., in search of AWOL classified documents, and who knows what all else.  As President Bidet's ever diminishing Washington-DC clout swirls around the swamp drain, which is making impatient sucking sounds, it is getting plainer to see that Kamala will probably soon be installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Soon, maybe very soon, "Murika" will see what gurrrrl power is all about, or gurrrly man trainy* (you figure it out) power, or whatever.

The Kamala entity is well and truly, extremely dangerously stoopid. Repeat: the stoopid is very strong with the Kamala Thing.

Those who voted she/he/it? into power, or criminally rigged she/he/it? into power, will soon see the fulfillment of their vote and/or criminality.

I would've warned my readers, though ... well, actually I think I did! 

But not to worry, the notoriously muddy swamp in Mordor-on-Potomac will shortly come into much better focus than ever before. The muck will be clearer than slippery, watery sh!* ....., umm, just you wait. It will be spectacular!

I understand how Satanic the whole game is -- and therefore haven't voted for decades. Why even bother? The last time I voted (in the previous century), I checked the box only for candidates at any level, local, county, state or federal, who were not Democrat or Republican. Green, Libertarian, Natural Law Party, etc. It didn't matter who they were, or what their party affiliation was: only that they were neither Republican nor Democrat.

I haven't voted since.

It's all massively criminally rigged. Don't you see that, Dear Readers?

But what do I know? I'm just some guy in South America, with a fringe blog with ever lower readership as the years go slowly by, way in the backwater of the backwater of the Internet.


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