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Monday, January 2, 2023

There Will Be Many More ....

This is very alarming and sad but true:

About one hour ago (as I write these words) NFL football player, Damar Hamlin, made a routine tackle in tonight's Monday Night Football game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals, stood up, adjusted his helmet and keeled over backwards on the field, where he remained motionless. Shortly thereafter he was being urgently given CPR on the field by the medical staff, before being carried off by ambulance to the hospital. It would seem that his heart stopped. I have no idea if he is dead or alive at this point. We'll know more in the coming hours.

Lamentably, there will be more and more of these catastrophic collapses and deaths. In tonight's case, as I write these words this very high-profile game has been suspended.  I can't recall this sort of incident ever happening for a sporting event that I was watching or participating in, and I probably have watched and/or participated in thousands of sports competitions of all sorts over more than half a century, on TV, or live and in person: U$$A football, soccer, basketball, baseball, Olympic competitions of all sorts, cross country races, bicycle races, swimming, tennis, etc. But with the advent of the mRNA vak$tings two years ago, the formerly exceedingly rare has now become increasingly common. 

The carnage is just getting started. John Stockton, the Hall of Fame NBA player, recently said that thousands of athletes are dying. The many sports leagues around the world must be aware of this grave health issue. It's getting harder to keep it out of the news, especially when athletic, physically fit young men suddenly flop over motionless or dead on live television.

It's happening more and more.

This will be quite a year. We'll see who is still here 12 months from now.

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