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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

U$$A Death Squads

I watched the video of the police "hit" against Tyre Nichols in Memphis a few days ago. It was all over social media last week. If you didn't see it, you didn't want to. I won't link to it here. If you want to see it, you can easily find it with a key word search. I will say that it was very hard to watch a man being killed for no reason. 

Tyre Nichols didn't do anything wrong, certainly nothing major, nothing that warranted being beaten to death. He wasn't violent. He didn't resist. 

What we saw was a crime of the state, pure and simple. It was "state terror," a police death squad in action, like in Haiti or some other brutal, lawless regime.

Evidently the police were out to kill someone -- and for whatever reason they picked Tyre Nichols. Based on what is seen in the videos circulating online, that was a death squad in Memphis, Tennessee -- men in police uniforms hunting down another man, swarming him and killing him.

You can see in the police videos that when Tyre Nichols grasped that the cops intended to snuff him, he justifiably broke free from their grasp and ran for his life. Whereupon they chased him down and finished him off. It was a savage, murderous beat down.

I suspect that Tyre Nichols is not their first, or only, victim. How many others have they brutalized or killed like that?

Real evil is on the loose in the U$$A. That's Satanism at work.

It is obvious that the murderers didn't expect to be exposed. They were so wanton and bold, that they must have done this before. They showed no restraint.

As far as that goes, there are also cases of narco-cops, killer cops and cops with violent gang ties here in Ecuador, where I live. And in a lot of other countries.

It's a widespread issue in today's world. When you see, or are stopped by a cop (of any race or ethnicity), is he a good guy, or is he a contract killer?

Whether in Ecuador or the U$$A, you have no easy way of knowing. The murderous, Satanic corruption runs very deep.

For me the underlying issue here is not racial. Tyre Nichols did nothing worthy of being killed -- that's the issue. We're looking at Satanism, real evil. Five cops snuffed another man -- without any cause whatsoever. 

Tyre Nichols ran for his life, with 100% justification, and they chased him down and beat him to death.

I watched the whole terrible thing. Tyre Nichols did not do anything that even remotely justified being killed on the spot by five cops.

Nothing. Not one thing. It was murder, pure and simple. Raw Satanism at work.

Killing for the sake of killing. Blood sport.

It made me wonder if we're seeing a Satanic killing game -- and the killers got a little bit too carried away, such that their kill couldn't be easily covered up this time. Did you ever see the movie, "The Hunt"? which was ostensibly set in Arkansas? In which wealthy Satanists/Sickos arrange a killing game, where they kidnap people and kill them for sport. This is a recurring rumor: that the wealthy/political class and/or secret societies are bored with deer and duck hunting, and so they arrange elaborate human hunts. I've been hearing these rumors for years. Personally, I believe that there could be truth to the stories. At any rate, the movie has to do with that theme. Here's a short preview clip from YouTube:

Flip the victims from White to Black, shift the setting from rural to urban, move over just across the state line to Memphis, change the human "hunters" from wealthy Whites to Black men in a municipal police squad, and are we looking at something like that? Selecting random victims for organized killing?

I'm telling you, there are foul, demonically dark agendas at play in the U$$A.

I really am beginning to suspect that many people of all races and ages are being killed for Satanic sport: Black, White, Latino. There are so many thousands of disappeared people -- in the U$$A and also here in Ecuador that any rational person has to wonder what happens to them? I think that the Satanic killing program is very extensive. 

The Damar Hamlin NFL Psy-Op

Moving to a larger, even more public stage, I would suggest to you that, oh, by the way, the NFL football player, Damar Hamlin, probably died on the football field a few weeks ago, and the league is unwilling to publicly admit that. Bad optics, as they say.

But to put it bluntly, optics be damned! -- the organized, Satanic killing game has now gone live in the biggest way, and will surely get much worse. 

Notwithstanding that a short video appeared on social media a few days ago that purports to be Damar Hamlin explaining why he has taken a few weeks to speak out and appear publicly, I sincerely doubt that that is really him. The video keeps jerking, jumping in and out, and moving from side to side, every second or two. It does not look natural to me whatsoever. My almost immediate reaction was that the footage is fake. The CIA/Hollywood/Madison Avenue/television networks have imaging and voice software that can easily produce a fake video of that "quality." If you want you can easily find the video online with a keyword search. 

In my opinion, the CIA/NSA/Hollywood/NFL/Madison Avenue/TV networks probably did put that short video together. The Truman Show has to go on, right? There's big money on the line, billions of dollars. All of the foregoing institutions have strong vested interests in not panicking the human herd, in making believe that all is well, so that fake normalcy bias continues to placate the massive slave population, even as more and more people continue to suddenly drop dead.

If you notice, Damar Hamlin's mother is not all over the Internet and the TV morning talk shows these days tearfully blubbering about how overjoyed she is that her son is alive, that she has her "baby" back again. No, not at all, she is nowhere to be seen.

I suspect that his mother knows very well that he's dead, and has probably been ordered to disappear from the daily news cycle and "Shut the *uck up!!"

The NFL is part of the global, slave control system, part of the bread and circuses propaganda system. It looks bad to have a physically fit young man, a professional athlete, drop dead on live TV in front of millions of watching fans. The "slave perception control" propaganda machine has therefore gone into action.

To wit: when is a dead NFL football player not dead? Well, when the league needs to keep him alive, that's when! -- for ticket sales, team jersey sales, popcorn and cherry Twizzler sales, national TV broadcast contracts, Fortune 500 product advertising revenue, etc. 

Damar Hamlin will damn well die when the NFL says so, and not one day before.

I remain to be convinced that his cadaver is not lying in a refrigerated morgue drawer in Buffalo or Cincinnati, or wherever. He seemed like a friendly young man who really enjoyed playing football, and was good at it -- but I strongly suspect that he died on the football field, and the NFL/CIA/Madison Avenue/television networks are engaged in a shameless coverup of his death.

No doubt at all, Damar Hamlin was a CV-19 vak$ting victim. Sports leagues and athletic federations all over the world have required athletes to be vak$ting8ed over the last couple of years as a condition of continued employment and competition. Damar Hamlin is regrettably just one more in a very long, rapidly growing list of athletes to suddenly collapse and/or die on the world's playing fields, courts, courses, arenas and tracks over the last year and a half.

There will unfortunately be many more. It's sad, sad, sad. 


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