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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Latest Warning: WW-III Hell Starts When The Media Talk Ends

A  few mornings ago I awoke right at the end of a very intense dream conversation with someone I clearly recognized from past years: a woman with a lot of international experience, and a large body of knowledge about how the world system works.

We were talking about the very dangerous, geopolitical climate in the contemporary global arena. I was imploring her to make one more attempt to try to talk some sanity into the major belligerent, military power on the global stage. She semi-acquiesced to my request, while informing me: "Yeah, right, O.K., but when the media conversation ends, the fighting will begin in earnest. The battle will be virtually to the last person, to the last weapon." In other words, when the public jawing by the various adversaries in the news media comes to an end, the savage combat will break out. The disputes will move to the battle field in a very big, very violent way.

As she spoke to me, I was seeing internal, visual imagery of tremendous carnage, destruction and brutality, of immense slaughter, a real, meat grinder fight to the bitter end. I had the sense of a mind numbing loss of life and bitter, surging hatred animating the warring parties. It was a horrid scenario.

I lay there for a few minutes contemplating the inevitability of the coming World War III. The evidence for it is everywhere, even in the legacy, corporate news media. It will probably have at least the following three theatres of engagement, and a likely fourth:

1) Europe -- the Ukraine and Russia, sure, that's already happening; but probably also expanding to, or involving Transnistria, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, and maybe farther afield to Germany, France, England, Belgium, and perhaps Finland, Sweden and others. The European war is primed to intensify and widen in the coming weeks and months.

2) the Middle East -- the conflict between Iran and Israel is on the brink of flaring into major, heavy, military combat on a large scale. This war that is on the verge of ignition has been mostly kept out of the mainstream, legacy, corporate news cycle in the West, but it could go hot at any time. It has the potential to drag in other powers in the region, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, for two examples. 

3) East Asia-Western Pacific  -- the region is a powder keg that could erupt most any week, month or year now. The hot points include: a) the Korean Peninsula, b) Taiwan, c) the South China Sea, and d) various disputed islands and territories in the Japanese archipelago. In other words, there is major, unfinished, violent business from the 1940s and 1950s. The memories and wounds are still very raw, and all sides are heavily armed.

... and most probably 4) -- for decades, right down to the present day, the U$$A has had large numbers/amounts of troops, weapons, war materiel, military bases, secret installations and CIA personnel in the three, likely war theaters above. This means that as major conflicts break out abroad, the wars are quite likely to come home to the Lower 48 States, because the U$$A has its military hooks so deeply into all of those arenas. Unlike WW-I and WW-II, devastating military force is highly likely to heavily, directly impact the home territory of the U$$A this time around. Forget Pearl Harbor, I am talking about military force tens of thousands of times more destructive than anything that the Japanese did in Hawaii in 1941.

And then there are other, lesser?, geopolitical flash points that could go militarily hot at any time. There are any number of these, but a few that come to mind right off the top of my head are:

** Pakistan-India on the Line of Contact and in Kashmir
** India-China in the Himalayas
** Greece-Turkey in the Mediterranean
** Egypt-Sudan over Nile water rights
** Possible civil war in the USSA

It's enough to make a sane person's head whirl. In fact, a lot of people, millions and millions of people, will physically lose their heads -- and their whole bodies! -- by the time the world situation simmers down again at some yet unknown point in the future. But for now, it is abundantly clear that a God-awful, near future Götterdämmerung is going to rock this planet six ways from Sunday. In all honesty, it has already started. We're already entering into it, and it will get worse, much worse.

The Final Countdown

Those readers of my age will remember the popular hit song, The Final Countdown, by the group, "Europe," almost 40 years ago.

Europe: The Final Countdown

Just watching the video, the first question that arises is whether the entities in the Europe band are boys or girls. Do they even know? Whatever, the song was a huge pop chart hit in the 1980s, and certainly was prescient, a conspicuous, late 20th century example of popular culture, predictive programming, both for the societal tidal wave of LGBTXYZ and also for the impending, chaotic crash of Europe itself. In other words: though this YouTube video of The Final Countdown has garnered one billion views (!), that is as nothing compared to the multiple billions of "views" that the coming, shall we say, "time of trouble" for Europe will have. 

The situation is very serious. The Pentagon/NATO/EU are edging closer and closer to a nuclear exchange with Russia. Germany is sending tanks and other armor to the Ukraine right now, as are other NATO countries. The Pentagon is now openly discussing sending long range missiles to the Ukraine which are capable of striking well inside of Russia. There is even growing talk of sending fighter jets. Russia is not amused. In recent days, Vladimir Putin has spoken very bluntly to this new trend:

Putin issues warning to West

Unbelievable, but true – we are once again threatened with German Leopard tanks, with crosses on their hull. And once again seeking to battle Russia in Ukraine with the help of Hitler’s followers, the Banderites (a violent Ukrainian NAZI faction).

Those seeking to defeat Russia on the battlefield apparently do not realize that a modern war with Russia would be entirely different for them. We’re not sending our tanks to their borders. Yet we have something to respond with, and it would not be limited to armor use only, everyone must realize that.

Making matters even worse, U$$A troops are already in battle in the Ukraine, directly embedded with Ukrainian units and fighting Russian troops. Watch the videos at the following link and listen to the U$$A accents of the English-speaking troops who are shooting at the Russians. The guy who speaks U$$A English with a slight accent sounds like he is probably Chicano.

Russian and U$$A Troops Battle To The Death in Kharkiv

The Pentagon/NATO/EU have already crossed all of Russia's red lines. Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev know exactly what Russia is facing. The Kremlin is therefore imminently preparing to dramatically escalate the war in the coming months. Military conflict is highly unlikely to remain narrowly confined to the Ukraine as we go deeper into 2023. Things are about to greatly change.

That Pesky Chinese Balloon

Following the shoot down a couple of days ago of the wayward Chinese spy balloon by a U$$A military F-22, one  of my readers who had a long career in the cinema industry wrote to me:

The U$$A took the bait. Now Russia and China have all they need to attack us. I am sure this was all planned.

I replied:

Oh, you bet. World Wars take many years of planning and choreography, swarming tens and hundreds of millions of extras, a handful of leading stars, a budget of trillion$, mind-boggling special effects with lots of hair-raising explosions, billions of spectators ......

You're the movie man -- where is "Dr. Strangelove"? His services are in urgent demand.

As for the Chinese balloon, a slowly moving
 balloon at 65,000 ft. can collect a lot more data than a satellite at 140 miles up, moving in orbit at 17,000 miles per hour. The Chinese balloon very deliberately crossed almost the entire, continental U$$A, collecting data practically from coast to coast, border to border. It sent a whole boatload of data back to China on U$$A nuclear missile fields, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Navy and Army bases, civilian and military communications, meteorological data aloft, and much more. As many people have pointed out, a balloon of that size can easily carry a payload, say, a nuclear bomb, or an EMP device.

Think of the overfloat of the Chinese balloon of the continental U$$A as pre-war reconnaissance of the near-future battlefield; and also as a warning balloon floated across Red-White-and-Blue-istan. A trial balloon, you might say.

A little context helps: a couple of weeks ago, U$$A Air Force General Michael Minihan very publicly warned the troops under his command to prepare for war with China within the next two years. He advised those under his command to practice firing their weapons at targets, and to "aim for the head." He opined that the U$$A could be at war with China by 2025. His warning was widely reported in the corporate news media. Read the article here:

U.S. general warns troops that war with China is possible in two years

Obviously, if you and I are reading the U$$A Air Force general's very public, war-with-China-in-two-years warning, the Chinese certainly have read the same thing, and have drawn the logical conclusion: the U$$A military establishment intends to go to war with China. The general's statement was virtually an open declaration of war against China.

Duh ....

So the Chinese immediately lofted a big military reconnaissance balloon over the U$$A to see what they could see. No doubt the balloon's sensor package scooped up quite a lot of data and beamed it back to China. The PLA are probably amazed that NORAD permitted it to float all the way across the country before shooting it down. Among other astonishing facts the Chinese learned that NORAD is an almost toothless pussy cat -- meooow. Maybe the officer of the watch was shining his/her/its? Pentagon issued high heeled shoes and failed to notice, or was urgently polishing his/her/its? nose ring -- military priorities, right? -- or who knows ...

It may be
 only a matter of time before there are mushroom clouds in the Lower 48 States. Exactly how many, and precisely where and when remain to be seen. But realistically, that's the ugly direction that world affairs are headed as of February 2023. The truth can be cruel, but look at world affairs as they are. We are in a woeful fix.

What if the Chinese (or North Koreans? or the WEF? or ...?) send in a 100 megaton nuke on a huge balloon?


A high-altitude, 100 megaton airburst would fry most electronic and electrical devices, networks and grids in North America, as well as set off The Mother of All Firestorms. Massive fires would rage for hundreds of miles.

Telephone and Internet networks would go down and stay down; many thousands of TV and radio stations would fail and stay off the air; electrical grids and electrical power generating plants would massively short-circuit and catastrophically fail; electrical substations and transformers would blow out by the many thousands; nuclear power plants would go radioactively critical and melt down; most ships, ferries and boats of all sorts would be dead in the water; thousands of airplanes would fall from the sky and crash; millions of trucks and automobiles on the highways would stall out and/or crash; millions of homes and businesses would lose electrical power; factories, mines, warehouses and airports would grind to a halt; the trains and railroads would instantly stop running, as track signals and locomotive electronics shorted out. In brief, in just one or two minutes:

The Definitive End of  'Murika, Forever & Ever.

Within a few weeks most of the population would either be dead, dying or reduced to rummaging in the ruins of homes, apartments, farms and businesses in search of any remaining food and building supplies, hand tools, manual powered machinery, clothing and footwear, blankets, first aid and medical supplies, tarps, night vision gear, weapons, firewood, fishing poles, lines and hooks, pots and pans, anything to survive a little longer.

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