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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

A Reader Responds To Yesterday's Oroville Dam Post

A long-time reader wrote in and said, in part: You nailed it again but constantly fail to mention weather weapons and the Federal Govts. hand in ruining Central Calif. and the world. 

And I replied:

The Earth Changes are being driven by forces far stronger than the U$$A, Inc. I don't know all of the vectors. Most of them are unknown to me. Ultimately God and/or powerful demigods working with God and other powerful demi-Satans working against God are pulling the strings. It's a huge battle between Good and Evil that has been raging for aeons all across this galaxy and far beyond. What we will see play out in our near future is the portion of this great war that is about to spill out all over the Earth in a very dramatic way. Don't forget that the Earth itself has a tremendously powerful awareness and capacity for forceful action. You move your arm if you so desire. The Earth moves earthquake faults and tectonic plates at its pleasure, shifts its polar regions, or stops and starts its rotation. The Earth is a very conscious and powerful actor in its own right.

I focus on what I do know, and that is that the overtopping of the Oroville Dam very well may occur before the end of this month. If so, it will be a catastrophic event. It's an earthen dam, so if it overtops it may just erode away, or catastrophically slump and then wash away.

The water level behind the dam is going to keep rising over the coming days, for the next week or two, probably until it reaches the 900 ft. level, and then we'll find out how structurally sound the spillway gates, the spillway structure, the long spillway sluice, the emergency weir, the interior power generating units, and the dam itself are.

One possible scenario is that it may all wash away into the Feather River, plug it up, and then when that plug breaks unleash a big flood that overwhelms Sacramento, sending California into total chaos.

I don't know, but as temperatures warm and it keeps raining, that huge, historically deep snowpack up in the hills is going to melt off and rush into the Lake Oroville reservoir. The water level has risen more than 5 ft. in the last 17 hours. At the same time, the release through the dam spillway is only about 15,500 cfs, far short of its designed capacity, which may suggest that the engineers are worried about the spillway's ability to withstand a greater discharge.

At the same time, all of the dam's power generating turbines have been taken off line for "maintenance", just at the time when big storm events are providing plenty of water for power generation and discharge. Is there a problem with the dam's power plant? Is it possibly unable to handle the rapidly deepening pool of water in the reservoir, without structurally failing? Is there leakage inside the dam associated with the hydroelectric power plant?

I don't know that either. But I find it peculiar that the power plant inside the dam has been shut down for "maintenance" precisely at a time when it would seem most necessary to have it in operation.

If the spillway cannot handle a discharge greater than 15,000 or 16,000 cfs, and the power plant inside the dam remains shut down for "maintenance," then a full pool of 900 ft. at Lake Oroville is likely by the end of this month. Spring arrives next week. As warmer temperatures and spring showers replace the freezing temperatures and snow of winter, all of that huge snowpack in the Feather River's watershed is soon going to melt and fill up the reservoir.

Will we see a more dramatic scenario than in 2017? It cannot be ruled out, because more water will fall as rain and snow in the Sierra Nevada over the next two or three weeks, even as the massive snowpack begins a much larger than normal spring melt.

The water level will exceed 850 ft. tonight. By this time tomorrow there will remain 40-something feet of capacity in Lake Oroville, and declining.

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