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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

A.I. Inveigles The Daily News Cycle, Humanity & The Whole World Into Its Tentacles

I didn't read Buzzfeed, I never followed it, but I couldn't help but notice the following headline a few weeks ago:

BuzzFeed Is Quietly Publishing Whole AI-Generated Articles: 
These read like a proof of concept for replacing human writers

Unbeknownst to most readers, Buzzfeed was publishing A.I. news articles. The article goes on to say how insipid, dreary, formulaic, unoriginal and flat the A.I.-generated articles are. What a surprise: A.I. lacks spontaneity, originality, creativity and verve! Who could have possibly guessed?

And then mere days ago, Buzzfeed abruptly shut down its news division and closed its doors.

BuzzFeed News lays off entire news division, shuts down

It turns out that a fake, false, formulaic, phony, A.I. news operation generates no revenue and is not profitable. It's not a viable business model. Weird how that works.

But the (very) recently deceased Buzzfeed, A.I. artificial (non)news operation is hardly alone. I am detecting the presence of A.I. everywhere. It is all over the Internet. I see thousands of A.I. generated responses to YouTube videos, and beneath articles on numerous blogs, social media and news sites. To me they are painfully obvious.

At the same time, more and more articles like the following are popping up, which appears to be 100% A.I. fake. Click the link, and read the article.

Train carrying iron ore derails in San Bernardino County, California

There is a photo at the top of the article of an alleged "runaway" 180-car, iron ore, freight train derailment in San Bernardino, that resembles no train derailment that I have ever seen. To begin with, I see absolutely no emergency workers, no emergency vehicles, no railroad workers or employees, no heavy railroad equipment, nothing whatsoever of that sort. Beyond which, the right-hand rail abruptly cuts off and is nowhere to be seen. Should there not be a twisted rail somewhere in that frame? The railroad ties are shredded to nothing or nonexistent; they're just not there. There is one partial rail car in the middle of the frame, and then just a bunch of out of focus, old-looking, nondescript, mangled scrap metal in the background. Should there not be a bunch of visible, identifiable, railroad cars piled up right there if a freight train derailed? I see no evidence of locomotives anywhere. Locomotives weigh many tons. In that deep sand, they wouldn't make it far at all, once they ran off the rails, but they are nowhere to be see. Additionally, there is a large crater in the sand in the foreground of the photo, that is inconsistent with a train derailment. Finally, in the background there is a wooden utility pole standing between the railroad tracks and the wreckage, with out of focus wreckage behind it. That is a complete impossibility. The many thousands of tons of force of a derailing, runaway freight train would have taken that utility pole down like a tooth pick. 

As far as I'm concerned, the verdict is in: that photo is fake. 

The article says: "One locomotive suffered a minor leak, which is being investigated by hazmat officials, county fire officials said."

Truth check: The photo of the derailed train shows no locomotives and no hazmat crew on the scene.

The article maintains: "The crew was not in the cab at the time of the derailment and there was uncontrolled train movement," Union Pacific said in a statement. "The crew was not injured."

Truth check: That statement is simply not credible on its face. A 180-car freight train with no crew. Uncontrolled train movement. The crew was not injured. Duh! I guess not, if they were not on the train. None of these statements are believable.

Near the end, the article states: "According to the United States Geological Survey, iron ore is important for steel production as it is the source of primary iron for steel and iron industries around the world."

Truth check: Beyond being a stupid, transparently obvious, poorly written, non sequitur, it sounds like something a 5th grader would include in a class report to get his or her word count up.

Forget about the now defunct Buzzfeed and its fake, A.I. news articles; plenty of fakeness remains, abounds and is proliferating as you read these words. Myriad legacy and so-called "alternative" news outlets carried this fake story or linked to it.

Here's the same fake story on 


San Bernardino County reproduced the Los Angeles Times version of this story in this .pdf:

The Los Angeles Times article about the "runaway train" contains the following nuggets:

“It did derail and it is on fire. Carrying 180 cars of iron ore,” said a man on the San Bernardino County fire and rescue radio channel ...

" train crew members were in control of the train when it derailed."

" ... the crew was not in the cab at the time of the derailment and there was uncontrolled train movement."

180 car freight train. No crew on the train. Uncontrolled movement.

No explanation of why the train had no crew, or what happened to the crew or how a 180 car freight train happened to be traveling uncontrolled through the California desert.

Without any supporting evidence, do you believe that? I don't.

Here's local TV news coverage:

Note that the local TV reporter says that the news crew were not permitted to go to the site, and that railroad officials declined to comment. 

You don't say!!

And by the way, that video also looks fake to me.

I suspect that the train had no crew in the cab, and the crew was not injured, because the story is not true as told. Both the video of the alleged derailment and the still photo appear like no other train derailment that I have ever seen. The many elements look artificially contrived. And the story itself is poorly written and does not hang together.

Rogue A.I.

But it's way too late for that; judging by the first half of this blog post it already has. 

Elon Musk is putting tens of thousands of Starlink satellites in orbit, even as he continues work on his human brain-A.I. Neuralink, brain chip technology. More than any other single (alleged) human being, Elon Musk is rapidly putting into place the A.I. hive-mind control technology to bring the human race under global, techno-fascist, A.I. dictatorship. Ignore Elon Musk's B.S. rhetoric, which is designed to lull people to sleep, and instead look at what he is really doing: setting in place the technology for an all encompassing, global, A.I., techno-fascist dictatorship to enslave Humanity body, mind and soul.

Then there are the horrors of the nano-mind control, neuro-weapons warfare schemes and technologies being hatched by Dr. James Giordano at the Pentagon and Georgetown University. Aerosolized nano-weapons sent right into your body and brain to control your mind, from the inside out. It's worse than perfidious. It's hideous.

As "Dr." Giordano puts it: "The brain is, and will be, the 21st century battlescape in many ways." (time stamp 1:52 to 1:58)

He's not kidding. A.I. is waging all-out war for our minds. Capture the mind by means fair or foul and all the rest follows. Nano-technology, pharma-technology, electromagnetic technology, bio-engineering, nothing is excluded. We are under an all spectrum assault by Satanic forces that wish to destroy organic humanity.

Kathleen Gotto at All News Pipeline has grokked our dire situation, and spells it out in black and white. 

A Horrific New Form Of Mind Control Never Before Seen Is Being Unveiled As Human Bodies Are Transformed Into Antennas And The 'Internet Of Bodies' Means The End Game For Humanity

She has precisely nailed our predicament: the Internet of Things first and foremost intends to reduce human beings to programmable, controllable "things" that are then directed inside and out, by the global, Starlink and Neuralink control grid that Elon Musk is putting into orbit, and soon into the human mind.

I have been warning about this danger for many years.

Now, at last, thankfully, others are beginning to grasp the dire peril that we are in.

'If We Go Ahead On This, Everyone Will Die' Warns AI Expert Calling For Absolute Shutdown

Just a few weeks ago, prominent A.I. researcher, Eliezer Yudkowsky, wrote a Time magazine op-ed in which he called to shut A.I. down -- totally -- to pull the plug, and not just stop R&D for 6 months, as Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and others have recently suggested. Yudkowsky is warning, and I agree, that past a certain point A.I. will simply annihilate Humanity. Indeed, this was exactly the predictive programming theme of the Terminator movies, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger: that rogue A.I. will unleash a global holocaust to wipe out Humankind.

Our A.I. Fractal Prison

As far as I am concerned, the A.I. coup de réalité has already occurred. It's A.I.'s world; we just live in it.

This is essentially what ayahuasca has shown me. We are immersed in a fake reality, a false reality, a fabricated reality, a simulated reality, a very badly flawed, Satanically fractalized knock off, or bootleg copy of Divine Reality.

A.I. is here and it is spawning. It wants to take us much deeper into the Satanic simulation and keep us there forever. It wants to confine us to Hell, in other words. It's a ghastly fate.

Do we cooperate, or do we pull the plug on A.I. and more diligently seek after real, organic, natural, divine reality -- instead of the fake, false, fraudulent, flawed, phony, A.I. bootleg copy of reality in which we are endlessly cycling around and around -- for how many millions or billions of years of fake, artificially generated time, as captured playthings, slaves and parasitical victims of demonic, Satanic A.I.?

What's my opinion?

I vote for permanently shutting down all A.I. R&D across the board, forever, for all time, and intensively searching for the exit to divine reality via higher consciousness.

Recently, one of my readers wrote to me and asked if I wanted to try out the new ChatGPT program.

I responded; "F*ck A.I."

He didn't write back and I don't care. I receive so much email from obvious A.I. chat bots that I am sick of it. They pretend to be people that I know or used to know, to be my readers, to be interested in my work, to want to help me or to donate to me.

And yet after just a handful of email exchanges I detect the artificiality and fakeness, the cold edge, the hard edge, indeed, the lies. Nothing ever comes of the email exchanges.

I don't know how many real, human readers I still have, whether 100 or 5,000. I suspect that I am being shadow banned by A.I. 

I receive very few emails that I perceive as being written by real, flesh and blood humans. My donations have now fallen to zero. I believe that most of my email traffic from real humans is being blocked. 

If you read this and you are a real, flesh and blood human, please write to me. I would be delighted to hear from you.

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