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Friday, April 21, 2023

How The World **Really** Works

One of the items in today's Ecuadorean news cycle concerns a big, 2.5 ton, cocaine confiscation in Guayaquil, a large coastal city in the south of the country. Ecuador is awash in murderous narco-cartel violence and narco-trafficking, so this sort of thing happens all the time. 

It's fair to presume that for every 2.5 tons that are confiscated by the police, 2.5 other tons, or 10 or 20 tons, do not get confiscated. For the narco-cartels, it's a numbers game. 

In any event, it doesn't matter much if you cannot read Spanish, just click the link and look at the photo. See those ~1,000 bricks of packaged cocaine? Now look carefully at the labels.

Here's a link just for the photo. 

See it? Several stacks of cocaine bricks are labeled: TESLA


This reminds me of a conversation that I had just last night; one of the topics of which had to do with the ongoing crash of the dollar, and what narco-cartels and other organizations -- large corporations for one hypothetical example -- would do as the dollar fails.

As the dollar collapses, the world's central banks are soon going to try to impose on Humanity a global, digital currency that they control. My interlocutor was asking: "But what will criminal mafias do, what will they use for currency in their transactions, if a global digital currency is mandated?"

I'm not sure, though maybe the photograph at the link above hints at a possible answer: back alley barter between mafias and other commercial entities; exchange of high-value commodities, whether licit or illicit, in exchange for other high-value commodities, products and services rendered.

Scores of neatly packaged bricks of cocaine labeled: TESLA. Are there perhaps other shipments of TESLA cocaine that make it through to their destination without being confiscated?

Count on it.

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