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Friday, April 21, 2023

The Oasis Earth Hypothesis

Bill McDonald has one of the most creative minds in Ufology. One of the most fascinating ideas he has come up with is his so-called Oasis Earth Hypothesis. At one time about 20 years ago he had a 33-page, unpublished book treatment for his hypothesis in private circulation and so I can't comment on that; however I do want to comment on one of the principal ideas that lies at the core of his hypothesis, and advance some ideas of my own that occurred to me as I read Bill's work. Before I get to my feedback on Bill McDonald's hypothesis, take a minute and read through a very brief, partial extract of his work that is all I could find on the Internet at this late date:

"Oasis Earth Hypothesis" is the proverbial "Theory of everything" regarding the status of the current alien presence on Earth and its origins in the ancient history of the human species.

It confirms the direct connection between psychic and psionic abilities of human and humanoid living organic minds and the navigation and operation of space / time / dimensional craft. It confirms that UFOs cannot operate at maximum efficiency without their full complement of living occupants. It postulates that advanced space-faring species must maintain their own populations of themselves or genetically engineered replacement hybrids or other species in order to be assured that their fleets of discs and trianguloids are maintained and remain operational.

It postulates that living organic minds are required to navigate a space / time / dimensional craft through hyperspace jumps, subspace drops, the surfing of wormholes and the penetration of the aether by the process of inborn remote viewing. To navigate the zero-point energy field, starships must have pilots and navigators directly interfaced into the flight control systems of their vessels in an omni-directional array. Odd numbers of navigators (three or more) guide the vessel by remote viewing the target world at the targeted concurrent time within the same or desired (as identified) dimension. In order to avoid cyber or biomemnetic psychosis that artificial intelligent operating systems are prone to, organic minds are employed via telepathic or direct physical interface to use distributed processing via multiple brain nodes in order to achieve convergent solutions to intended emergent behaviors within the combined system that is the vehicle and its flight crew.

Mental remote control of technical systems is a reality on Earth today. We can only imagine the quality of the systems and interfaces designed and "grown" by the advanced multiple-species factions and space-faring civilizations visiting our world.

(See a few examples of Bill McDonald's UFO/ET art here: Scroll down to see his depiction of the Roswell UFO crash and a rendering of the interior, crew module.) 

His ideas are thought provoking, are they not? No doubt Bill McDonald is on to something important. Nevertheless, as I read his remarks something kept nagging at the back of my mind. I have read a great deal of UFO literature over the years and more than once I have been struck how UFO observers and purported abductees have remarked upon how the UFO craft themselves seemed alive.

And so I pose the following hypothesis: suppose that some UFOs are, indeed, living organisms in their own right, not fabricated by another life form; and that they, furthermore, may have evolved independently over hundreds of millions and billions of years, in an analogous fashion to biological life forms. These hypothesized UFO organisms may construct biological machines to assist them, in the same way that we construct non-biological machines to assist us. Some organic UFO occupants or crew may in fact be biological machines created by the intelligent, sentient UFO life/forms/ships to assist them in their operations and navigation. Human DNA may have been farmed in the remote past by sentient UFOs to construct organic, biological machines, which serve them, in part, as space-faring navigators. We take raw materials from living organisms -- wood, as an example, and construct buildings, tools and machines with it. Similarly, the living UFOs may take raw materials from living organisms -- human DNA, for example -- and construct tools and machines with it, maybe even buildings too!

Humans see UFOs occupied by seeming biological, organic entities and assume that the organic entities are piloting the UFO, when the situation may be the precise opposite! (Mind you, I do not positively know this to be the case, I am merely advancing a scenario that may be true in some cases.) And, no, I do not know how living UFOs might come to be (assuming my hypothesis has merit), though I most definitely have some ideas. Maybe they are but one developmental stage in a mysterious life cycle, of which we see only part. Or maybe we do see all the stages of the UFO life cycle, without understanding what we are seeing.

Artificially fabricated biological, organic machines (further hypothesizing that the infamous "Little Grey" aliens of contemporary UFO lore might be some such) may possibly lack certain emergent mental and spiritual propensities and abilities that self-aware, naturally evolved biological entities more commonly possess - such as creativity, individual initiative, independent thought, an individuated sense of self, emotional depth, a sense of personal and social ethics, and perhaps most importantly, an acute sense of the passage of time, as gauged by graduated flux in the perceived event continuum in the consensual, local reality matrix. It may even be that the passage of linear time is a unique artifact of terrestrial, human consciousness and not perceived or understood as such elsewhere and elsewhen.

This may matter, in the following way. Modern genetics has discovered large stretches of human DNA for which no discernible function has yet been found. The purpose of this so-called "junk DNA" remains unknown.

At the same time, the UFO literature contains many references to Little Grey aliens taking genetic material from purported abductees, ostensibly for the purpose of cross-breeding programs with the Little Greys, to create hybrid human-alien beings.

I hypothesize that the so-called "junk DNA" contains a great deal of priceless information, racial and species memories, if you will, stretching far back into the mists of time, perhaps even to human sojourns on other planets in remote antiquity. I further hypothesize that one purpose of the purported alien-human "hybridization" program may be to preserve these priceless, irreplaceable chains of human DNA, the so-called "junk DNA", by temporarily incorporating them into the DNA of the alien-human hybrids for safe-keeping and use elsewhere. Why might the UFO life-forms want to preserve this human DNA? Well, if Bill McDonald's Oasis Hypothesis is correct, it is precisely the information in this DNA that might permit them to navigate the corridors of time, and peruse the human annals on Earth and maybe even throughout the galaxy and beyond.

Plugging the brains (computers) of their organic biological life form machines (Little Greys) into the appropriate human DNA might permit them to go places in space and time, and see things they might otherwise never discover, given the unfathomably infinite expanse of the universe. Without a road map you are well and truly lost - perhaps for eternity! Therefore, living, genetic records of the corridors of time and space traveled by the human species, and perhaps of many human subspecies throughout the galaxy and beyond, as preserved and stored in our DNA, may be an unimaginably valuable commodity to others who travel this galaxy and other galaxies stretching out to the infinity of incomprehensible deep space - for billions and billions of light years!

Why are they doing this now ( and it does appear that a human DNA collection program is underway, evidently by non-human agencies)? Simple: the Earth is a planet in deep crisis, and they may want to harvest this DNA now, a priceless, precious galactic resource that cannot be duplicated - before the human species, acting out of profound stupidity and ignorance destroys itself and many of the other biological life forms on Earth.

Bottom line: the human race may be on the verge of extinction. They may not be here to help us, so much as to harvest from us before we render ourselves extinct, certain parts of our DNA that have great value to them - although clearly not to us, given the way we slaughter and murder one another in rampant warfare, under the so-called (ahem) "leadership" of various and sundry imbeciles and know-nothings such as Genghis Khan, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Idi Amin, George Bush, and others of their ilk.

I rather suspect that the human race, and myriad closely related species and sub-species may be rather widespread in the galaxy. This may be one of the hugest secrets behind the decades-long UFO cover-up. But the local Earth subspecies of humanity, or grouping of several extremely closely related sub-species that we collectively call the human race, may not survive this century. We may perish at our own hands, due to genocidal, fratricidal warfare - chemical, biological or nuclear. We may destroy the planet's atmosphere, rendering our survival problematic. We may strip the planet of forests and so disrupt the seas that oxygen levels plummet and we all asphyxiate. THIS PROCESS HAS ALREADY BEGUN. Deforestation is a global problem. Marine ecosystems are endangered from global warming and toxic pollution. This matters because trees on land and phytoplankton in the sea create oxygen. As a direct consequence, if they die, WE DIE TOO. Simple. Yet the vast majority of the human race have not wrapped their brains around this stunningly basic fact. And so, because so many of us are so stupid, we stagger towards a deadly serious crisis of our own making.

So maybe the galactic librarians and record keepers have arrived, to download from us our racial Encyclopedia Britannica, in the form of our so-called "junk DNA"- before we self-destruct, and while they still have plenty of live subjects on-the-hoof. Maybe we don't understand what they are doing; maybe we don't care what they are doing. And maybe they don't greatly concern themselves with our ignorance and stupidity, other than to shake their heads in pity and go about their work. How old are these living-UFOs (assuming my hypothesis has merit)? I suspect they are quite ancient, indeed. Maybe many millions of years old, by our reckoning. Where do they come from? I haven't the faintest idea. Did they naturally evolve as a life form? Perhaps they did; it may be that there is a master "life" blueprint underlying the warp and woof of the universe that gives rise to myriad forms of life, both biological and non-biological, of almost any conceivable description.

I have no doubt that Bill McDonald is on to some important truths, with respect to certain aspects of the modern UFO phenomena that puzzle so many of us. While I find his ideas intriguing, it occurs to me that in some cases, the situation may be virtually the polar opposite of what he has envisioned. All the pieces he describes are there, but configured in a way that not only he, but many other Ufologists may not have adequately considered!

In other words, we may be facing extraordinary, extraterrestrial symbiosis, between two or more very different, mutually dependent life forms, both biological, non-biological and partially biological.

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