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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Anticancer Properties of Citrus Peel

Dear Readers, absolutely none of what follows is to be construed as medical advice. 

That said, unabashedly confessing that I am not a medical professional, I do nevertheless have certain, pronounced, herbalist inclinations; and also a cheap Oster blender that I bought several years ago in an obscure little souq here in Quito, off the street, inside through the big wooden doors, past a bunch of merchandise stalls, down a flight of stairs, and to the right -- and there it was, at a price I could afford. Mind you, these sundry facts are positively not mutually exclusive, and not being so, have quasi-medicinally conspired to induce me to commit certain fruits that are of facile obtainment, at least here in Ecuador, to the culinary mercies of the blender's whirling blades. 

And thereby to render a concoction that does wonders for me, my health, my energy level, and maybe my longevity, albeit that I must crucially underscore that I am Dr. Samizdat1618, and not a medical professional of any sort. 

But right to the main point: fruity alchemy, yeah, that's what it is, the good stuff.

And lest I forget, for those who need to see some kind of (allegedly) scientific reference, please see:

In other words, citrus fruit peels --- mandarin orange peels, orange peels, tangerine peels, etc. are loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals that are very beneficial to human health. I have only recently come to understand just how healthful they are. Probably you have known this all along, but I mostly didn't.

Until very recently I used to throw citrus fruit peels away. 

Big, ignorant mistake! Dumb me. But better late than never.

Now, I have begun eating them. 

In my Oster blender I dice up one babaco, yellow rind and all. Babacos grow like weeds in Ecuador. They are plentiful, nutritious and cheap.

Then I throw in a bunch of mandarin orange peels, and a couple of small bananas. I blend everything up into a mush and drink it down. 

Babacos are loaded with antioxidants. The mandarin orange peels are loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals. The bananas help with flavor, soluble fiber and some electrolytes.

I may also take a couple of Ivermectin tablets and a hydroxychloroquine tablet along with that, though not every time, just once in a while. 

That's it. 

I repeat: I am not a health professional, and this is not medical advice, but this has done me a world of good. I don't sweeten it with anything. I blend it up and chug it all down, one cup after another.

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