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Sunday, July 16, 2023

The 1950s Never Ended

It's wearying to think about, but the threat of renewed warfare in and around the Korean Peninsula is somewhere north of nontrivial. 

Please read:

The North Koreans are now warning that the provocative military maneuvers and plans of the U$$A, Inc., and its allies in the region, are driving the situation on the Korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war. Of course, there is abundant historical precedent for North Korean concerns about the Pentagon's motives. 

So far as I understand, under international law, the Korean War never ended. There has never been a peace treaty. In light of what happened in the 1950s, it is clear that the North Koreans have legitimate, ongoing, security concerns.

Their national security stance simply will not permit the Pentagon to ever again rampage on their soil and kill millions of people, as happened in the 1950s. So they continue to increase their ballistic missile and nuclear arsenal, and to warn of its use if they are attacked.

To say that the standoff with North Korea is fraught with peril is, therefore, a vast understatement.

If I were President of the U$$A, Inc., I would expeditiously conclude a peace treaty with the North Koreans, lift the trade embargo against them, order the Pentagon to cease provocative military drills around the Korean Peninsula, and normalize relations. I would start selling them whatever they want: tractors for their rice fields, diesel fuel, spark plugs, motorbikes, fertilizer, scrap metal, paint, rock salt, kitchen appliances, textiles, shoes, rubber, cement, etc.

But I am not the President of anything, and the guy who allegedly is President, is massively criminally corrupt and dumber than a box of rocks.

Note: the North Koreans do have nuclear missiles with the range to impact targets throughout the western and central Pacific region, as well as the mainland, Lower 48 States of the U$$A, Inc. I take their warnings very seriously. But then I'm not in charge of anything, am I? -- and those who are, are lamentably pig stupid.

300 kt airbursts over San Diego-CA or Chicago-IL or Manhattan Island-NY or Seattle-WA or Washington-DC or Atlanta-GA or New Orleans-LA or Houston-TX or Albuquerque-NM, etc. are nothing to sneeze at, and the North Koreans can probably do that. If the North Koreans fire off 30 nuclear missiles within a 20 minute time-frame, can the Pentagon shoot them all down?

Highly doubtful. Probably 50% of them would/will? get through. North Korean aerospace technology is probably good enough to put nuclear warheads within a one-mile radius (maybe less) of the intended target, which is plenty close enough to do real damage with a 300 kt airburst at 4,000 ft altitude.

If something like that does happen, then a signed peace treaty and security guarantees will look like a very small price to have paid.

As I say, I would engage the North Koreans in serious negotiations, conclude a peace treaty with them, and begin to normalize relations, including opening up trade relations. 

But that's me. I'm just some guy in South America. Obviously there are decision makers in Washington-DC with a completely different mindset, who are deliberately pursuing a policy that risks a nuclear conflict with North Korea. 

They are angling for war. That's clear. If they continue their military incitements, they may well get what they want.

But It's Even Worse Than That

The NATO countries have now concluded their meeting in Vilnius-Lithuania, and the outlook is grim.

For some time I have been saying that t
he Pentagon/USSA/NATO/EU are intending to wage war against half the planet.

But I was well wide of the mark. I was so wrong, and for this I apologize.  The honest truth is that they intend to bring Hell to the entire Earth.

They're swinging for the fence. Presumably, nukes are to be expected.

From what I am seeing, reading and hearing the time between now and about mid-2025 will be extremely perilous. Unspeakably bad things are planned to start one unknown day sometime in that time-frame and run their horrific course.

Satanic demons (Blinken, Nuland, Austin, Biden, Macron, Sunak, Scholz, Zelensky, Stoltenberg, etc.) are in charge and they will stop at nothing: ecocide, genocide and planet-cide.

Washington-DC is Satan's right-hand murder machine. Brussels is not far behind.

They're all in on bringing Hell to Earth. Over the next 700 days days things look set to go from very bad to Satanically HELLISH.

This is not government by any stretch of the imagination.

It is a forthright, Satanic Hell Council.

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